Hidden US Warcrimes against over 1 Million German POW's (Other Losses)

Vatic Note:   Again, its amazing what we do not know about history.   This is another peg in the historical puzzle that is finally being filled.   I knew about the Russians and the slaughters they did of German civilians when they took over eastern Germany, but I had no idea about our American POW camps.

What Eisenhower did was a war crime and against the Geneva Convention.    He obviously had to play politics or he would never have become President and given that these khazar zionists did other such underhanded acts, I can see where they bribed or blackmailed Eisenhower to do what he did.   This is well worth the watch and maybe even a second watch, as I had to do, to get the full implications of what we had done.

To this day Germany is still paying off the holocaust reperations while receiving nothing for the slaughters they suffered against all international protocols.  Hitler originally worked for the Zionists and now his daughter, Merkel is continuing that practice with little regard for what they did to her father. 

What I like about this video is the coming together of average grassroots people to correct and make up for a wrong committed by one side against another.  This was heartening to watch and well worth the effort. 

Hidden US Warcrimes against over 1 Million German POW's
Published by Jon Doe on Jun 9, 2013
This is the only authentic video version of an historic meeting in October, 2011 in Washington entitled Peace For Germany.

The participants at the meeting were Colonel Max Klaar, Bundeswehr, (retired); Major Merrit P. Drucker, United States Army, (retired) and James Bacque, author of Other Losses.

Their sole interest is to publish the truth about the fate of Germans and Germany under Allied rule after World War Two. This video is the only one authorized by them.


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