Creating a Monster: Will Bird Flu Research Result in a Deadly Pandemic? So Why Are They Doing It?

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Vatic Note:  The first question I have is why did they create this flu that is a killer flu in the first place?  It does not make any sense to me.  Most of the comments I have are associated with this reporting so I will include them below.  My last one for up here is a reminder of the Baxter Fiasco.  The results of that error, had it not been caught, was going to be 30 million Europeans dead. Worse, the gov has requested this info be censored. Check this out and see what I mean.

Now, that matched a scenario developed by the Pentagon back in 1996 that showed in 2009 there would be a flu pandemic that would kill "30 Million".... and I was amazed at the accuracy of the prediction which meant the Pentagon either had a time machine and could see into the future or they were planning on actually doing the bioweapon to depopulate. 

If you remember, Baxter sent vaccines against birdflu that were supposedly "accidentally" tainted with the real mcCoy, and they got caught in the Chek republic by some diligent health workers, thank goodness, otherwise they predicted it would have killed 30 million europeans.  And that was in 2009.  Like I said, either those in the pentagon are psychic or they planned it that way. Gee, I wonder which one it is?  lol  (Maybe that is where the 2.3 trillion missing  pentagon funds went...  or to Israel)

They also predicted in 2010 there would be violent chaos at the border due to armed drug cartels coming into America and killing people... Gee does "Fast and Furious" sound familiar?   Then they were going to call on their "security partnership" which is the precursor to the North American Union, which is the precursor to the Global New World Order, and have Mexican and Canadian troops to join US troops to clean up that border area.&nbsp Too bad ATF and Holden got caught.  It ruined plans in the works for years.  So this below tells me that the DEATH PANDEMIC IS ON THE DRAWING BOARD AGAIN.   I guess the aliens won't let them use the nukes.  lol

Freeze Lifted on Bird Flu Virus Research
by the intelhub

January 25, 2012

Scientists who created a mutant bird flu virus will resume the controversial research after taking a year-long break amid fears the bug would escape the lab or fall into terrorist hands.

Citing a public health responsibility to continue the work, the teams said research will resume in countries whose governments had given the go-ahead, except in the United States and at US-sponsored research projects in other countries.

“We declare an end to the voluntary moratorium on avian-flu transmission studies,” US-based journal Science and its British counterpart Nature said in an announcement.

Teams in the US and the Netherlands announced last month that they had engineered a hybrid of the H5N1 bird flu virus that was transmissible by air among mammals, in this case ferrets, which are considered a good research model for humans.

Publication of the results was delayed and work was halted for a year amid concerns terrorists may lay their hands on the data.  (VN: Aaah another false flag in the making.  Just another example of how they tell us what they intend to do before they do it.  It makes sense,  they can't get our guns the regular way, so now we have a health medical emergency with a pandemic and voila.....guns are gone.  Soft kill to get the guns for the "hard kill".  I said it before,  these people are totally and irrevocably insane!!! )

“We fully acknowledge that this research, as with any work on infectious agents, is not without risks,” the scientists said, following extensive consultation with intelligence, health and security agencies.

"However, because the risk exists in nature that an H5N1 virus capable of transmission in mammals may emerge, the benefits of this work outweigh the risks."  (VN: thats true if your intent is to cause such a risk.  After millions of years on the planet,  no such virus existed until they created it.  Gee, what a surprise.  What they are doing is creating the antidote for themselves so they don't get it, while they do everyone else.  After Connecticut, I put nothing past them.  They are insane enough to do this.)

In its current form, the virus spreads easily among poultry and wild birds but is hard to transmit to humans. It is even harder to pass on from human to human, which has only happened in isolated cases.

The virus is deadly in humans, killing 360 out of 610 people infected from 2003 to date, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Humans mainly contract the virus by handling live or dead infected birds, although there is no evidence of contamination from eating properly cooked poultry.

The scientists' work highlighted the risk of the virus evolving naturally to cause a pandemic in which it can be spread easily from human to human.

The research, the findings of which were published by Nature and Science in May and June last year, seeks to create models to enable us to deal with a potential human outbreak.

'Minimising risk'

In January a year ago the scientists announced a voluntary, 60-day research pause, which was later extended.

They said they would use the time to explain the public health benefits of their work and put in place additional measures to minimise risk while governments review policies on bio security and oversight.

"All the conditions for which the moratorium was initially installed have been met," study leader Ron Fouchier said.

Mr Fouchier's college, Hoshi hiro Kawaoka from the University of Tokyo, warned that while the virus continues to mutate in nature but that experiments could be conducted safely.

"The greater risk is not doing research that could help us be better equipped to deal with a pandemic."

But the teams said research should not restart in countries where no decision had been taken on the conditions for H5N1 research.

This included the US, which is in the process of drawing up guidelines, and US-funded work in other countries.

The scientists could not specify which other countries were hosting related H5N1 research.

In an editorial comment, Nature said the debate had exposed gaps in the rules for so-called dual-use research, which holds public benefits but also a risk of abuse.

"The lifting of the moratorium by researchers must not be seen as closure of the debate," the journal wrote.

"The potential risks of the work demand exceptional precautions in any future research." (VN: they always tell us what they intend to do to us. This is just another example)

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