UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!!! Perfect for What is Happening Now!

Vatic Note:  You all know how I feel about music when it comes to how we feel and what we can do about anything.  Well, the powers that be must feel the same way since they have either murdered or silenced most musicians that were good at speaking truth to power through their music.  Also, they took control of the music industry for that reason as  well.

Play this everytime you want to blame the other party for what is going on.  Remember, grassroots are Americans and we are just like each other with respect to freedom and a "real" future for  ourselves and our families.  If your parties talking heads start trying to divide us, then reject them outright, since they obviously work for the foreign occupiers of our country.

This is a very good site that I found over at Northern Truthseeker and this was a ditty she had up today and I knew right away her head was on straight.  As you know on this blog I keep harping on staying united and not dividing since on this issue we are together.

We also know that every single major catastrophe was created by that foreign occupied shadow government we have here, and that was to create fear, which has long gone by now and replaced with "righteous anger" at the level of treason that has occurred in this nation over the past 10 years beginning with 9-11. 

Finally, we also know that "grassroots" is much different than "talking heads" in both parties who are owned and serve the foreign occupied shadow gov.   Grassroots in both parties are Americans first and party second.  On this issue we are united. 

United We Stand, Divided We Fall Song... Perfect for What is happening now.
by Sherri, Sherrie Questioning All

 This song says it:  "Our backs against the Wall.... United We Stand, Divided We Fall."  The government is counting on our division.


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