Holodomor 1932-33, the campaign for recognition

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Vatic Note: This is another one of those blogs that proves "Its amazing what we do not know about history". These Khazars have been brutalizing millions of people for thousands of year and then controlling the history books by buying up all the publishing companies and controlling what is taught as history, as these Khazar edomites present it, that benefits their deception and secrecy of their role in it all. That is ending as we can see. This is definitely the great period of exposure or "lifting of the veil" if you will.

This below is exactly what they have planned for us and they even told us about it over the past two years how there is going to be a famine, and riots, and thus martial law.  Well, I always research history whenever they warn us about something when nothing in the environment would indicate anything like that was going to happen.  It meant they were planning on creating it.  Remember, the sacrifice these  evil ones must pay to Satan is the mass suffering of millions of people  and of the innocent.   That is why so many mass murders of children and the cruelest way and long term suffering is through starvation.

Sure enough history supports their guilt since this below is one of the many historical examples of when they did this.  Remember it was the khazar bankers under Rothschild that did the Protocols outlining their plans for world domination.  In 1917 they did their first implementation of that plan which resulted in the Soviet Socialist Republic and that included the Ukraine under their control.  

Was this an experiment on depopulation? The timing was interesting., since 1932 was when we were just recovering from the banksters first attempts to dominate the planet.   I don't know if that is why, but they did it, it was intentional and it worked. They have since done it to take over Africa.  Remember in the 80's under Bush Sr when all those children in Africa were dying from starvation?  Its definitely one way to get our guns and grab the wealth of the nation by grabbing their natural resource like we did in Iraq>.

Millions of innocent and trusting people died.  Today its worse since they now have the technology with Haarp to do as they will to our bread basket in the mid west and our cattle country, and insure a loss of food in every area of life.  Notice the seal pups  ill and being washed ashore, in California, and in record numbers.

Remember in the past how they experimented with their global network of haarps and millions of birds, fish, crab, sea life, buffalo, elk, etc all died at the same time globally?  Well, they found the right frequency to ensure their illness, to the point of death without actually killing them.  It  reminds me of their war games and testing with repect to 9-11.  That is what WACO was about and the 1992 first bombing by a van loaded with explosives, at the twin towers. 

Remember, the twin star is almost here and this is their willingness to use it to take credit for all the horrors they plan, but in reality it will be the star that is the culprit, although it won't be anything like the fear mongers say it will. That is just them trying to get all that fear to come up. Unless they take advantage of the star to then use their space weapons illegally. 

They figured it all out and voila, Sept 11 occurred perfectly for them.  So I believe that is what they are doing with our weather right now.  No rain whatsoever, and the snow was patented as we covered on here back in January that was used to cool the atmosphere.  Its a frozen chemical, and the run off will poison and kill crops as well as us, as it gets into our drinking water, especially those owning wells.

At the time I thought it was the twin star, but then I also mentioned Rahm's mantra he used all the time "NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE".   What better way to kill millions without taking a single risk to themselves.  They are chickensh*t cowards and that is why they do these things so they will not experience any consequences for their actions.

Well, I think those days are gone.  They will experience such consequences.... they do have families and assets and the CAFR   ACCOUNTS FOR WHEN THEY COME BACK UP TO START OVER AGAIN..... those are as vulnerable as their assets and their families. And we have very good hackers. Same with the traitors who made it possible  for these foreign occupiers to do what they are doing.  

They could not have done it without the aid and abetting of treason within our own government by Americans.  They are worse than the foreign occupiers in that regard and deserve whatever punishment that will be meted out to them, unless they quickly redeem themselves before its too late.  I do not see that as a choice they are willing to make.  If they do, great, but if not.  We will never forget or cease going after them no matter what.   And you can be sure enough of us will live long enough to obsess over that issue.

The Ukraine: Holodomor 1932-33, the campaign for recognition
by the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain.

Holodomor Campaign Banner Small

Holodomor is based on two Ukrainian words: holod – ‘hunger, starvation, famine’, and moryty – ‘to induce suffering, to kill’.

The Holodomor was the barbaric and systematic starvation of more than 7 million Ukrainians over a period of just 18 months in 1932-33, on the most fertile lands in Europe. This included a third of all children in Ukraine who perished as a result.

The number of those who died during those 18 months is almost unimaginable, but it’s the equivalent of the number of students in the UK, or Wembley stadium filled almost 80 times over.

The famine was the largest and most secret of Stalin’s purges. It was covered up and denied at the time and for many decades afterwards. Only since the fall of the Soviet Union have documents become available which tell the full story of this most tragic page in 20th century history. Survivors of the famine are now able to talk openly about the Holodomor.

Many of these survivors have had to live with the trauma of seeing their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers die a cruel and needless death from starvation and for some, the memories are still too painful to recall.

Although everything possible was done to cover up the true horror of the famine in Ukraine, there are many eyewitness accounts, from journalists and others, which describe, often in harrowing terms, the widespread misery of starvation and death in a land of plenty.

Relatively few photographs of the period are available, but there is a body of authenticated photographs, taken by an Austrian, Otto Wienerberger, who stayed in Kharkiv during the summer of 1933 and by Dr Fritz Dittloff, former Director of the German Government’s Agricultural Concession ‘Drusag’ in the North Caucasus, which the Soviet government shut down in 1933. Most of their photographs, many of which are reproduced here were originally published in books in 1935 and 1936 by Dr Ewald Ammende, a Baltic German politician who, amongst other things, was Secretary-General of the European Nationalities Congress.
In the last few years, international bodies, faith leaders and countries around the world have begun to acknowledge the full horror of the Holodomor. Ukraine passed legislation in 2006 declaring the Holodomor an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people. President Yushchenko made international recognition of the Holodomor a personal campaign, and called on Ukrainians all over the world to work towards raising awareness of the Holodomor, particularly in 2008 which was the 75th anniversary of the Holodomor.

The call to action has been taken up in every country where Ukrainians and those of Ukrainian descent live, through commemorative events and awareness-raising initiatives. The Ukrainian community in Great Britain is also playing its part with a range of events to raise awareness. During 2008, the community across the country participated in the International Torch of Remembrance rally and a major national commemoration was held in Westminster Central Hall and Westminster Abbey on 22 November 2008.
Our ultimate aim is to persuade the UK government to follow the lead of Australia, Canada, the USA and others, and acknowledge the Holodomor as genocide. This is not about politics, reparations or blame, but about basic human morality and respect for life. We urge everyone to join the campaign for recognition to honour the memory of the millions who died so needlessly and to prevent such atrocities from ever happening again.

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