Injecting Satan’s DNA! The Coming Deceptive NWO “BLOOD” Order, Unveiled! Could 2014 Be the Year? (SHOCKING VIDEO/INFO)

Vatic Note:  This below is why Rothschild created the York lodge of the Freemasons, so he could use it as cover for his own twisted ends.  The York lodge has never had real stone masons in their lodges.  They were all khazar royalty and upper class NWO agenda  players.

Remember the Bilderbergs were started by the Royalty of Europe and I believe it was the Netherlands.  It was from the york lodge that infiltration into the real mason lodge, Scottish Rite, took place.   Again, its always to hide the real men behind the curtain.

What has masonry been hiding behind their organization.  Something new for me was the reference to Gnostics.  They were the ones that associated Jesus with Mary Magdalene and ended with Browns movie and book. 

Injecting Satan’s DNA! The Coming Deceptive NWO “BLOOD” Order, Unveiled! Could 2014 Be the Year? (SHOCKING VIDEO/INFO)
by Lyn Leahz, Before Its' News, January 2, 2014


This is the end—the end of the age as mankind has always known! We ARE the generation hand-picked and chosen to see things no man, woman, or child has ever seen! Are you ready? Is your family ready?

Jesus said that these days would be just like the days of Noah! This means the nephilim are among us. The Illuminati/NWO are the bloodline of the Nephilim. And, they are here among us!

But they have a very deceptive agenda; an agenda Satan has been waiting for thousands of years to fulfill! It is a political, economic, military, scientific, educational, technological, and social plan which ends in a one world government! A government in which only the elite are free, and everyone else is slaves.

The system of the Antichrist is being built around us now in order to force everyone to bow down and worship the false Messiah. One of the jobs of the NWO is to poison our minds, and our children’s minds; to break down society as a whole, causing it to become utterly helpless and completely dependent on a ‘higher power’ for its needs. And that ‘higher power’ is the Antichrist!

Some people believe that Satan’s DNA will be injected into the man who will be the Antichrist! Is it possible? Watch the video below and find out! It’s all pretty shocking, and pretty amazing. I wholeheartedly believe that this year, 2014, will be a year of prophetic fulfillment, as well as a year of revival! Stay awake and do not fall asleep because you don’t want to miss a thing.

One thing is for certain—it’s all VERY deceptive, and it IS here right now!
Book of Enoch REAL STORY of Fallen Angels, NEPHILIM, ANCIENT ALIENS, NOAH’S FLOOD  (VN:  now you know why they took the book of Enoch out of the Bible.  It exposes the blood lines and what they did after mating with the daughters of man.  They were naughty and taught them about war, weapons, etc which man had never known before.  I highly recommend you find the write up and the books and read them.  Its worth the effort)




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