Vatic Note:  This vatic note is as important as the video and as you know, I seldom if ever say something like that.  I swear after 12 years of research and reading so much, that it has become so very  clear to me, the game they are playing here, using Putin.  Like WW I, WW II, WW III is to be the final World war and all of it written up in 1871, which we provided to you a while back.   

That required in each and every single WW, the infiltration by the Zionists, that have planned this for centuries,  into all serious financial circles and then into the highest levels of government,  at the top levels of every major government, and it was necessary and critical to the successful "OUTCOME" of each of those World Wars, laid out back then, listing the designated Loser and designated winner.  Hitler was set up by the bankers to lose WW II. We are set up to be the losers and China and Russia, the winners of WW III and thereby the bankers as the winners, since they now control both of those countrys.

If we are fooled and bamboozled into doing WW III, then we, the United States of America will be, not only nuked on our soil, but will be occupied by foreign troops for decades to come, JUST LIKE GERMANY STILL IS TODAY. There are more foreign military bases on her soil than German bases.  Same in Japan with the occupation still today of Okinawa.  Further, Lord knows we have had enough RECENT joint  military exercises: 

1. Between Russia, in Colorado and elsewhere, to learn our US tactics and strategies, and the particular training of our ground forces, including Urban door to door fighting tactics.  (Do not fool yourselves,  Putin would not be in power without the approval of the Zionists who occupy 78% of all top level government positions including military and intel,  just like they do here). 

2. We have already published today, the private massive prisons that are NOT fema, that have been built and are fully staffed, with guards BY PRIVATE WALL STREET ZIONIST BANKERS using guillotines as death tools,  so that they may sell our organs to aging western elite to extend their lives beyond what is natural. 

That is why we see Rockefeller, Kissinger,  Bush Sr, and other ancient pigs still alive and walking around. (No insult to the pigs intended). We also  had videos of the Zionists killing Palestinian teens and harvesting their organs and selling them on the global market for $160,000 per organ.   That is why they use the Guillotine, it prevents trauma to the organ until it can be delivered.  

3.  We proved that Chinese Troops are off the border between Mexico and the US.  We also published about the naval  war games between the  Chinese and the US Navy.  I commented then about how strange all this war gaming was between press promoted enemies.  Why were we war gaming with China and Russia? 

4.  We then did a very extensive analysis of all the elements done by Israeli occupiers of our nation, to ensure THAT THE USA LOSES WW III, just as these Zionists did in in both Russian and Nazi Germany.   That is why so many Zionists served in the nazi army.... to ensure that Germany would lose the war.  Not a single one of them were tried, convicted or executed in the Nuremberg trials, but the non zionist Germans were.

5.  We also showed how Obama had to be the President this second time around in order to VILIFY HIM AS THE NEW HITLER AND THE USA AS THE NEW NAZI MACHINE DESTROYING EVERYTHING AND VIOLATING INTERNATIONAL LAW, which would united all the countries against us and our European allies, who are also hated by the Zionists. 

6.  We also  made a big deal out of Homeland SEcurity's name.  If you listen to the speech HItler made after the Rheichstag False flag attack, he introduces the Gestapo "created to PROTECT THE "HOMELAND"" in only 2 weeks after THE EVENT and they are not only fully staffed, but all uniforms, were created, designed and fully dressed out for a huge number of gestapo/SS Troops, along with the right shoe sizes.  How did he know this so far in advance of the  false flag attack he used to justify creating an SS gestapo police state?

I use Hitler's name just like I use Obama's name.  They had no say at that time, as Obama has no say now, but Hitler realized what they intended and betrayed the bankers, turned against them, and made it much more difficult to bring the country down.  Obama is either a clone or fully mind controlled, therefore, they will have no problem guarding against any betrayal he might contemplate.  

I SUSPECT THEY WILL SUICIDE HIM OR ASSASSINATE HIM TO ENSURE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL BE MAD ENOUGH TO FIGHT THE WAR AGAINST THEIR PROPOGANDA CREATED ENEMY.   The people of China and Russia are not the villians,  just like we are not  the villians here..... THE FOREIGN ZIONIST OCCUPIERS OF OUR NATIONS ARE THE ONES WHO CREATED THIS ENVIRONMENT SINCE IT WORKED IN THE PAST.  We must not fall for the scam.  IF they want war, let them and their children fight it and not us.

DO NOT FIGHT WORLD WAR III FOR THEM, THEY NEED THE DESTRUCTION AND WEAPONS TO REPLENISH THEIR DEPLETED WEALTH.  Once they have final control of the entire globe they will not NEED anymore wars as we all will be either depopulated or willing slaves to their satanic and sick NWO.  As Ron Paul says,  "IF THEY SUCCEED, THERE WILL BE A DARK AGES THE LIKES OF WHICH THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE".  

That is why we must do our war against the bankers AND CEO's in every single country and NO ONE ELSE.  WE MUST NOT FIGHT THE "PEOPLE", Only the Rothschilds, Israel,  Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Solomon Brothers, etc.  

Reclaim the globe and incarcerate, these people remaining, for life.  They must never be freed or our posterity will go through this again and again, as we all have in the past. 

ww3 - Putin blasts Obama - It is a PROVOCATION for WAR! 
Published By David Vose, on Sep 5, 2013
This Speech by Putin is very enlightening will there be ww3? 

I believe you can hear the undertone of Putin, he is trying to avert WW3. (VN:  see what I mean?  Putin, is trying to avert WW3!, yeah right, that is why his soldiers practiced war games with ours over here to ensure success in occupying our country..... give me a break Vose, who are you anyway?)  And the seriousness of this threat of ww3 is being stressed and Putin is trying before all hell breaks loose to persuade the west and various allies of Obama to stand down before it is too late and we are full blown into ww3 ! 

Will putin succeed in diverting ww3?  (VN: of course not, its not part of the overall strategy. And Putin is definitely a team player.  You do not become head of KGB if you are not part of the leadership which currently are khazar zionist satanist pagans.)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for what you are doing. Be very proud of your work and moreover your intentions, if there were more people like you in this world, we would not be in the evil situation we are....a holy war. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY and know that OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST WILL BE OUR SAVIOUR SOON. But a suggestion to youwould be to get rid of your Google account for those to log in and post, google is owned by the evil people you talk about and are better described as FAKE JEWS, of satan's synagogue, as GOD said in the bible "those who say they are jews and are not, but are of satan's synagogue. By using google for anything, it makes you look like a hypocrite or it makes us then question who is behind the site, sicne the FAKE JEWS have set up sooooooooo many sites to fool people,by having them think they are at a patriotic site because of what they talk about, but it is really half truth,which equate to a big fat lie, or pure disinforamtion used to turn people away from the real enemy, like alex jones, who always blames the muslims, or frames the muslims, while hding his masters who are teh FAKE JEWS (Zionists). Have you researche dthe so-called UK "queen", she is german and I beleive fourth reich, she also has been charged with GENOCIDE in Canada and has been accused of abducting native children from Canada and using them for sacricice by itccs.org and hiddenNoLonger.com, also she is part of the illuminati, and the rothschild's who are FAKE JEWS, and are really german, there last name was BAUER, who are also part of the illuminati, kiisinger...german, I beleive that it is the fourth reich we are seeing, many of which are disguised as FAKE JEWS, other say they are christians, like obama FIRST said, later purposely showing a monkey hindu God so we would be thrown off, but he is also a fake jew. Something you might find interesting: the forbiddenknowledge.com but look for the article the Black pope Count hans Kolvenblach, the jesuits general, it is a HUGE eye opener about so many things..it gets to the roots!

Vatic Master said...

I know that about google, in fact, I was the first to post about google a long time ago. However, they went to court twice and lost and I remember the battle well, so they might have to cooperate with the powers that be, BUT THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES THAT TRIED TO FIGHT THE ENEMY AND LOST, WHILE ALL THE OTHER SITES COOPERATED WITHOUT EVER TRYING.

There is no where to go except here for us. You can tell by the posts that they are not friendly to the powers that be and that is why they gut so many that I have to keep putting back up. Its why they mess with our font size, especially on my fund raising since they are trying to hurt me through that.

You can see the proof for yourselves. We were the first blog to expose the connection between satanic worship and the elite and the khazars. We also exposed first, the lucifarians in European power positions, and in the international banking cabal. We exposed the legalized prostitution in Israel which was suppose to be a religious theocracy.... when in actuality its a pagan satanic state.

There is little more that I can do, since secured servers are way above my humble means and I can't afford them unless I raise my fund raising to 2,000 dollars and that would ensure we could not continue with our work. I am sorry and wish it were otherwise. Believe me I do. But I have a mission and I will not let satan stop me from doing it. Thank you for your concern and kind thoughts.

They did not go unnoticed and unheeded, its just that I have tried to find somewhere else to go, where the PTB are not, and they are everywhere.

Vatic Master said...

I forgot to mention, even with all the technology on their side, and all the courts, etc. THEY ARE STILL LOSING SO FAR AND WILL LOSE WITH THE FOCUSED COMMITMENT OF THOSE OF US WHO BELIEVE IN GOODNESS, LIGHT AND GOD.