Is this "Deceased" Emilie Parker With Obama?

***- They are fully messing with these photos and these are very very important to grasp just how perverse this entire episode has been, so if they are missing then go directly to the link below and see them there.  How did we ever allow such evil and filth to infiltrate our government and bring their perversions over here,  we have a lot of work to do to clean it all up again.  UPDATE: Now they messed with the schedule for putting them up so they would all come up together, now you know why I get up at 1 am to check on them.  Something to this one..... The other two were placed around this one so you would not see it first. 

Vatic Note: Great find, Henry Makow.  Amazing. First I want to show you this Emilie Parker child who was supposedly killed in the massacre at sandy Hook and whose grieving father was laughing at a press interview, and then quicky sobered up to show a greiving father, yeah right!  HERE SHE IS GIVING US THE BAPHOMET HAND SIGN, so  how did she know about that? Who taught her that?  In fact, I think I will put that photo in the vatic note instead.


Then you will see her again in a satanic red dress, and guess who she is pictured with, alive and well?   Thats right, President Obama.  So he knew her before???  Or is it she is still alive after the massacre?  ARE YOU GETTING  IT YET, JUST HOW DANGEROUS THESE SATANISTS ARE? 

By Henry Makow
December 21, 2012

 VN:  Notice all THREE GIRLS BELOW ARE WEARING THE RED, BLACK AND SILVER, the colors of Satan.   Its a family photo so if these are their real parents, which I doubt, then they are satanists and have done the horrible deed of inculcating their children into the religion.  What a crime that is to do to innocent and spiritually pure children.  Its a violation of the role of parents in the protection of their children who are unable to protect themselves.  Spiritual abuse is more deadly than any other abuse on the planet.  

This girl is wearing the same outfit Emilie wore in a family picture seen at the very start of this video.

Here it is. Note also the little girl is wearing red, black and silver, the colors of satanism.


Illuminati hiding in plain sight? Is this the same girl wearing the same dress? Or is it her sister (between parents) already wearing the dress of the deceased? 
Obama and the children seem pretty cheerful 
considering Emilie was supposedly brutally murdered days before.

VN:  this reminds me of Jon Bennet Ramsey and her coy way about her at such an early age, her eyes look older than her  years.... this below is indicative of the possibility this child has already been raped and destroyed by these satanists. Like I said, she reminds me of Jon Bennet Ramsey. 



Grieving father Robbie Parker

Maybe the reason he was laughing on the video moments before this image was taken is because his daughter did not die. (VN:  Or, as we showed on one of our updates to this, he is not robby parker, rather his last name is "Hawk", and this above is not his daughter.  I still think these kids were kidnapped and are in a international sex slave trade.  If so, this crime is worse than any other they have done since they murdered the spirit of these children and not just the body).

Bottom line- This was either government psy op like 9-11 or a staged hoax but there are too many loose ends to believe the official story. 

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