UPDATE: I Have Been deathly ill with Pneumonia for the last two days and today was the worst.

UPDATE: (I think today is the 30th, or 31st, so we still have 2 or 3 days left to meet our deficit goal.)  Using some of the recommendations we got on here from our knowledgable readers, I am getting so much better, but I still get at least one coughing jag an hour or so.  I am going to use that garlic recommendation to try and counter that one.  I am also working on one more blog.  If I make it through that one, then I will try for 2, but I know I am still sick enough that I won't make 3 since I know what is involved.  LOL  God bless you all for caring..... I mean it.  

I have been unable to sleep due to the breathing Problems. I am hoping tomorrow will be much better and I can get back to my 3 a day. I don't believe I have ever skipped a day blogging, but I could be wrong. I just don't remember ever doing it. Please check back as I intend to get back to this as soon as as I
Feel well enough to do so and as long as we make our deficit goal..

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Anonymous said...

The bad news is you got pneumonia. The Good News is you're savvy enough to know the difference between a real good jew and a lousy fake jew, so I know for sure you'll see to it you wind up with a real good jew doctor. After the real good jew doctor does some tikkun olam on you, you'll be up and about and your old self in no time flat. So I'm not worried. With anyone else I would worry, but not with you. You're too smart to wind up with a lousy fake jew doctor.

Not being as savvy in the matter of which jews exactly are the real good jews, and which ones are the fake lousy jews, I avoid jew doctors period.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I shouldn't be saying this, as I live in a state where prohibition reigns supreme, but you don't, given your posts, maybe cannabis might help? Although I don't always agree with what you say, I am SO thankful that you are online, where we can get the real truth about what is happening to our country. And,I'm sorry, it would just suck that, of all the crap "they" dish out, pneumonia would keep you offline. I don't know if you ingest it or not, but cannabis is known to help with respiratory problems.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm not into 420, so I don't smoke nor ingest it. Personally, I don't recommend it for anything period*.

Here in Northern California where I live 420 is now ubiquitous. I know a lot of pot smokers. None of em' are in any way the picture of health. In fact, they're all are so nervous and keyed-up, many of 'em look and act sickly, and are sickly, and none of them are as happy as all the 420 propaganda would suggest. In fact, most of them are downright miserable. Not politically correct to say these days, still doesn't change my experiences with 420 aficionados.

I still think 420 is part of the NWO Tavistock agenda of drugging the population. A stoned population is very easy to rule over and control.

420 = Huxley's "SOMA".

One marijuana joint is equal to smoking about 10 cigarettes, so NO, pot is NOT good for pneumonia. Better off taking a nap then indulging in weed. Lots of sleep helps cure pneumonia and you'll recover your good health faster. I always thought pneumonia was a wintertime thing. I didn't know one could come down with it in the summertime. Oh well.

* My post is not to be construed as medical advice. Speak to your physician. Mine is simply the advice of a layman. I am NOT a doctor.

In the meantime, I hope you get well soon.

Search Term :

"Tavistock + The Cannibas Agenda"

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

Vitamin d3, vitamin c, pure lemon juice, garlic and curcumin bcm- 95 in all in large doses.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon and have someone helping or checking on you. Lots of raw garlic can help, and I do mean lots. You are very good at self-healing and I know you will find a way. You are important to us.

Vatic Master said...

First of all, I want to say thank you to all those that wrote to me wishing me good healing.... and how they value our work, and I want to thank those that donated as well. It was timely indeed. I am somewhat better, and the process is long and slow, but effective. I hope to be up by tomorrow with our blogs, but to be honest, I think they are coming down now on all bloggers, they have never crossed that line of a personal attack on my body, but I am getting blood tests along with others, and we have found a way to avoid the surveillance, I dont and won't know if it works till after we try it.

Signifier said...

Mullein tea or lobelia tea (sometimes can be found in liquid extract) -- is excellent for reducing respiratory blockage.

I had pneumonia a couple of times . . . I wish I knew about mullein tea or lobelia then . . .

Take time to recover!!

Elia said...

So glad to know you are making good progress. I appreciate all you are and all you do.


Anonymous said...

OK here's one more tip. If you can go to an herbal store, or find a knowledgeable herbalist, there is an herbal combination specifically for the lungs: 3 parts mullein to 1 part lobelia. (you can find this info on the internet, too). This helps heal the glands and clear lung conditions. Coughing is good (don't suppress it) because you need to bring the stuff up and out, as you no doubt know. But I do understand that you need your sleep. A nervine can help with that, such as valerian -- alone or in combination with other herbs. Sunshine and fresh air, too... you can do this. Remember, your body knows how to heal itself.

Vatic Master said...

Ok, I bought the Lobelia, and the mullein leaf and will try that combination. While I am getting somewhat better every day, its harder to stay focused when you are sick.

I had to use some of the money we got to make our June 2 bills due, to buy the medicine, so on the status, just add another $30 to our "needs" list. Thank you all so much for caring, sharing, and donating. I am praying we get that balance of $160, by Monday Night. Or we are out of business. I have to choose what will pay the bills and unfortunately with their manipulation of the markets right now, and our economy. Its getting harder and harder. Maybe I can return the favor with tomorrows blogs. hehehehe, Now I get to feel a little evil too for a change. LOL