List of FEMA camps near you: Where are the arrested protestors? Near those camps!

Vatic Note:    Please excuse the spacing etc,  as you know they do this when they don't want the info out, and I have changed it and they have put it back, so just read this all without paying attention to the formatting.  Thanks!   Forgot to mention,  "now we know what they were really doing with those Muslims who did nothing wrong, they were experimenting on them with brainwashing and mind control to use on us and now we also know why they overturned the Article 125 in the UCMJ banning sodomy and beastialilty so they can use it on us, Legally, which they did illegally on Iraqi CHILDREN and made their parents watch.  Are you looking forward to that one??? Also, always read past the copy write phrase at the end.  They always cut what they don't want you to see and place it after that notice.  I can't always catch it.  So, just keep going until you come to the comments section.

Its time to understand the following: 

1.  Where are the protestors that were arrested in the various cities????  Now we know why Soros funded this massive movement.... to gather all those with courage who wished to resist through peaceful means and place them in the camps.   If anyone has an info on the whereabouts of those arrested at the OWS, please let us know if anyone has disappeared.

2.  You AND your children and grandchildren will take the killer/sterilizing  vaccine or you will go into a camp. 

3.  You will be RFID chipped or you WILL go into a camp and your children will go into the pedophile SATANTIC CPS pimping services to high up Satanic officials for their sexual satanic rituals on innocent children . 

4.  You will renounce your Christian faith or you will go into the camps or gas chambers.

5.  You will agree to work as slave labor and live in ant colonies designated for you or you will go into the camps

6.  You will agree to be reeducated to accept all of this or you will go to the gas chambers under the Denver airport (we posted photos of that on the site under "Anubis arrives at Denver airport" and check out the second video to see what they built down there and especially check out the flooring, ceiling and walls AND NOZZLES IN THE CEILING.  We told you these filthy pond scum have no creativity, this is exactly what they did in Nazi Germany and thus they are forced to rely on what has always worked, which is their weakness.  We have creativity and adaptability, and we need to use it extensively from our power center.

There is probably more, but this gives you an idea.   Its in the protocols , number 1, subsection 24 as follows:

  "  #24.  To rule and control,  the STATE must use absolute brutality to ensure "obedience" of the masses.  "The State.... has the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death, necessary to maintain the terror which tends to produce blind submission.  (VN:  Sound familiar?   That just recently happened with the threat of assassination of Americans without a trial.   I told you the protocols tells us who is doing all of this.)  "Therefore it is not so much by the means themselves as by the doctrine of severity that we shall triumph and bring all governments into subjection to our super-government. It is enough for them to know that we are too merciless for all disobedience to cease."

So, the question is,  do you want to die fighting or die on your knees or even experience what the latest bill passed by the senate authorizes be deleting the Article 125 of the UMJC....... sodomy and beastiality???? 

Well, now we have targets. Start checking it out. Its now or never folks. Talking is over.... action is now the order of the day. Underground please.... NO violent confrontations at this point and fade into the wood work, get off the net and get into community. Watch out for infiltrators. Small groups. Collect intel and pass it on to those you know only. NO ONE YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW WELL AND NO ONE WHO HAS A FAMILY THAT COULD BE USED TO CONTROL HIM OR HER. Do some research on leaderless resistance. There is plenty on the subject.

Notice these camps are located in the heart of gun ownership states and towns.... cities, etc. That is what will be the impetus for beginning this action. Remember how well Ron Pauls campaign was created from the ground up, grassroots, small groups locally, working to create that campaign??? We have a lot to learn since our background has always been one of belief and use of a system that has always worked, but now we are dealing with the satanic minions of the sicko's that want to run this planet when they have never created anything of value in their entire lives. How sick and bizarre is that?

FEMA Camps
Links to this info are listed at the end of this list
Latitude/Longitude coordinates posted due to request.

At http://www.apfn.org/apfn/camps.htm  a plethora of information can be seen as well as
the "REX 84 , "Operation Garden Plot" etc. Be sure to read the "authorization for these camps
back when "Tricky Dicky" (VN:  You mean Kissinger, don't you, Nixon was just a dupe, that is why they sold him out and destroyed his reputation, because, like Carter, when both of them caught on to the agenda and how they were both being used, they resisted and that is why they were brought down so hard?) gave the "nod" for them to be built as well as the executive orders that allow for the dictatorship of this country to come to fruition. apfn has more than one site to  research.

Federal Prisons, State prisons and County jails are all under FEMA authority. (VN:  Another globalizing in total violation of the Constitution, wonder what they are going to do about the sheriffs?) EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in
Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, (Vatic Note:  nice wording for Slave Labor and nice to illegally establish such through an EO, when in fact only congress can do that) to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens (VN:  really?  Does this mean illegal or real aliens?), to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.
Georgia FEMA Camps Verified.  (VN:  Heavy gun country)

1. Morgan Georgia. Located at the junction of Hwy 45 and Hwy 37 on the west side of town West of Calhoun St.
2. Camilla Georgia Located 5.6 miles S.E. of the intersection of E. Broad St (Moultrie Rd or Hwy 37) and Hwy 19. The camp is on the east side of Hwy 19. 32 miles south on Hwy 19 from Albany Georgia.
31.189492001347457 n
84.14411544799805 w
3. Abbeville Georgia Located 4 tenths mile south of down town on US 129 on the east side of the Hwy. Make a left on "Prison Road.

4. Oglethorpe Georgia Located 2.4 miles south west of down town where SR 49 and SR 26 converge.
5. Unadilla Georgia Located 1.91 miles NE of town on East Rail Road St.
6. Hawkinsville Georgia Located North east of Hawkinsville Take Hwy 129 east to Upper River Road Left turn on Upper river road. Go 2 miles north Camp is on the left hand side just before Cannon Rd. (Fire Rd 110) It's called "Wilcox".
7. McCrea Georgia Located North of town on Long Bridge rd. just before CR 92 on the left side of the road.
8. Lumpkin Ga. Located 2 miles SE of Lumpkin on south side of Holder Rd.
9. Almo Ga. Located west side of town at the junction of Towns ave. and Broad st.
West Virginia FEMA Camp Verified   (VN: Jay Rockefeller kingdom)
1. Mill Creek W. Va. Located on west side of US 250 or US 219 or SR 92 just north of "Old Brick Church Cemetery."
Wisconsin FEMA Camps  (VN: Rebellious workers, don't make good slaves)

1. On Elk Rd. 6.7 miles NW of Oxford. Listed under "Bureau of Prisons" which is a "privately owned" company.

Oregon FEMA Camp Locations  (VN:  OWS arrests in Oregon, where are the arrested being contained?)

1. Umatilla Oregon Located east of McNary golf course on "Beach Access Road North, referred to as "Two Rivers Correctional Institute.

2. Sheridan Oregon Located south of town on Ballston rd just below Salmon River Hwy or SR 18. East side of Ballston Rd.

Nevada FEMA Camps   (VN: That is where the 200 Sheriffs are meeting in January)

1. Lovelock Nevada Located N.E of town eastern side of US 80 Going north, Take exit 112 east on Coal Canyon Rd. Make the first right on Prison Road. It is called Lovelock Correctional Facility.

South Dakota FEMA Camps  (VN:  I can confirm one dissident is now missing, can't reach him either by email as his box is full or by phone) 

1. South by South West of Edgemont Go south on 471 hwy go right towards Igloo. The main huge camp is west of Igloo. Area is surrounded by RR tracks. Newer construction on south side of camp. Outside perimeter is Fenced. The whole area says "Go away". This camp is being renovated.

Interesting note. On the Delorme Street Atlas 2008, this area shows a square box outline. Under "Info" it says "Buffalo Gap National Grassland."

Texas FEMA Camps   (VN:  Yup, Rick Perry, "Build the SuperHwy" Perry, should have known)

1. Beaumont Texas Located 5.9 miles south of Beaumont on West Port Arthur Road from US 69/US 96/US278. Take a right on Knauth Rd. A total of four camps at this site.


Then at : (29.98831895584124n 94.05256032943726); and: (29.995102276866433n
94.04932022094727) and: (29.99473989198384n 94.03977692127228) there are a total of 6 in this area
2. Henderson Texas north of town at the junction of 571 hwy and FM 2276 (Old Kilgore hwy).

3. Bartlett Texas: Located west of town on the north side of Cr342 or Arnold Dr.

Louisiana FEMA Camps
1. Oakdale LA. Located north of town. Take US 165 north to East Whatley Road make a right(east). Go past N. 16th street about 850 yards. Two big camp complexes will be on your right side looking south.

Idaho FEMA Camps
1. Boise Located 9.5 miles south of Boise at the intersection of Pleasant Valley rd. and Kuna Mora Rd.

Montana FEMA Camp
1. Shelby MT. Located west of Shelby, south side of Heath rd west of US 15

Oklahoma FEMA Camps
1. El Reno 3.34 miles West of El Reno Ok on SR 66 on south side of SR 66

2. Cushing 3.75 miles South of Cushing at Kings HWY and EO 740 rd.

3. Holdenville West of town on Old US 270

California FEMA Camps
1. California City Located 7.42 miles east by east and a point north off of 20 Mule team Pkwy, Virginia Blvd. No guard towers just camera systems, double fence with razor wire and only one way in and one way out. CCA built FEMA camp , fully staffed.

2. Twenty nine Palms Marine Base Located on south side of base on Rainbow Canyon rd. Notice the camera security and the double fence extending towards the NW. 3 dark squared off areas with double fencing. One way in only. Most of this area is empty which indicates it is a "holding area".

3. Ft Irwin - This is still under investigation as it is inside of Ft. Irwin. It is a fenced area with buildings. Go North on Camp Irwin Rd. just passed the US Army Dept. buildings. Hang a Caddy corner left N by NW and go about 2 miles. Next to Ft Irwin is the China Lake US Naval Weapons Depot. Both are just NE of Edwards AFB. A Naval Armory in the middle of the desert is rather odd. Not yet "confirmed."

Virginia FEMA Chopper base
1. Located 12.92 miles N.E. of Charlottesville. Take US 20 or Stoney Point Rd to SR 640(Turkey Sag Rd) turn right, go to Peters Mt. Rd turn left and follow to the very end.

1. Located on Ft. AP military Reservation. >From Bowling Green go NE on US 301 . Look left where Peuman Rd and Perrin Rd. meet. Double Fences w/ razor wire. Camera mounted security One way in and out.

Kansas FEMA Camps
1. El Dorado Located east of El Dorado on US 54 (SE 10th street) 2 miles from downtown El Dorado – Federal prison converted into forced-labor camp, UNICOR industries

Colorado FEMA Camps   (VN:  Look me up when you get there and we will make their lives a living hell)

1. Canon City Located east of Mackenzie Ave. and Evans Rd in Canon City Co. Its called Freemont Correctional Facility

"Private correctional" There are four camps right in this area. One is on Centennial Rd another is just north of the main facility.

(38.44093436527363n 105.15804290771484w) (38.43608546640686n 105.15899777412415w)
(38.437690597241044n 105.15113353729248w) (38.422595915201335n 105.16207695007324w)
2. South west of Olney Springs Co. just off Hwy 96. Can't miss it.

3. Just east of Las Animas between f-15 and east 6th street.

4. Burlington, CO. east on US 70 or east on Rose Ave. Its called Kit Carson Correctional. Another "private" prison.

Utah FEMA Camps
1, Box Elder Co. West side of the Great Salt Lake (Clyman Bay). "Lakeside" Go south 11 miles on Lakeside drive into Hill Air Force Range. On the west side about 2 miles off the road is a FEMA Slave Labor Camp.

2. Tooele Utah. Go south of Tooele 17.34 miles on hwy 36. The camp sits on the east side of the road. The former camp was just west of Tooele just off of west Utah ave. The remains of that facility can be seen quite clearly.


Notice the large gas mains that run through this facility.
Former camp

New Mexico FEMA camps and Foreign Military Depots. These sites are inside White Sands Missile Base. (VN:  Good, we won't have far to go to do damage once we escape, lol) This is a Prisoner compound. Note the towers that surround the perimeter and the fencing. Also, the "moon shaped rd" adjacent to this compound has areas of interest also. This has been reported and verified as a prisoner camp. Note the guard towers on each corner and the ones in the middle. (looks like Auschwitz) "Arbiet Macht Frei"

Area of interest; Note the secured area with only 4 buildings inside the fenced area. Its a "one way in, one way out" compound. It has almost the same look as the Halliburton, CCA built, FEMA camps. Note the security cameras just on the outside perimeter

Here is another area with high security. Note the octagon shaped area just NW of this enclosure

This location is unconfirmed, but believed to be holding the Russian made Military hardware

1. Lima Ohio, North side of town. Between west Chapman rd and East Bluelick rd. East side has RR tracks. Located on east side of SR65 or N. West st.

40.774041868909734 n
84.09974098205566 w
1, Florence AZ. North of town oat the corner of SR79 and E Ranchview rd. A total of 5 seperate compounds.

2. Florence AZ East of town on Hawkview Rd. 6 major units Very large compounds

3. Florence AZ compounds at S Pinal Parkway and East Butte Ave

111.37314319609231w and the one just east at 33.02838887527714n
3. Eloy AZ East of Eloy airport Very large facility

4. East of the Az. St. Penn. is a double set of FEMA camps. located on the east side of SR 85

5. Same location of #4 but just south Looks like it is still under construction. No cars in the parking lot.

Kentucky FEMA Camps
1. McCreary KY Dan Boone National Forest

Illinois FEMA Camps
1. S. of Sheridan On S. Robinson st.

2. West of Dixon Springs 6 miles. On 146

3. Marion Just west of US 57 on Prison rd. south of Marion.

Indiana FEMA camps
1. Grissom AFB Located at the South end of the base.

2. Terre Haute Go south of town on HWY 63 to W. Bureau Dr. This is called a Fed Prison. Note the enclosed area on the south side. Thats a FEMA facility.

Alabama FEMA Camps
1. Taladega South west side of town on E Renfroe rd and HWY 275 They are calling this a Federal "Satellite" prison. IE FEMA camp.

1. The FEMA coffin manufacturing center west of Covington Georgia on 960 Almon Road is still making these coffins.


The storage facility in Madison Georgia has relocated these coffins to another area.
HAARP Site Alaska.

These are FEMA camps and are named as "Correctional Institutes." They are under FEMA Jurisdiction and are manned and ready. CCA, Halliburton and UNICOR built most of these camps.

If any one has a "confirmed camp" that is not on this list, please share that info with me.


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Mark these sites on your Delorme Street Atlas for future reference.

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American Action Report said...

I've located a web site that gives a more comprehensive list, though I can't confirm its accuracy. It claims there are four in South Carolina. The locations are as follows: Charleston Naval Base (total capacity 20,500), Charleston Naval Reserve and Air Force Base (restricted area), a youth detention camp near Greenville (total capacity unknown), and one near the Savannah River Site near Aiken (total capacity (198,000.)http://www.greatdreams.com/concentration-camp-locations.htm
With a population of 4.6 million, we're talking about facilities to hold anywhere from 3% to 5% of the population on top of the 23,000 already behind bars in South Carolina. That would be probably 10% or more of the adult population.

Vatic Master said...

Notice it matches what Hitler did in the years preceding to world war II. He rounded up all the dissidents, put them in mental institutions, then jailed them and finally executed them. So, its the same old pattern used so successfully by these nazi's and we know what NAZI means, don't we?

This time, we are fully aware and awake and it maybe more deaths earlier than they counted on and they cannot afford to lose those very rare lovers of violence, torture and sexual battery that they have recruited, since the only replacements are among their own ranks. Then they would have to get their hands dirty and I doubt they would like very much, so I suspect if they were smart, they would first disarm us and GOOD LUCK WITH THAT, GIVEN ALL THAT HAS COME DOWN IN THE PAST WEEK. LOL