FEMA Preparing For Martial Law, You Won’t Believe Who Is Helping Them!!

Vatic Note:  Oh, you will believe it since we published several years ago photos of these pastors and evangelical leaders flashing the Baphomet hand sign "I love Satan", so you know where it comes from.  What I would want to know is "how many of them are khazars hidden behind non khazar names, similar to the royalty of Europe, specifically Britain?"   

I would love an answer to that one.  I don't believe any human can do what these people do and still be human, and if they are not, then they are probably Khazars or, better yet, "lizards", which is the same thing.

This is a good example where religion is used, just like any other occupation today in this nation, to advance the agenda of the illum families and their international bankers who finance these black ops through various mafia type criminal fraud schemes perpetrated upon the general public in every country.  There is no way anyone would even consider living the life these cretins have planned for us.  Besides, I don't want to serve someone dumber than I am unless its a true handicap.

We have experienced it here and now we must literally use our right to grand juries to get them indicted, otherwise they go free if we leave it up to the likes of Holder, Mr. Fast and Furious, himself!  And of course HOMELAND SECURITY, STORM TROOPERS WILL NOT MAKE HIM DO HIS JOB SINCE THAT WOULD INTERFERE WITH DHS TERRORIST ACTIVITIES to create the various false flags they need to "TRY" and grab our guns, gold and food.  AS PUTIN SAYS, "Americans, do not give up your guns", we did it and are sorry now. 

So,  yes, this makes prefect sense and fits with the other occupations these illuminati families and bankers have infiltrated, such as science as the global warming scam proved and the coming "Khazar created" famine they have been promising us.  Hang on/hide your gold, silver, food, ammo, guns, clips, knives or anything else that could be  used as a weapon.  They will take them all.  The woman giving us this info is a bit on the overacting side, but try to ignore it and listen to what she is saying.  I believe her.

FEMA Preparing For Martial Law, You Won’t Believe Who Is Helping Them!!
by  Susan Duclos, PakAlert Press, 7/2/14

We have seen a story here and there but below you will see Evangelist Anita Fuentes, with disgust evident in her voice and her words, as she shows how Church leaders, Pastors, are actively twisting scripture as part of a FEMA team training, in order to prepare them to help the government implement martial law against the people.

FEMA Preparing For Martial Law, You Won’t Believe Who Is Helping Them!!

Over 26,000 pastors are part of this government scheme according to Anita and she asks “Does Your Pastor Play on The Government’s FEMA Team?”

Good question and one followers should be asking their church leaders.

Via the video details:

Evangelist Anita uncovers the following:
- Pastors being trained by U.S. Gov’t as Secret Police Enforcers
- All for the “common good”
- Romans 13 being propagated for Satan’s Agenda in U.S.
- What is a Sovereign Citizen?
- Are You A Domestic Terrorist?
- A Double Threat to U.S. Gov’t: Gun Owners who are also Christians
- Hitler Was Very Involved in the Church Too
- Obama: "I will build Kingdom on Earth”
and much, much, more…


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