Canada in breach of Convention against Torture by failing to prosecute Bush


By: Lawyers against the War
Date: 2012-05-16

Canada in breach of Convention against Torture by failing to prosecute George W. Bush for torture
Lawyers against the War (LAW) filed a report with the United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT) alleging that Canada repeatedly violated the Convention against Torture by allowing George W. Bush to enter Canada and then failing to arrest and prosecution him for torture. LAW states that Canada has also violated Convention obligations by failing to educate those in charge of law enforcement including police, civil servants and elected officials, about Canada's duty to prosecute torture suspects—wherever and against whomever the torture occurred—when either the victim is a citizen or the suspect is in Canada. 

On May 21-22, CAT will review Canada ’s compliance with Convention obligations to prevent and punish torture, for the first time since 2005.  During the review which takes place in Geneva during CAT’s 48th session, CAT will consider reports from LAW and other groups.  The Center for Constitutional Rights and the Canadian Centre for International Justice in a joint report to CAT say that by failing to arrest, investigate and prosecute Bush for torture once he entered the country, Canada violated Convention obligations, undermined the efficacy of the Convention and denied remedies to victims of torture authorized by the Bush administration. 

LAW recommends:
1.   Amendments to the Criminal Code to restrict the power of the Attorney General of Canada to prevent prosecutions of Bush and other foreign nationals for torture;
2.    Education and training for law enforcement authorities about legal obligations under the Convention and Canadian law;
3.    Investigations to determine how and by whom decisions were made to allow George W. Bush to enter Canada and then to thwart his prosecution for torture. 

View Online:
The CAT review will be live online at http://www.treatybodywebcast.org/ 

All reports can be accessed at http://www2.ohchr.org/english/bodies/cat/sessions.htm (à48th sessionà Canada)
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