Tsarnaev brothers' mother: My sons are innocent, this is a setup (and what the Father say)

UPDATE: Suspect has been arrested, but the powers that be won't let him be processed as a criminal WITH DUE PROCESS, instead they will deal with him under the NDAA bill for indefinite detention, no habeas Corpus and now you know why they passed that bill.  Instead they are going to torture him to extract a confession since they need someone else to blame after all their own people doing the dirty  deed after they all  got caught with the publics photos and videos proving they were in fact on site

Vatic Note:  Well, first thought I had when  I read this, is "Who has run Russia since 1917?"  The khazars, and what is Kyrgyzstan?  Its part of old Khazaria!  Who Runs Homeland Security where the FBI is now controlled? Thats right, the Khazarian zionists.  So how did they learn to make bombs filled with nails, metal chunks, etc and who taught them that was the way to maim rather than kill?

How did these Russians get here?  Were they asylum seekers?  Did the older son work for our intel agencies which is what usually happens with immigrants from Russia and China?  Are they going to use them to reinvigorate the old MUSLIMS DID IT chant?  Or did they use them as dupes to be blamed since they are Chechens?

The "Right wing gun nuts" cry didn't take at all, even with the left. So because it did not work at all, are we looking at the same old mantra of Muslims vs Christians, both of whom the Khazar satanists hate.  Yup, at least this is a little better contrived than the previous three false flag operations.

Not much, but a little. Notice how the Khazars always use false flags, like in Nazi Germany with the Reischstag false flag and one week later we have a fully uniformed SS Storm troopers gestapo already to do what DHS is doing now, here in America. 


Published on 19 Apr 2013 by RussiaToday

Boston bombings suspects are 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who remains at large. His brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnayev, was killed after a police car chase. Their family originates from Russia's North Caucasus - but settled in the United States more than a decade ago. RT talks to the mother of the two suspects Zubeidat Tsarnaeva - LIVE UPDATES http://on.rt.com/hu3yye

More info about the Tsaraevs brothers http://on.rt.com/6u8xcy
And here a picture with some comments. Provided to us by T.West at Facebook

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Anonymous said...

http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2013/04/pictures-that-prove-double-amputee-was.html These look pretty real and I have seen a couple of other similar photos from a different angle, but they might be photoshopped. Watch them add the prosthetic "bone" to the double amputees legs and then pour red paint all over the place. Between The Craft being spotted and other obvious fakery, they haven't pulled off a better false flag than Sandy Hook as the narrative keeps on changing. They should have stuck with the drill story. Too many cameras at a big event like this - thank the goodness for people who post this stuff, plus whoever leaked Robbie Parker's bad performance after Sandy Hook.