Escape the Hive Mind

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Vatic Note:  I do not always agree with what Henry says, but I understand where he is coming from and under normal circumstances I would definitely disagree with a couple of things he said, but these are not normal circumstances and unfortunately, we have confirmed the manipulation that has occurred in socially engineering our society and culture, so in that narrow instance, I agree with him.

He has had the courage and insight well before anyone else about the manipulation, deception and plans of the zionists with respect to world domination, and the social engineering they had to do in order to succeed down the road.  If it had not been for him, many of  us would not have had the foundation we would have needed to understand our world and what was happening to it, now we do.  

Escape the Hive Mind
http://henrymakow.com/2013/04/escape-the-hive-mind.html -
by Henry Makow, April 20, 2013


Insanity is the enemy of sanity.
Shut it off.
Lies are the enemy of truth.
Shut them out.
The hive mind is "the Matrix"

"It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is
 perceived to be true."
- Henry Kissinger 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

How should we react to the hysteria orchestrated by the Illuminati?

Do we sit glued to the TV waiting for the latest developments in the search for patsies to blame for the Boston (Aurora, Newtown etc.) massacre?

The TV monitors are everywhere now. Everyone has smart phones. Never has the "hive" been so prevalent.

hive.jpgMy reaction is to maintain a healthy distance. Turn off the gadgets and disconnect the hive mind.

These dramas are designed to stir up the hive by spreading fear and uncertainty. They are designed to create enemies where none exist.  They are not our dramas. They are their dramas. They are attacks on our psyches. We need to build a firewall against them.

The West is in the clutch of a vicious satanic cult, the Illuminati. The mass media spews its insanity.

The media pretends to be our friend but it isn't. It doesn't find and expose the truth. Instead, it perpetrates the lies and insanity. It is an active accomplice to 9-11 and all false flags.

It is obsessed with social engineering - destroying our racial and family identity by promoting feminism, porn, homosexuality, gender bending and miscegenation. (I am not against intermarriage; but, against the Illuminati promoting it. Soon there will be no identifiable races. That's the true racism. )

After the "news", the stock market is another major connection to the hive mind. The hive mind is obsessed with money. We should worry about money until we have enough to stop worrying about it. Then we need to stop.

The Internet and social media are another ball-and-chains to the hive mind. Cut them back.

hive1.jpgIlluminati  hysteria and fear mongering are forms of psychological warfare. Don't watch the TV News or any other nonsense and filth. 

We need to focus our energy on building rich private lives characterized by challenging work and loving relationships. We need positive models.

We need to bear witness to God with our lives. The purpose of life is to constantly perfect ourselves. To be pleasing in the eyes of God. When we forget this, life loses its edge.

Human beings are Noble and beautiful creatures.  We can live up to this standard and become a Moral Force. We can perfect ourselves. Let's not be distracted and demoralized by the hive mind, and the constant stream of Illuminati psy-ops.

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