Another Massive "CRIMINAL" Theft by the International Bankers! Are we Going to Prosecute?

Vatic Note: So much to say on this one as well.   We have done numerous blogs over many years about the systematic theft of our wealth by these khazar bankers, that now its clear to me, and others, why Mongolia kicked them out of their country back around 750 AD and then east and west proceeded to destroy the country in 1100 AD because of their thieving by these same khazars of the wealth of the tribes of Russia and their stealing the wealth from the silk trade route between east and west.  These are the original edomites that Christ called Thieves and Sons of Satan and he kicked them out of the temple for their thieving.

At least these ancient people, who were uneducated, responded by kicking them out of their country in about 1100 AD and making a wandering stateless country out of them. These thieves then migrated into eastern Europe and are now called the "Ashkenazi" Jews, who are not Jews at all.  They are not from the tribes of Israel.  Rather from Esau and Cain.  They have always been satanic.  Here we are, far more educated and we do nothing, except for the "Mouse that Roared", Iceland and they are now in recovery, so what in the heck is the matter with us?

Every bit of what you will read below, is no accident.  All of it was planned and fully executed and you can tell by the laws they had overturned under the Clinton administration that was necessary for them to pull all of this off.  Its not incompetence, or simple greed, or power mongering, its an intentional plan for centuries to take control of the globe and work it for satan, through soul harvesting, slavery, and preservation of the Satanic bloodlines, and the pay off will be the wealth they extract, in doing satans bidding. Its a return to the original "FEUDAL SYSTEM",  It does not matter whether you believe in satan, it matters that they believe in him and do his work.

If you do not know what derivatives are, its simply a betting system whereby gambling is raised to the level of wall street.  Since these people are global mafia criminals that engage in every kind of crime imaginable, (examples are drug running, money laundering, kidnapping of women for prostitution and international child sex slave trade) you can see how they managed to use "the markets" to gamble with and then set up the system whereby they win.  A crime, indeed, of massive proportions.  I would even venture to say bigger than any ever in the history of the globe.

These bets were intentionally made to be lost so that the TARP bill would be passed and our taxes would go directly to them through the IMF/IRS system. That is why the losses were so huge, so that our taxes would go to them forever.  We then become their slaves with our wages earned through work, belong to them and not to us.  (when you send in your check to the IRS, its passed through directly to the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND)

Remember, it was not the "bad assets" that we TARPED out internationally, IT WAS THE DERIVATIVE BETS ON THE MOVEMENT OF INTEREST RATES, so who controls interest rates???  Thats right, the FEDERAL RESERVE OWNED BY ROTHSCHILD/ROCKEFELLER, ETC.  So they raised rates in order to then force the taxpayers into bailing them out.  They bet with the same non money they do our currency with.  Nothing ventured, and its done between banks, and not out in the open markets.  Cozy criminal operation, and where was the SEC??? 

They are now "trying" to do "a bail in", after first raping the retirement and pension accounts.  Because we gave into the threats on the TARP bill, to declare martial law, they saw they could do even more if they simply confiscated our deposits. Now they are out and out stealing which is a major felony crime, and thus prosecutable, by us, if the system won't do it., because we were far wealthier than they had counted on and it took them way longer to break us.

They have been unable to do so, and that is why the direct theft of our savings is their option.  The upper middle class will be next and then the goyim ultra wealthy will be last.   But they will all be taken.  They said so often that the ultra wealthy goyim will be last, so they don't lead rebellions like the wealthy did in our revolution.  That was their biggest fear.

LET ME TELL YOU THE PLAN....... They are unable to crash the banking system using all their deceptions, lies, fear tactics, so now they are threatening to take your deposits with the cooperation of the TO BIG TO FAIL BANKS.


HERE IS WHAT YOU DO..... Pull all cash from the major international banks like JP morgan, Chase, Bank of America, Wells fargo, etc....  you know who they are.  THEN DEPOSIT THOSE FUNDS INTO SMALL STATE, COMMUNITY AND LOCAL BANKS OWNED BY FAMILIES OR LOCAL GROUPS.  Cancel all major credit cards and reapply with the small banks.  What that does is prevents the crash of those banks they don't own and want to own to have a monopoly on the entire banking system, thus forcing a regional or globalizing system of currency and credit.

What you do  will save those small banks and preserve our rights to conduct commerce in a manner that is honest and trustworthy with institutions we trust.  I did this a long time ago and right now, the bank has told me they would not honor stealing our deposits.  Remember when the word was out that a tax was going to be levied on deposits?  I am on social security and I asked my bank if they were going to collect that tax and they said no way.  And that ended the discussion in the papers about extracting another level of wealth from seniors.

These same wall street players did "Derivatives bets on Senior citizens dying", they were betting they would die with a target number and guess what?  How they made sure they win that bet, they had their chemtrail dumping friends dump pneumonia, fungus, black mold and other nasties into the air and that attacks the weakest of us, which are the new born babies and seniors.... sure enough its working. 

The “Fiscal Cliff” Is A Diversion: The Derivatives Tsunami and the Dollar Bubble
by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research, 
The “fiscal cliff” is another hoax designed to shift the attention of policymakers, the media, and the attentive public, if any, from huge problems to small ones.

The fiscal cliff is automatic spending cuts and tax increases in order to reduce the deficit by an insignificant amount over ten years if Congress takes no action itself to cut spending and to raise taxes.  In other words, the “fiscal cliff” is going to happen either way.

The problem from the standpoint of conventional economics with the fiscal cliff is that it amounts to a double-barrel dose of austerity delivered to a faltering and recessionary economy.  Ever since John Maynard Keynes, most economists have understood that austerity is not the answer to recession or depression.
Regardless, the fiscal cliff is about small numbers compared to the Derivatives Tsunami or to bond market and dollar market bubbles.

The fiscal cliff requires that the federal government cut spending by $1.3 trillion over ten years. The Guardian reports that means the federal deficit has to be reduced about $109 billion per year or 3 percent of the current budget.  More simply, just divide $1.3 trillion by ten and it comes to $130 billion per year. This can be done by simply taking a three month vacation each year from Washington’s wars.

The Derivatives Tsunami and the bond and dollar bubbles are of a different magnitude.

Last June 5 in “Collapse At Hand”   I pointed out that according to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s fourth quarter report for 2011, about 95% of the $230 trillion in US derivative exposure was held by four US financial institutions: JP Morgan Chase Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, and Goldman Sachs.

Prior to financial deregulation, essentially the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and the non-regulation of derivatives–a joint achievement of the Clinton administration and the Republican Party–Chase, Bank of America, and Citibank were commercial banks that took depositors’ deposits and made loans to businesses and consumers and purchased Treasury bonds with any extra reserves.  (VN: Just a reminder, Clinton was trained on a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford, the home of all secret societies for the bastard children of the khazars (Winthrop Rockefeller is his father, which we posted on this blog)

With the repeal of Glass-Steagall these honest commercial banks became gambling casinos, like the investment bank, Goldman Sachs, betting not only their own money but also depositors money on uncovered bets on interest rates, currency exchange rates, mortgages, and prices of commodities and equities.
These bets soon exceeded many times not only US GDP but world GDP.  Indeed, the gambling bets of JP Morgan Chase Bank alone are equal to world Gross Domestic Product.

According to the first quarter 2012 report from the Comptroller of the Currency, total derivative exposure of US banks has fallen insignificantly from the previous quarter to $227 trillion. The exposure of the 4 US banks accounts for almost of all of the exposure and is many multiples of their assets or of their risk capital.  (VN: which used to be illegal)

The Derivatives Tsunami is the result of the handful of fools and corrupt public officials who deregulated the US financial system. Today merely four US banks have derivative exposure equal to 3.3 times world Gross Domestic Product.

When I was a US Treasury official, such a possibility would have been considered beyond science fiction.

Hopefully, much of the derivative exposure somehow nets out so that the net exposure, while still larger than many countries’ GDPs, is not in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. Still, the situation is so worrying to the Federal Reserve that after announcing a third round of quantitative easing, that is, printing money to buy bonds–both US Treasuries and the banks’ bad assets–the Fed has just announced that it is doubling its QE 3 purchases.
In other words, the entire economic policy of the United States is dedicated to saving four banks that are too large to fail. The banks are too large to fail only because deregulation permitted financial concentration, as if the Anti-Trust Act did not exist.
The purpose of QE is to keep the prices of debt, which supports the banks’ bets, high. The Federal Reserve claims that the purpose of its massive monetization of debt is to help the economy with low interest rates and increased home sales.  But the Fed’s policy is hurting the economy by depriving savers, especially the retired, of interest income, forcing them to draw down their savings.  Real interest rates paid on CDs, money market funds, and bonds are lower than the rate of inflation.
Moreover, the money that the Fed is creating in order to bail out the four banks is making holders of dollars, both at home and abroad, nervous.  If investors desert the dollar and its exchange value falls, the price of the financial instruments that the Fed’s purchases are supporting will also fall, and interest rates will rise. The only way the Fed could support the dollar would be to raise interest rates. In that event, bond holders would be wiped out, and the interest charges on the government’s debt would explode.
With such a catastrophe following the previous stock and real estate collapses, the remains of people’s wealth would be wiped out. Investors have been deserting equities for “safe” US Treasuries.  This is why the Fed can keep bond prices so high that the real interest rate is negative.
The hyped threat of the fiscal cliff is immaterial compared to the threat of the derivatives overhang and the threat to the US dollar and bond market of the Federal Reserve’s commitment to save four US banks.
Once again, the media and its master, the US government, hide the real issues behind a fake one.  The fiscal cliff has become the way for the Republicans to save the country from bankruptcy by destroying the social safety net put in place during the 1930s, supplemented by Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” in the mid-1960s.
Now that there are no jobs, now that real family incomes have been stagnant or declining for decades, and now that wealth and income have been concentrated in few hands is the time, Republicans say, to destroy the social safety net so that we don’t fall over the fiscal cliff.
In human history, such a policy usually produces revolt and revolution, which is what the US so desperately needs.
Perhaps our stupid and corrupt policymakers are doing us a favor after all.

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First time i came across your blog starting with this post. Crystal clear explanation so I will continue reading the articles in it. Thanks and greetings from Argentina.

Vatic Master said...

Welcome, Argentina. I have a lot of respect for your country who stood up to the IMF and international bankers and prevailed with a great economic come back. This is several years later and I hope you can let us know how you are doing down there. I followed that fiasco that went on when you kicked Goldman Sachs and the IMF out of your country. I was wishing you well and followed it closely. It was before we started this blog. Please enjoy your stay here.

This is not a blog for fast food info eaters, its for those who wish to enjoy truth at a deep level. Good luck and please feel free to comment or share anything you wish. We learn as much from our readers as they do from us. Bless and keep you safe.