EU Parliament: Bilderberg. The sh*t is hitting the fan!

Posted in Politics by earthlinggb on December 13, 2011

Vatic Note:  They gutted this on me last night when I tried to put it up and I am telling you because I promised these traitors I would do that every time they do it.   That way you are as informed as to their tactics and censorship attempts as I am.   Because this was filmed in Europe there are irritating subtitles translating what is being said.  Be patient, the key speaker is english and its absolutely revealing what he has to say.  Its worth the patience to get to the good stuff. 

Boy the title on this "appears" to be appropriate.  I say "appears" because we are unsure how the Europeans will take this information that has reached mainstream press in Europe.  Could the recent resignations of bankers be connected to this?  The question then becomes will the MSM of Europe show this electronically on the News and in print?  That will be the big question.  I would like to believe that the SIHTF, as I am sure you would like to believe.  This is explosive and all the videos are good, but if you have to skip any, I would say the most explosive was the disclosure on "DEPOPULATION" and "WHY" they want to depopulate which somewhat surprised me.  I must say Estulin does an excellent job of analysis on the European situation and does so like no other I have read and yet, it has the substance of truth to it.  In my background, I have knowledge of macroeconomics which allows me to assess the validity of the arguments he mades.  They are not only valid, but surprisingly accurate. 

The elite never do anything for just one reason,  its usually multiple reasons and one of the depopulation goals was to lower the risk of resistance once they take complete control, but the other was new to me and a total surprise.  Further, it makes perfect sense.   Again, as I warn all the time, read, listen, but keep a cautious mind on it all.   These elite are masters of deception and disinfo and provocateuring.   However, remember, they always tell truth with the deception, so that is what one must  look for in the end. How will the European people handle this situation emerging for their future and how will the elite respond?   Will this be another Athens, Tennessee, 1945?   Enjoy the videos.  I did.  



Or, if you prefer, here’s another way of putting it:  (WARNING:  Foul language used) 
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