WARNING!!! All Americans Need To See This - Breaking Reality 2013

Vatic Note:  This is a serious MUST WATCH.  When you see this, you will see how much like Nazi Germany we sound like, act like and are presented by the press to be like.  Heck, even Obama's youth corp is just  like Hitlers youth corp. If we can't see how Israel and the Zionist bankers are setting us up just like they did Hitler, than we will get exactly what we deserve.   

Remember, we are scheduled to lose WW III, just like Germany,  so what happened to  Germany?  The enemy, which were the allies,  Occupied and SUBDUED the German people through occupation which included the  Russians, who were brutal and millions of Germans were slaughtered by the angry occupiers,  through out and out murder, and bombing civilian populations in Dresden to send a message.WELL, WHEN WE LOSE WW III as planned by those in charge, then we will be occupied by the Russians who did this horror to the German people and the Chinese who now have a whole slew of super soldiers who will murder our unarmed civilians cold blooded including children.  IS THAT WHAT WE WANT HERE?  NO!

HALF A MILLION UNARMED GERMAN CIVILIANS WERE MURDERED BY A WEEK OF BOMBING THAT CITY AND ITS PEOPLE INTO OBLIVION.  An additional 2.5 MILLION WERE SIMPLY SHOT ON THE STREETS, TORTURED, AND MURDERED. Remember, Germany was a Christian Nation, like Russia was before the Zionists took it over, after wards, the Russian Jews (khazars) murdered 8 million Russian Christians, and sent that religion underground, which is the same in WW II with the Zionist controlled Russians murdering Christians again.

If we keep on letting Israel dictate our use of war for their empire building then we will be the new nazi's that the zionists can hide behind as  they so ARROGANTLY pointed out in their protocols. My biggest fear is that they will take OUR country occupied by WHAT USED TO BE wonderful people who used to love peace and service to others in helping rather than destroying, and turn us into the animals that they have become and I will fight that to the  death.  WE ARE NOT ISRAEL AND WE MUST NEVER BECOME ISRAEL AS LONG AS WE EXIST.  Our leaders must be told that point blank and without hesitation.  CALL YOUR SENATORS AND TELL THEM ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND TO GO LIVE IN ISRAEL IF THEY WANT TO SUPPORT THAT COUNTRY AND LEAVE US ALONE TO DO WHAT WE DO BEST.  CREATE, BUILD, SERVE, AND FLOURISH.

ONCE YOU LISTEN TO THIS, YOU WILL SEE WHY YOU HAVE TO CALL YOUR SENATIORS AND TELL THEM TO MOVE TO ISRAEL IF THEY WANT TO ACT LIKE NAZI'S.   NO MORE USING THE USA TO DO IT.   Listen to this and be ashamed how we have allowed these Israeli's/Rothschilds/shiffs/Warburg's/Duponts/Harrimans/ etc families to manipulate us for the third time in a century.   ENOUGH  IS ENOUGH,  if we fight a war, let it be against the international bankers AND FASCIST ZIONIST OWNED CORPORATIONS FOR WHOM OUR MILITARY WORKS FOR UNDER ZIONIST LEADERSHIP INFILTRATED INTO OUR MILITARY, and no one else. 

WARNING!!! All Americans Need To See This - Breaking Reality 2013 
Published America, Babylon the Great, on Sep 19, 2012

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