NASA Caught Faking Mars Photos

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Vatic Note:  So what is this "really" all about??  Why in the world would NASA do this stupid thing and do it so very poorly?  What is it they want from us.  Remember, they also faked the moon situation using Stanley Kubich as we showed on a blog we put up a while back.   More fake stuff?  There have been articles suggesting the elite are planning on relocating to Mars.  Well, maybe, maybe not.   Everyone keeps forgetting about the Van Allen Belt and they are still not talking about that at all.  So "Why" this farce?

Is this just another distraction, or is there a purpose to their lying to us about this, that has to do with Mars itself and not their agenda?  I honestly do not have an answer but a well thought out speculation would be welcome if anyone has one for us to ponder. 

This uploader has also included a slew of links with even more evidence, so watch and enjoy.  Its a heck of a journey.  Where is all that money if these trips are not taken?  Is this just another scam to steal money to be used in some other black ops they have planned?   Anyone have any ideas, please share.  I would love to discuss it, since I can't even speculate at this point.  

NASA Caught Faking Mars Photos
Published by Zen Gardner,  Before It's News
source on Sep 19, 2012 by , 

I have come across obvious image manipulation for the image composite of Gale crater. I am disappointed!


Please take a look at the great work by fellow YouTubers with like minded pursuits revealing even more copy and paste manipulation from the NASA image in response to my video. Thank You!

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