Khazars, the men behind the curtain? An historical & Contemporary perspective for REAL!!!

*** I just put this up and they are messing with the videos already.  I will fix them but please, go to the link below if they mess with them again or put the title below into the google search and watch them that way.   Its not important "where" you watch them, its important that you watch them and the evil ones know it.  Especially this series and remember, this man died shortly after this was done.   Just like Bill Cooper and Phil Schneider..... hmmm.     So listen to him.  He is speaking truth to power courageously. 

Vatic Note:   This man died shortly after this series at a seminar that he gave.   When you listen to the last video and his last plea.... and the fact he had a big following on the radio,  you can understand why he had to die when he did.    He was very very brave.   He also knew and basically indirectly said so.  Oh, Wow, this is the very best and detailed and historically accurate presentation I have ever seen.  This man has done an incredible amount of research on the subject of "Who the men behind the curtain really are".  

He also presents it with putting it all together like we could not finish doing.  WE began, but he is finishing it for us.   Please, do ourselves a favor and watch every single video to get the truly big picture about the khazars.   Its "not accidental history".... its a "Conspiracy" and he makes that proof available and for how long.   Vatic Project has been saying since the beginning, that the real Jews had nothing to do with all of this,  and his presentation supports that with references allowing you to check it out yourselves. 

Can you imagine yourself for a moment, being Jewish in the world right now, with these satanist Zionists calling themselves Jews and doing the horrors they have done with pedophiling and murdering babies and children as blood sacrifice,  pedophiling and supplying children to donors of Universities,  sex slave trades internationally,  mind controlling the resultant damaged kids (like Obama probably was), and then not being able to defend yourself as a real Jewish person or your race or religion????  Instead you can only watch as the world  vilifies  you for what you had not done nor would ever do.   I can't imagine how painful that must be for those who are real Jews who only constitute about 10% of those who call  themselves Jews. 

In Israel, the real Jews live in ghettos and medical research there shows these people have had a 40% drop in healthy sperm count in just under 10 years.   If it continues at that pace, the real Jews will be genocided within another decade or possibly 15 years.  They are as much under attack as we are.   The immigrant settlements that you hear about all the time are those that come ONLY FROM RUSSIA AND RESETTLE IN ISRAEL.   They are the remaining Khazars left behind.  They are also brutal as we showed on videos of them beating up the peaceful protesting religious Jews, when trying to prevent the ravaging of their ancient sages graves to build new parking lots, for cryin out loud.   You have to be missing a soul to do that to anyone.   Many of the real Jews had to seek asylum in New York and London to keep from being killed.  Watch please, I swear, buried in there is the solution to our problem. 

Jack Otto Part 1
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on Nov 3, 2007

The last talk Jack gave befor he passed away.
Provided by Forbidden knowledge

Part I


Part II


Part III


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Part VI


Here are some very good comments that are relevant

"Their central tenets are as follows: 1. Lucifer is the god of freedom. Yahweh is the jailkeeper god. The enemy. 2. most people don't have human souls. Therefore they are fair game, "cattle". 3. As cattle they need to be kept low in numbers, but only after a breeding programme to create definite useful strains. 4. The Georgia Guidestones and the little speech at the end of the 1968 film Planet of the Apes (written by an Illuminoid) set out the agenda."

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