Revisiting the People to People Initiative

Vatic  Note:  It is time to reintroduce this "People-To-People" Initiative to the peoples of the globe in every country on ever continent, no matter what your government, culture, religion, or language..... we are all under attack by ancient and global secret societies who have worked for thousands of years to gain control over this planet.  They wish to make us into another slave labor country like Communist China, which has now converted into a full fascist country. Today is the day we work now to resist such efforts on their behalf and we do so within our own countries on a unified basis with all peoples around the globe.  NO WORLD WAR, EXCEPT THAT AGAINST THE INTERNATIONAL FASCISTS ATTEMPTING TO COMPLETE THE JOB THEY STARTED IN WW II as international bankers, corporate executives, and illuminati families, and all their associated organizations and groups, and were unable to complete.  Please read this and watch this video that clearly outlines in straight and direct language what the issues are.  This is no fairy tale we are up against.  This is the real mccoy and we only get one chance at this, so lets do it right.  Please read this, the mission statement and strategies.   Contribute by email or commentary any other strategy and tactics you may wish us to consider and publish.  Thank you for joining us in this effort.


The "People-To-People" initiative moves the world's citizens out from under the control of the few to coordinate with the many, nation to nation, to spread the word to all our people everywhere that we are here to stop "cooperating" with the international bankers, corrupted elected or appointed governments, and depopulation/Eugenics proponents in the destruction and demise of our countries, cultures and people.

Our mission is:
  • to be a clarion call for all in this massive and critical endeavor
  • to bring our 6.5 billion people into POWER 
  • to take back control of our lives
  • to stop the attempted "GENOCIDE" of our people
  • to stop the extraction of wealth and resources of our countries
  • to stop the attempted destruction of our cultures
All of the above is coming from the sick and perverted international elite who wish to make us disappear off the face of the planet.
If you are interested in signing up for the people-to-people initiative or if you'd like to be added to a email distribution list, contact vatic2011@gmail.com. This initiative will bring the helpless together and create the "powerful". Join us now.

Please try again if you haven't received a response. The time is right for this work.

This is part of the motivation for this initiative.  Please watch this Iraqi Vet pour out his heart on what we are doing over there and how he feels about it, add that to what is going here at the same time, and its time we , the people, take responsibility and lead the fight agaisnt these global carnivores of third world countries, the Rothschilds and bring our troops home, secure our nukes and kick them all out of this nation.

Adam Kokesh speech



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