The Idiot Box: Fear Is Big Business

Vatic Note:   Very good indeed.  Long but well worth the read.  He is soooooo right about it all.  I have put a series of VN in the body as I read through this and they are relevant to the subject matter being discussed.   If you just go by the TV and other tools used to keep us in constant fear, it means we have no time for more intellectual or esoteric pursuits and that is not how I grew up.

There were so many other things to do,  such as learning to sing or play a musical instrument, or reading good fiction or even writing  it.  Kids have wonderful  imaginations especially between the ages of 5 and 8  and it would be great to teach them how to write down their fabulous thoughts during that time and enjoy reliving them later and remembering what a rich and joyous mental and emotional life can be had without the "Boob Toob".

Remember, these cretins doing this have written numerous documents just on social engineering alone.  They wish to destroy the rich and wonderous environment we call our minds, and they are succeeding unless we turn it around.  I truly enjoyed the insight he showed with this peice and maybe it just might change the barren and witless life your kids are subjected to with no exposure to any alternative where they can make an informed choice about what they want to do with their time.

Give this a good read, and maybe even a reread would be justified. My life as a child was an internal one that was stimulated by the natural world.  The life of a child today is an external one stimulated by the message  "never go inside and explore and the natural world is dangerous".  What a difference.  We have the ability to change that back again to what is best for our children.

The Idiot Box: Fear Is Big Business
by Gary Man, April 23, 2013

In my first post on the glorious greatest weapon ever created called the television I explored just some pre-texture exposure to what is in the tube, and the propaganda it passes. Now I want to get into what is the most scary part of television, and that is the fear that leads to big business and profits.

The job for the TV is the ultimate indoctrination of fear based culture, and it has worked in all degrees they have pushed. As I write this today, America i #1 in the world in depression, fear, obesity, and anti-depressants. How come no one can ever put two and two together and wake themselves up from the trance hypnotic state and look at what the TV has done to them?

When you bring this stuff up, people seem to be conditioned and programmed to shut down and call you crazy. We cannot blame the TV solely on these problems however you cannot ignore how it has played a key role in all of the categories. 

To my own experience, when I moved to my current neighborhood back in 2007, one thing struck me as strange right away. None of my neighbors greeted me, none of them wanted to see the new guy on the block that just moved in. I didn't have a single person come say hello. Then just last year the family across from me finally opened up and talked to me. I was bewildered that it took five years for them to even say hello to me and realize I wasn't some weirdo or crazy lunatic moving in.

There was a family down the street from me that used to watch me like a hawk when I took a walk, afraid that I was some bad guy. The crime rate has been relatively low in my area, and there is not any bad people here, but why are they so scared of me since I moved in? I used to wonder this day and night. When I turned on the TV and just watched the local news and the constant meth problems, drug dealers, murders, and burglaries that were covered throughout the entire Gulf Coast, that was really my only hint, and it made me realize that's why they are scared of me.

Mainstream Corporate News

In order to truly explore television and it's fear culture we have to start with mainstream corporate news. An easy way to see this is everything you see on the news. They are constantly pushing you with fear. When we are kids we don't know it at all but TV has a great deal towards our attitudes to certain people. In today's years we might see all the terror reports and have a biased misconception of  middle eastern foreigners .

Or my favorite perhaps is how scared people are of minorities such as blacks and Hispanics. This has to do with the fact when you turn on the news, they make it their job to show blacks always in a negative spotlight. Look at the O.J. Simpson case for example. Was he the only man at that time who committed a murder? It has absolutely nothing to do with him running either.

Many murderers run and have to be chased down, and they don't get the same media coverage O.J. was gifted. The verdict also has nothing to do with it either, when looking at how much they covered it and were obsessed with him before the verdict came in, so that's not an excuse. Did it really have to be pushed as far as it was? Even to this day they have anniversaries and write documentaries and squeeze every last penny out of the rotten piece of fruit they manufactured.

Then we have Michael Vick and dog fighting. How come it's only Michael Vick that they constantly talk about with dog fighting? What about all the other white hate groups that did dog fighting for decades, and even centuries before Vick was even born? You never ever hear a word about this on mainstream media, or the real history of this hideous and horrible thing.

Do you ever turn the TV on and see any actual good and great positive things on the news? I never have, I used to tell myself everyday that I hope to turn the news on and see some good stuff that I live through everyday being around good people. Instead of seeing this, I'm bombarded with terror and fear and murder.

Mainstream media's job is to keep people in the dark about everything possible. It always used to really bug me how the news anchors and talk show hosts are always smiling as they tell you that you're going to die, and want to scare you to death with something. They are nothing but clowns.

When it comes to terror it is pushed to such degrees, and they want the people scared to death all the time. Just turn your TV off and go to work or school or where ever  Have a nice day surrounded by great people, then when you come home and on TV, it's always the same old fear based story: your neighbors could be criminals! There are murderers everywhere! Don't leave your house or you'll get shot! Don't go jogging in a marathon or you might get blown up!  

That last line is directed at the Boston Bombing coverage. Every channel, I cannot even get good local news, it's all terror, terror, terror. Another thing I can bring up, is how the news loves to work people up into a frenzy. Take a look at the Casey Anthony trial. Was that really worth getting outside and threatening to riot? Were you on the jury, did you know these people?

 I'm not here to say what is right and wrong, but why would you want to get out there and protest and threaten to start rioting over something that you had no control over? It's because you were told to get mad and go out there and throw a fit after the trial. Meanwhile the news anchors and talk show hosts on there were clapping their hands and cheering as you made their ratings go up by proving how TV fed and brainwashed this country is.

This is why I don't watch TV, and I haven't even got to the commercials yet. Most the time I wonder why kids are not playing outside in my neighborhood. There is many households where I live that have a family with multiple children. I never ever see them outside playing, and when I do it is so bizarre to me. (VN: Our parents would not let us watch TV except for one hour per night after homework and then it had to be what my parents decided was appropriate for us.  I spent my childhood with the wild animals, clouds, leaves, rivers, birds, and creatures including bugs.  I learned how to make a bow and arrow out of sapling trees.  It was an instructive life and an exploratory life.  What a loss to our children.)

Probably because in my childhood despite video games being around, we literally were always outside playing! We went over to our neighbors houses and walked inside and actually talked to them! We roamed the neighborhood, and went in the woods. We got cuts and bruises from climbing trees and falling down. We were not scared of anything, we were just kids being kids.

Now I talk to parents time and time again and they constantly tell me how scared they are to let their kids walk down the street and how they don't trust nobody. They always bring up something "well did you hear about that case in Florida of the kid that got kidnapped?"

To a degree my own parents were just like that when I was growing up, and still are to this day, though as kids we couldn't be stopped from roaming the neighborhood and having fun. It was better than sitting on the couch with our parents and watching junk or the news and then witnessing them freak out over it and become afraid to let us go outside.  (VN: Ironically, its the sabbatean and Satanists that run our industries and government that kidnap those children and then these same people own the press they use to instill fear in us.  When we are in fear we make very bad decisions and that is exactly where they want us.)

There's a much better chance you will die from eating McDonalds and drinking those toxic sodas you see on commercials than you have for actually getting hurt in a terrorist attack. Terror is the least our problems here in the United States when you take into account how many people die from eating horrible foods (obesity, we are #1 in the world in this), smoking cigarettes, drunk driving, and the loads of other horrible things. (VN:  that is part of the social engineering that we are daily under for creating a sick society like the one these bankers come from and why they are so horribly mentally ill. Its the only way they can garner total and absolute control over us if we let them. We have lost the courage we were so famous for.)

While people are sucked into the mainstream news, they profit from scaring you to death and that is their job. I take a walk every two days for over an hour. I take this walk to exercise and also enjoy myself outside. Has anything ever happened to me? Nope. I always come back safe and sound, and most the time I walk without a cell phone so I can enjoy myself.

Ask the average parent today if they will let their kid outside without a phone or let them walk a mile by themselves, they are constantly scared to death something will happen. If you could just go one day and enjoy yourself, you realize everything they tell you on TV is to keep you in fear 24/7. It's a big business.

They want you afraid of your neighbors, afraid of the black guy down the street, scared of foreigners, scared of going outside. Look at the recent Dorner case in California recently. 17,000 were terrorized over the mainstream media's depiction of this man. Could they have shown anymore images of this big black man to be scared of? Oh he had 70 guns out in the woods, are you scared yet? (VN:  what is worse is the lies used in this case to scare you.  He was nothing like depicted on the TV News, in fact they had records proving this was a take out of an officer that reported a fellow officer for wrong doing in brutally abusing a handicapped man.  Did you hear anything about that?  No , of course not!  It does not help  either when the owners of the press are avid racists.)

What about the everyday Joe that watches this crap, how do you think it makes you feel? Then when we watch the average black guy walking down the street and everyone is scared of them, it's because of how the media constantly spins things on them. However they absolutely want you to trust the commercials every five minutes for McDonalds or trust the medications they advertise for where 3/4's of the commercial is spent reading out all the dangers of taking the bad drug.

Mainstream media and news are however not the only culprits to this. We have to look at Hollywood and TV shows when it comes to fear. Look at the garbage they constantly spin out. One of the biggest things I can easily point out is gangster movies, which I feel attacks Italians, Hispanics, and of course African Americans with loads of stereotypes.

Yes we know the mafia is real, but not all Italians are bad people. We know there are rotten apples in all races, but most blacks you meet are not gang bangers walking down the street with guns in their pants. I've met many Latino people from other countries and none of them were drug smugglers that were waiting to cash in on some coke.

Despite this, there is always that subconscious fear feeling. We see it with everything when it comes to minorities and how they are singled out. The American Natives also get this done to them to an extreme. Watch all your western classics that depict them as blood thirsty savages. Also make note how there is not a single black cowboy in any of those movies despite the fact that the blacks dominated the West after slavery was abolished.

It wasn't until Dances With Wolves and Little Big Man did we really get to witness the Native's side of the story, yet still over and over Hollywood has to make movies to sympathize for the white settlers crimes of humanity in mass genocide as they slaughtered the natives for hundreds of years. More recently they have spent a lot of effort in demonizing Muslims and making them all look like blood thirsty savages all propaganda to a fake "war on terror" so we keep supporting this evil machine of death.

There are many channels that devout all their time to these crime shows and series of documentaries that also promote fear. The ID Channel shows nothing but non stop fear fear fear programming of shows such as "Who the Bleep Did I Marry", "Nightmare Next Door", "I Married A Mobster", "Dates From Hell", and another one "Murder In Paradise".

Just take a look at the titles of those shows, and think about all the fear it puts into you when it's real fact based cases. In just that line of shows you have the fear of who you married, fear of your own neighbors, fear of mobsters, fear of going out on a date, and fear of taking a vacation. This is what they show 24 hours a day, and just a few of the shows to mention. In these shows too they tend to try their best to make people look stupid that do trust their neighbors and go out and enjoy themselves.

I saw it on a program that showed a family that had a good relationship with a neighbor that turned out to be a criminal, and her brother warned her about it. So on the show they made sure they kept emphasizing this. "Your brother warned you, why didn't you listen to him?". So in short, don't ever trust anyone, don't get to know your neighbors, just stay inside all day and watch the tube, be scared.

I only bring in the ID Channel cause I have relatives that watch this non stop 24/7 and every time I talk to them all I get from them is this scary misconception of life. "You took a walk without your cell phone!? What's wrong with you! You could get kidnapped! What would you do then!?". "You should watch the TV! I can't believe you would even trust that black guy to come over to your house! They are so dangerous!" 

It's always the same old chant how it was on TV, that means it could happen to you any day. Don't walk outside, or you'll get shot for no reason in the middle of nowhere. I really don't have a clue why they give the prisoners a TV show to talk about why they killed someone. What is wrong with people? Who wants to sit there and listen to a man in prison give his screwed up twist of life and talk about how he murdered someone? 

We can't just single out ID when it comes to this, there is also National Geographic. When I saw they had a channel, I was thinking it was like the magazines with all the beautiful pictures and places of the world. Instead we get a channel devoted to nothing but fear programming of shows of people being locked up in other countries, murder mysteries, and a couple reality shows in the mix. A&E is the prime one on standard cable that shows their '48 Hours' show that appears to be more worried about going after black criminals than anything else.

Commercials are still the worst part of television programming and I can never stress this enough. TV attacks you, and this is how they do it. Every 5 minutes a commercial break is 'Ask Your Doctor' ads, and other things to make you feel inferior unless you buy this or buy that, then in the middle is McDonalds for lunch and so on.

America is #1 in the world in obesity, yet look at how many times you see fast food commercials. Look at how many McDonalds there are in this country. They build them into gas stations, shopping centers, and even hospitals, which is really disturbing. TV has a lot to do with obesity yet it's the most ignored thing of all! Look at all the food advertisements.

Do you see any ads for anything healthy at all? No it's all genetically modified organics, sugar coated, corn syrup junk food that leads to obesity. You never see any commercials for anything healthy and promoting exercise with it to get stronger, it's all "I'm Lovin' It!" and all the pharmaceuticals that are a big business of choosing profits over health.

When looking at how depressed Americans are, the solution is always to go and ask your doctor if the anti-depressants are right for you. Just take a pill, it will make the pain go away. There is no more encouragement of healthy family life, and friends sitting around and talking things out to make themselves feel better. it is replaced by this illusion that taking a pill will make the world better for you. I don't take the pills, never have and never will and maybe that's why my eyes are so wide open and awake to what is going on around me.

If we are to solve our problems of being a country in constant fear and depression and the high use of anti-depressants, the first step is to turn your TV's off. They are nothing but idiot boxes that push these diseases. As I've stated, America is #1 in the world in these three key problems. How no one ever looks at the TV as part of it is just beyond me, I guess because they all want you watching it and being programmed.

Three people were murdered in the Boston bombing, yet that's all you have heard about non stop for an entire week now. Not a single report on the CISPA Bill that is going to destroy the 4th amendment and ultimately have the internet shut down on us. The internet is a problem to them because we can get real news and unbiased stuff that is not from the corporate media, and that's why they come up with this stuff. They distract us with terror so they can push it.

Our greatest threat is far from a bunch of box cutters and Muslims in other countries, our biggest problems are sitting right here at home, and can start to change the minute we want to change and get to know one another and build a strong community support, and come together as people.

If you have made it this far reading my writing, I ask you to turn your TV off for just one day. Don't watch the news at all, go outside and take a walk. Say hi to your neighbor, smile! If you are still scared of something, sing a James Brown song (I Feel Good!). Do something to make you feel better.

This whole mentality of never trusting anyone and being scared of anything and everything is a destructive trait that comes from sitting down and spending all day watching the Tube. Stop watching it, and start living.  (VN:  AMEN!!!!  I have not had TV since Janurary of 2008, and he is right about "living" instead of being "programmed" with your consent.   Create your own reality!)

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Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of your blog, I read it every day I get a chance to sit on the computer in my off time, and this put a huge smile on my face to see you repost my work. Thank you very much, I hope more people see my articles on TV so they can open their eyes up.

As you mentioned about Dorner, you are right. I read his "manifesto" he seemed like a good guy just trying to expose the racism still alive and well in L.A. cops. Southern California is still the wild wild west. Many blacks can give you flat out nightmare stories of racism from there.

TV is just an illusion of reality. There is no reality to it at all. I could write a book on my hate for TV if I wanted to, I really don't know how to stop talking about it's side effects. It just blows my mind that there is never any real research going on for how addicting it is, that is because they want you hooked and indoctrinated by the tube.

Vatic Master said...

How I came across your blog about TV, was you had commented on an other blog we had posted and your comment was most intriguing and you left your name with a link, so I decided to see who this person was and much to my delight I saw that article and immediately decided to post it.

I have been without TV since 2008 and it has made a world of difference in just about everything I see, do and think. I had no idea just how disruptive and damaging it was. I thank you for that. It appears to be your mission and you ae doing it well. Welcome to our little world here and keep commenting. I get as much from those who comment and contribute as they get from us. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

American Action Report said...

I rarely watch TV. Over the past few years, Taiwan stations have been pressured to broadcast a certain number of hours of Taiwanese programming each week. This has resulted in TV being dominated by sub-mediocre programs, which turned out to be a blessing for me.
I have come to realize that EVERYTHING you see on TV and in movies is a promotion of someone's values. Have you noticed that the bad guys such as the Phantom of the Opera and Dracula live in old houses and used second-hand things; or that the more admirable a person is presented (such as James Bond), the more he depends on corporations for his extravagant lifestyle? I could go on and on, but I think you get the message.
As for fear, Hitler knew that if you keep the populace in a continuous state of fear, you keep them highly susceptible to suggestion.