Obama Continues War In Iraq: 1,840 Dead In January ~ 1,700 Dead In February.

Vatic Note:  Do  you see, yet, how our foreign occupiers in our government, including military,  are murdering the citizens of other nations and making us into the newest nazis, that the world would war against together and defeat us as planned by the same "pond scum" that are doing this to other nations??   Is this why Obama had to release 92 officers from the pentagon?   Did they refuse to do this work for the Rothschild/rockefeller banking, drug running, money laundering banking cartel???  

Is this what we, the taxpayers, fund the military for????  As corporate enforcers and pay off collectors, and resource thieves?  We went from being a proud nation that cared truly about freedom and liberty, to a storm trooper, gestapo, zionist controlled nation.   When are we going to do like Iceland, Ireland, Hungary, and others and kick these bankers out of here.  That is the only world war we should fight.  I wonder if our people realize just how many Goldman Sachs bankers are in key positions in our government?   Same under Bush Jr.

We have done more damage to Iraq than any other nation in history or even currently.  Saddam was a butcher, but then he worked for us and that was how he got into power, but he was good to his people and would not let the international bankers come and extract all their wealth from his people.  Now the Khazar zionist bankers have complete control of Iraq through using the United States and we are letting them do this.   All of this for Britain.

They not only kill thousands, but they also rape children,  kill teens for their organs to sell on the black market, use the pedophiled children in satanic sexual abuse, then put them into the sex slave trade black market.   Oh, the wrath of God upon these people is going to be horrific for the evil they have done and the harm to these innocent people.

What we are seeing here is the fulfillment of their plan to "Have the Muslims and Christians kill each other off and leave the Zionists standing in control of the globe".  Its the fulfillment of the protocols.  And what a sick, sorry, insane day that will be.  Better to fight to the death than to ever succumb to their perversions and insanities. 

Obama Continues War In Iraq: 1,840 Dead In January ~ 1,700 Dead In February.

In an ‘narrated’ attempt to beat back gains by [Chaos Fomenting CIA] Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents, the United States is moving “dozens” of Hellfire missiles and surveillance drones into Iraq. [Hold On, Its All Just Another "peace keeping missioned" Coincidence]

According to a report by The New York Times, the decision comes after Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki requested help from US pResident Barack Obama during a meeting in Washington last month.

US soldier walks around an inert Hellfire missile as he perform a pre-flight check on an MQ-1B Predator unmanned aircraft system (UAS) (AFP Photo) Whats A Christian Zionist?
The situation in Iraq has become a serious concern over the last year, as insurgents from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – Al-Qaeda’s regional affiliate – spread through western and northern parts of the country, as well as nearby Syria.

That figure includes three bombings that killed nearly 40 people on Christmas Day.

Despite the movement of missiles – 75 Hellfire missiles are being sent to Iraq alongside 10 ScanEagle surveillance drones – some experts believe the US response to be insufficient without the deployment of more powerful military weapons, such as armed drones. While Iraq’s foreign minister has suggested an American-run drone operation as a possibility, Maliki – who is likely running for a third term as prime minster – has yet to make such a request.


“We have not received a formal request for US-operated armed drones operating over Iraq, nor are we planning to divert armed I.S.R. over Iraq,” Bernadette Meehan, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, told The New York Times.

According to Michael Knights of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the reconnaissance drones aren’t likely to turn the tide against the insurgents, considering their small range.

“The real requirement today is for a long-range, high-endurance armed drone capability,”Knights said. “There is one place in the world where Al-Qaeda can run a major affiliate without fear of a US drone or air attack, and that is in Iraq and Syria.”  (VN: That is because Al Qaeda works for the CIA and Mossad, everyone knows it too.  They make fools of themselves when they blame AQ for everything, since its double speak for admitting they are doing the deeds)

For its part, the Obama administration has stated that the current shipment of military supplies will be helpful because Iraq has essentially used up its cache of missiles, has no real air presence, and has little surveillance capability.

al-maliki iraq

Iraq: Obama’s Big Lie.

Other plans to provide Iraq with supplies have also stalled in Congress, where a bill to lease and sell the country’s Apache helicopter gunships to Baghdad is languishing among concern that Maliki would use them to bully his political rivals. In the absence of American action, Maliki has purchased MI-35 helicopters from Russia.

Since the departure of US forces in 2011, Al-Qaeda has been able to re-establish its presence in Iraq by feeding off of Sunni resentment towards Maliki’s Shiite government. Through its base in Syria, the insurgents are able to deploy nearly 40 suicide bombers a month against Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis unwilling to fall under their rule.

According to local police officer Ayad Shaker, it doesn’t help that the country’s military capabilities aren’t as strong as they should be.
“I fought Al-Qaeda,” he said. “I am sad today when I see them have the highest authority in Anbar, moving and working under the sun without deterrent.” 
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Al-Qaeda Means Al-CIA-Duh!


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