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Published by GeniusBrainPower on Jan 4, 2013
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Vatic Note: This is really very very good.  The videos that we put up about the power of our brain, heart and energy, are for the purposes of changing our perception of our reality and proving to us that "WE" can change that reality using our hearts, brain and emotions to do so. Is that why the powers that be are afraid of us?   Is that why they worry about us? Do they seem to know that we have powers to create a reality they do not want and they do what they can to prevent us from discovering that power? 

I published on here one time, how I had healed my knee by using a mantra that went like this "DNA, repair my left knee according to the original blueprint." and I kept saying it when I was not otherwise occupied in my brain.  And what really threw me was "it worked".   I won't repeat the story, but suffice it to say, we need to take a serious look at this to see just how powerful we are and just what we need to do to access that power.   A previous video we did about the cosmos is a great foundation for this below as well as the Gregg Braden one we also put up.
Check all three of these out and know just how powerful we can be, IF WE allow ourselves to see it.

On my knee, I healed it completely in 48 hours and now its been 10 months since this happened and there has been no reoccurance of the arthritis in my knee.  It took 48 hours because I started out with "faith" that it would work,  and when it did the first 24 hours, I then believed it worked and it healed it completely by the next 24 hours and finally I "knew" it worked and that is why I have had no reoccurance.

So watch, listen and ponder in concert with other such type blogs we have posted, some by Gregg Braden who speaks about this ability all the time.  He says that all we need to do this is "belief".... our brain has to believe it works and is good for the brain, and it will then cooperate in this process..... however, its the heart and emotions that drive the energy needed to make it work, so you have to use all three..... Listen and you decide.

I can only speak to my experiences where this is concerned.  Remember, before the electronic era, our elderly grandparents used to tell us all the time  "Mind over matter".   Now how did they know about that?  I believe it was "experience" that they had since they had nothing else.  No high tech, no electronics, etc.

Ancient cultures have known about this long before western civilization fell upon it.  The chinese have had healing rooms just for that type of mental, emotional and heart processes.   So, its not just for wealth in money, but also in health, relationships and the condition of the world as a whole.  Think about it.... no more wars.  How lovely.

A planet filled with God and his two greatest commandments...... LOVE GOD WITH YOUR WHOLE HEART AND SOUL AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.  What a wonderful reality for us to focus on.  We won't need our guns if we truly believe we can do this, and I do.  So help me, by at least starting out with "faith" that it works and focus on the what is and see it change, in your mind.  See the perps doing all this, as sailing away back to their homeland..... see it as all of them leaving.   Aaah, I am feeling encouraged already.  Then you can do this below since you will have a "knowing" that the process works.  Who cares why, it just does. 


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