ALERT: The Pacific Islands are Pentagons next War Games for WW III with China!

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Vatic Note:  Its official then,  World War III is in the planning and war games are to commence in this bogus planned, financed, orchestrated and profit driven war, with a winner and loser already determined and that is why the war games.... how to lose it. (Reminds me of the McCain, Obama election where McCain was the designated loser even before the primary was over.) THIS IS classic HIGH TREASON OF THE WORST KIND.  Come on, people, stop and think about this, its way worse than we could imagine and this time they plan on using nukes (if the aliens let them lol).  That is why the seed bank and DNA bank of every  living thing on the planet which was not built by our gov, rather by Rockefeller and his bast*rd offspring, Gates.  That tells you who is doing all this.  THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS. Its is so far past time to bring them down and stop all this insanity.

What is one possible way to war game in the Samoan Islands?  Identify those supporting the US and get them off the islands.   Also notice in this article below, the heavy use of DIVIDE AND CONQUOR being set up, just like they do here. Who knows, but we do know we are the designated losers as will be everyone associated or those that get in the way of the war.   

When you read about Clintons trips to these islands, you will be disgusted at the level of deception being used to manipulate these poor innocent unsophisticated people.  They will be decimated in any such war. And the Zionists want us to believe they care about Global Warming, with the destruction they plan on doing in the pacific theatre??? Yeah, right!

This is no conflict between people, rather a collaboration between leaders, just like WW I and WW II. Its treason on both sides with the intent to kill their own people and destroy their nations assets.  Now how insane is that?  A global governance guarantees perpetual war for any number of reasons and that is why the entire globe has to fight against such global governance, at least by these psychopathic insane people.  

I like the Chinese people and they, as a people, have done nothing to us.  Its the international bankers and they must be devolved into the component toxic parts that they are. I was so mad when I read this, as I am sure you can tell... and it brought it home to me even more, just how important it is to rid the planet of these people. 

Jail is where they belong for a very very long time.  We can start by arresting Rockefeller, JD, and Jay Rockefeller, and then Henry Kissinger, and finally Rothschild in London, and the rest of the Rothschilds, if they do not give up everything to repay the planet for their pillaging and ravaging of it in the name of  profits and then retire somewhere that makes it impossible for them to get back into any society.

The Pacific Islands are Pentagons next War Games for WW III with China!
By Wayne Madsen,  Strategic Culture News

The Pentagon planners and their paid anthropologist shills are gearing up for the Pentagon’s next battle: the one for the Pacific that will ensure that the island nations that dot the vast maritime expanse will remain a part of the Anglo-American sphere of influence and not become part of a «Chinese lake».

The Pacific Ocean has been a favorite stomping ground for U.S. government-financed anthropologists ever since Margaret Mead ‘s 1928 treatise on the Samoan people, Coming of Age in Samoa, laid the groundwork for the intelligence-related anthropological study of the peoples of the Pacific Ocean by the U.S. military and intelligence services. 

Mead later became a researcher for the CIA-connected RAND Corporation and became a supporter of CIA funding of anthropologic surveys and studies via laundered academic research grants from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

USAID / CIA/Special Operations projects with names like Phoenix, Prosyms, Sympatico, and Camelot used anthropologists and social scientists to reconnoiter targeted tribal areas in South Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Colombia, and Chile to determine how U.S. Special Forces and intelligence agents could use indigenous peoples to further American military goals. The operations in the cases of Phoenix in South Vietnam and Prosyms in Indonesia resulted in genocide on a massive scale…

Today, the military’s tribal and native peoples targeting programs fall under the nomenclature of «human terrain systems» or HTS. Brought back to life in Afghanistan and Iraq, these genocidal programs now have their eyes on the Pacific in order to gear up for what the Pentagon and Langley planners believe is an inevitable war with China.  (VN: The international bankers and CEO's "planned" with China war, just like WW II, with all leaders in on it to make money and profits from the blood of our children and our wealth that we work so hard for. These innocent pacific Island peoples will be the next depopulation victims of this insanity.  TIME TO QUIT PAYING TAXES, do not cooperate in any World War, instead conduct guerrilla war against the bankers, their properties, like their homes assets, etc,   same with corporate boards of directors and the corporations themselves.  They want a World war, and destruction and depopulation, well, then give it to them, war against "them" and no one else. etc.  That is the only war anyone on this planet should be fighting.)

                                                              It is fitting, therefore, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are now looking for up to 15,000 acres of land to lease on American Samoa. The U.S. military wants to establish a major training base on American Samoa for at least five years and probably longer. 

The base is to provide 24-hour road access that will permit 60 full days of training per year. The Army also wants the base to permit the use of pyrotechnic and blank ammunition during daytime and nighttime training. It is certain that the U.S. is looking at building a simulated rural and village tropical environment for the use of U.S. and future «coalition of the willing» armies to practice battling an enemy in the Pacific region. That «enemy» is China.  (VN:  Hear that CHINESE PEOPLE.... your country's leaders are collaborating with the Zionist bankers to conduct war for profit.  WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY AND YOU ARE NOT OURS EITHER.  We have a joint enemy and should join together to fight them. If sent here to fight us,  we can both sit and talk and turn on our leaders and take control of our nations.  Its time. Same message to the PACIFIC ISLAND PEOPLE.  DO NOT COOPERATE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITH THESE TOTALLY INSANE PEOPLE)

The United States obviously foresees the Pacific as a future battleground between American and its allied forces and China for control of the important trade routes that crisscross the vast maritime region. Not since the U.S. military campaign against Japan during World War II has the Pacific seen such an American military projection of power.  (VN: Remember people, we are the designated losers of this war coming up and these efforts are to see how to best undermine our sons and daughters in the battle field. You know, the very "FODDER THAT IS DISPENSIBLE ACCORDING TO KISSINGER" I now  understand why they sent our daughters to be on the front lines, Its part of the depopulation agenda.  If you join the military, its a death sentence, just ask those who are dead which now exceeds those killed in Viet Nam, either through war or suicide. DO NOT JOIN, IF DRAFTED DO NOT GO, REFUSE, HIDE, ETC.)
The decision by the Obama administration (VN: Khazar dual Israeli citizen handlers (neocons and neolibs) to «pivot» its military forces into Asia and the Pacific has brought about a strong response from China, which sees itself as the ultimate target for the increased U.S. military presence. China’s ambassador to Australia Chen Yuming called the stationing of 2500 U.S. Marines in Darwin an «affront» and a Cold War containment policy toward China.  (VN: This is how you know its all bogus.  Goldman Sachs is China's exclusive international brokerage house,  the leaders of China were educated at Oxford, weapons parts for US weapons made in China, do not work or have the wrong parts in them, and our military said nothing about it,  THAT IS TREASON PAR EXCELLENCE, etc. China, listen up: today its us but tomorrow they will betray you in a heart beat, heck they even betray their own people.)

The establishment of a U.S. military training base on American Samoa follows Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s first ever attendance by a U.S. Secretary of State of a Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) summit in Rarotonga, Cook Islands on August 31, 2012. It was the first such visit to the Cook Islands and underscored America’s decision to maintain its stranglehold over the small Pacific island nations while at the same time beefing up its military forces in the region.

The United States and its two Pacific overseers – Australia and New Zealand –- are attempting to cement their neo-colonialist hegemony over the Pacific states, which are independent in name only. Enter the Human Terrain practitioners from the Pentagon and CIA to keep the Pacific islanders divided. 

Clinton’s participation in the PIF summit is aimed at not only maintaining the status quo but in promoting the rivalries between Polynesians, Micronesians, and Melanesians among the island states. The United States, having virtual ownership of the quasi-independent Micronesian nations of Micronesia, Palau, and the Marshall Islands, as well as total control over the U.S. territories of Guam and the Northern Marianas, can use its influence over Micronesians to play them off against the other two major ethnic groups,. (VN: Have you seen these places?  The destruction cannot be replaced or fixed, and that is a true crime against the planet and these people)

They are the Melanesian Spearhead Group of Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and the New Caledonia (Kanaky) liberation front and the Polynesian Leaders Group of Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, French Polynesia, as well as the intelligence eyes and ears of Washington, American Samoa. The United States, Australia, and New Zealand can use their Human terrain System knowledge of ethnic rivalries in the Pacific to ensure that China is kept out of the area. (VN: its what they do here to us, right vs left,  Christian vs Muslim, Race baiting, etc.)
Part of the strategy relies on Taiwan’s «checkbook» diplomacy to maintain Taiwanese rather than Chinese embassies and aid missions in the small island states. There are currently Taiwanese embassies in Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Palau, Nauru, and Kiribati. Among these, Nauru, Solomon Islands, and Kiribati switched their recognition back to Taiwan after opening up diplomatic relations with China.

Kiribati came under pressure after it decided to allow China to build a missile tracking station on south Tarawa. The U.S. believed the China Space Telemetry Tracking Station was going to spy on the «Star Wars II» activity at the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site in the Kwajalein Atoll of the Marshall Islands. The Marshallese on the atoll are under constant surveillance by well-armed U.S. security personnel.

 In 2004, Vanuatu switched its recognition back to China from Taiwan after Prime Minister Serge Vohor paid a secret visit to Taiwan and was ejected from office in a vote of no confidence. Vohor actually punched the Chinese ambassador after Vohor returned from Taiwan. Such incidents in the Pacific Islands have been known to set off riots between opposing political parties and ethnic groups. The Pentagon will use such politico-ethnic tinderboxes as a secret weapon against China.
The CIA, Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), and New Zealand Secret Intelligence Service (NZSIS) have programs to undermine South Pacific governments that establish close relations with Beijing. However, the Human Terrain operatives have gone further. Aware of the animosity that poor Pacific Islanders have toward local successful Chinese businessmen, the bought—and-paid for anthropologists have stirred up riots, especially in Solomon Islands and Tonga, to marginalize China’s influence in the region.

There are contingency plans to foment riots against ethnic Chinese in Fiji, Vanuatu, and Papua New Guinea. The CIA’s Operation Prosyms in Indonesia relied on longstanding animosity between Muslim Indonesians and ethnic Chinese to stoke riots against the Chinese in the aftermath of the 1965 CIA coup against President Sukarno.

The mayhem resulted in the deaths of over 100,000 ethnic Chinese and a severance of relations between the CIA-installed Suharto government and China. President Obama’s anthropologist mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, played a crucial role in Prosyms. Mrs. Dunham’s son appears prepared to reenact anti-Chinese pogroms in the islands of the Pacific. (VN: The family of obama are long time employees of the CIA through the ford foundation and banking in the region (Hawaiian Islands) as was Obama, who has not proved he quit working for them.)
It is clear that the U.S. military training in American Samoa will be used to train Pacific Islander mercenaries, many of whom, such as Marshall Islanders, American Samoans, and Guamanians already serve in the U.S. military, to train young men from impoverished Kiribati, Micronesia, Samoa, and Fiji. Fijian and Tongan mercenaries, battle-hardened from Western campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other regions, are also available to supplement the U.S. Pacific Command’s training complex on American Samoa.

If Fiji’s military-led government , which has been the subject of diplomatic sanctions by Australia and New Zealand, continues to get close to China and North Korea, these Fijian mercenaries could see coup d’état duty on behalf of the CIA, ASIO, and NZSIS in their homeland of Fiji. And the diplomats of the small Chinese embassy in Nuku’alofa, Tonga have witnessed how fast the fury of local Tongans can be turned on the Chinese business community. These blood-soaked scenarios all figure heavily into Pentagon HTS plans for the Pacific.
The United States will continue to keep the Pacific Islands within its vast gulag to prevent the extension of Chinese influence. Today, Pacific Islanders are faced with a virtual «Berlin Wall» that keeps Pacific Islanders confined to their own islands while outsiders, like Chinese and Russians, are kept out. The method by which Washington, Canberra, and Wellington have created airline and sea transit monopolies and transit visa requirements means that Samoans from the Independent State of Samoa cannot visit nearby American Samoa without a special permit.

 And the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (VN: The Zionist controlled STorm Troopers under gestapo tactics) decides who will receive special permits and transit visas, including for those traveling on diplomatic passports. Any scheduled airline that connects any of the islands via American Samoa, Guam, or Hawaii requires a U.S. transit visa and that entails invasive interviews by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel.
There is a reason why so many negotiations and agreement to establish the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership have been secret. As the title indicates, the TPP, as it is known, is a «strategic» trade bloc, which means it also has a military dimension. In essence, it is no different than the Greater East-Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere established by Imperial Japan during World War II.

The United States, not wanting to be viewed as starting the bloc but wanting it to be a replacement for the Cold War military alliance, the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), sat in the background while New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, and Chile signed up as charter members in 2005. As more nations joined, the TTP’s military profile became clearer. The countries that signed up to the TPP were all being groomed for the anti-China military bloc for the Pacific: Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Vietnam, Peru, and the United States signed on.

Japan, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines, Colombia, Costa Rica, Laos, and Taiwan later expressed an interest in joining the TPP. The eastward blockade of China became clear. The United States already had existing military alliances with six of the other ten TPP member nations. From Darwin, Australia and Subic Bay, Philippines to Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam and the U.S. built Mataveri Airport on Easter Island (Rapa Nui), the U.S. was delineating the borders of its own Asia-Pacific Sphere and a line over which China would be warned not to cross.
(VN: Aaah, setting up the trigger for WW III.  How transparent) 
Mrs. Clinton may have arrived in Rarotonga last year amid waves and smiles but her sinister plans for the Pacific region have more to do with using the Pacific Islanders for cannon fodder in what Washington expects to be a coming regional war with China.

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