Our Future? Over 20 million kindergarten-age children living without their parents in China

Vatic Note:  I have a friend who has fallen in love with a Chinese woman in Fascist China.  He went to visit her in China and what he reported back was a real eye opening experience.  Remember we posted a whistleblower report on the Khazars plans for us here in the western world, and I am telling you this is exactly what they are doing in China with their Oxford educated leaders, and what they plan for the western world when they finish taking it over. Once done, the zionist controlled Britain will be once again the global empire they lost centuries ago. 

The key is to remove the Children from the care and upbringing of their parents and if the state raises the children, the elite will be able to ensure they never rebel and are compliant in all things.  That is what has happened in China with their slave labor work force.   They are assets and cattle, herded and used and discarded when done with.  That is our future under these same fascists that run China.  Remember, all of this became evident when Kissinger obtained Goldman Sach's entrance into China as their exclusive brokerage/banking house.   Its been downhill from there.  Who can forget the Chinese peoples attempt to overthrow such repression at Teniman Square where they were hammered mercilously and now we are experiencing the exact same Storm Trooper treatment on our dissenters. 

Is that a coincidence?  I think not.  Its why history is so important.  It proves planning and execution and what works is continuing to be used.  Studying that is important to counter it.

Over 20 million kindergarten-age children living without their parents in China

One sad side effect of China's economic miracle: 23 million children under the age of five now live apart from both their parents, who have left home to find work in the country's cities, according to a newly released statistic.
Over 20 million kindergarten-age children living without their parents in China

A third of all kindergarten-age children in China have been left behind by both parents, often in the care of their grandparents Photo: EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS
In scenes reminiscent of wartime Britain, villages across China's countryside have emptied of all working-age adults, leaving only the elderly and young behind.

For three decades, Chinese workers have been migrating from the countryside to the cities in search of work. In the beginning, only the men left, their wives remaining to look after the family. But as the world demanded more and more Made-in-China goods, the women began to join them.

Now, a third of all kindergarten-age children in China have been left behind by both parents, often in the care of their grandparents or other relatives, according to Deng Li, an official at the All China Women's Federation, a government-run campaign group.

They see their mothers and fathers only once or twice a year, usually during national holidays. Their parents often work in a different province for several years, according to the AWCF.

It is the first time that China has released statistics broken down by age group, and the research raises questions about the social cost of China's rapid rise to wealth and about the problems being stored up for the future.

"The absence of their parents is a big problem for these young children. They do not get as much attention and care from their grandparents, some of whom might be quite old-fashioned, and might not have enough energy to run around after them," he said. "Also, some grandparents can be quite indulgent, and that is not necessarily what under-fives need." Chinese journalists in Hunan province found one small village called Shiping where 18 young children had been left behind by their working parents.

Wei Yankui, the mother of a four-year-old boy, told them that she was only able to see her son for two days over the October holidays. "I am so heartbroken when I have to leave, and I am concerned about his education. His grandparents are not really knowledgeable about how to teach him," she said.

Although each child in China is entitled to nine years of free schooling, the parents of migrant children are fined for enrolling their children in schools away from their home town. Many local governments also make it extremely difficult to complete the paperwork required to register a child in a new city.  (VN:  an accident?  Not on your life, its planned, discouraged.  After all these are cattle and only the ruling class will have easy access to education, not the plebs/cattle.  Read the protocols if you don't believe its planned)

Zhou Xiaozheng, a professor of sociology at Renmin University in Beijing said the policy of discriminating against migrant workers had created a "two-tier society".   (VN:  Sound familiar?  Are we not in the process of doing the same thing?  The "1%" and the "99%"?)

"It is segregation, not along ethnic lines, but along geographical lines," he said. "They say one city person is worth four rural people." "These parents have no option. They have to make money. More than half of the economy in rural areas comes from migrants working elsewhere.   (VN:  I would like to know why that is?  What happened to the farms?  What happened to the agriculture?  Why are they having to go into the cities to find work?  we are beginning the same process.  The latest was the Amish farm that was shut down and now where will those farm workers go for income?)

Without the money, their families would collapse. But for the kids there is little hope and their future is bleak. Of course they will grow up with defective personalities." Other researchers said there was no short-term solution to the problem. "Some provinces like Guangdong, Zhejing and Jiangsu have started investing in schools and kindergartens to encourage migrants to bring their children," said Liu Zhengqui at the Chinese Academy of Science.

"It is hard for both the children and the parents. Some children are even left behind twice. First, they are left at home until they become teenagers. Then they can join their parents in the city, but when they get old enough to study for the high-school exam they have to go home again because that is the regulation. They are fish out of water wherever they are."   (VN:  then the schools replace parents as important factors in their lives, and that, my friends in intentional, just think about our schools and the indoctrination our kids get there with respect to authority.   We now arrest 5 year olds in kindergarten for fighting, HUH?  Never heard of such a think until the Robber barons got control of our government and the khazars control of Homeland security)

WAKE UP!  before its too late for your children. 

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Anonymous said...

An interesting piece to the Chinese ways...
My husband had 2 coworkers that both left their jobs are now teaching English in China. Though neither coworker knew the other, (working at different locations) somehow they both learned of the job availability in China. Neither speak Chinese, that was not a prerequisite...

I just thought it odd he knew 2 persons that went, one male/female. Makes me wonder how many people from the USA are teaching English in China.
He got reports back from the gal - she thought it odd there are babies without diapers, moms held them out and away from themselves, allowing the child to void, no matter, street or bus, same diff. I would not have believed it had I read it, but this was his coworker...

Anyway, maybe these kids will be running companies in the USA some day...