On May 10th Obama Signed Another Executive Order

Vatic Note:  Does anyone else get the feeling there is definitely a world war about to happen???  I don't believe it will be as they planned, rather it will be against them that are pigs at the trough.  Europe is ready to violently revolt and last time france did that, the guillotines came out and a few self important "let them eat cake" types, lost their heads, literally as well as figuratively.   It seems like that might just happen again.  We will see what Europe does.

European leaders, owned by the Khazars and Britain,  are blaming the victims, Greece, for the felony scam done by Goldman Sachs and their minions whom GS put into office there, and now they are blaming the people.  Well, too bad.  So sad.  Time to pay the piper, Goldman Sachs and others.  Indeed, its actually long overdue.  Iceland did it early.  We are late comers to the game.   Funny how we are the last to know when those EO's get signed, isn't it?   Totally illegal as all  get out.  It clearly states in the Constitution that NO TREATY IS LEGAL THAT IS IN VIOLATION OF THAT GOVERNING DOCUMENT. That is our legal out.

On May 10th Obama Signed Another Executive Order
Posted on  by Henry Shivley

Premier Obama has signed yet another executive order, this one is Identifying and Reducing Regulatory Burdens, that when coupled with his Executive Order Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation and Executive Order Establishing a White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities, opens a direct path to bring United Nations regulations to the grass roots of our body politic.

This latest executive order will allow the soviet socialists in our local communities through their committees to adopt and enact United Nations regulations designed to establish absolute United Nations’ control over our every resource.

The laws of the United States, individual states, counties, cities, and local municipalities, under our Constitution must be legislated. These executive orders bypass the legislative process and essentially nullify our representative form of government under the guise of allowing us to voice our opinion in reference to new regulation rather than enforce our will through elected representation.

 The international soviet socialists have been failing to enact international regulatory policies like the Kyoto Protocol through the legislative process because the legislators know that if they enact any more laws to further cripple our economy they will be ousted and replaced at the next election.

Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat is an international socialist and that is where his priorities lie. Obama, in violation of our Constitution, became the first sitting President of the United States to Chair the UN Security Council. He has been given an assignment by the United Nation’s Politburo and that assignment is to bring the United States into the one world socialist order, using every means at his disposal.  (VN:  He works for Britain and Israel, as does our CIA and mossad and those are the two countries that gave him his orders,  how do you think he got elected out of nowhere with a bogus birth certificate?  The soviet pulitboro, NOT THE PEOPLE,  consists of minions for Britain and Israel... Remember it was the khazars who funded, organized and provided the leaders for the Russian Revolution and retained control over that nation since the revolution, killed 63 million Christians and who began the land confiscation that is part of the agenda 21 of the UN.  That is what all this is about in the ME.... also notice, our foreclosed properties and not selling due to lack of credit that the bankers control, so the khazar bankers are hanging onto them and in the protocols they clearly state, land and gold are what is valuable.  I am tired of them getting away with finger pointing at the pols who have either been blackmailed, bribed or worse, threatened.   If they don't go along they get murdered, like Wellstone and JFK, and JFK Jr., so you are damn right,  he will do as he is told.  I can't believe there is still someone out there that believes Obama has a say in anything, LOL )

If one examines these three executive orders closely, Obama’s (Rothschild bankers) agenda becomes clear. The international socialists, known as the United Nations, are worming their way into our political system at every level. Through the local socialist committees that will be assembled, local commissars will be elected.  (VN:  You will slave for the masters when the time comes or you won't eat because they are attacking and destroying all American family farms.  The agrifarms will be in South America where they can pollute to their hearts content. And feed us toxic meat with dirt and dried blood from unclean facilities included in the package.)

These commissars, working in coalition with state and local agencies and sovereign nations/Indian Tribes, will attempt to initiate UN dictatorship over our lands, both private and public. And through regulation of the land, they will attempt to establish dictatorial control over the actions of we the people.  (VN:  They have also done up models of the "sustainable living housing" they have planned for us that contain smart meters and other surveillance camera in your bedroom so they can save money on porno movies.  These units are like stacked, urban, ant colonies.... you work, you come home, sleep, go back to work and no life.... all your income will be taken in taxes, fees, healthcare, carbon tax, etc and fed to the useless feeder elite & Khazar class of fascists meeting with the Bilderbergs at the end of this month) 

This is a sneak attack and it will not be publicized in the mainstream media. You will know these words are true when you see the soviet socialists in your area seizing control over your public and private lands using regulatory powers derived directly from the United Nations Agenda 21.
God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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