Killing of Kishenji Is an Act of Betrayal by the Indian Political Leaders of Ruling and Opposition Parties in Parliamentary,

Vatic Note:  Well, it appears that even in India, the treason crosses both party lines, which means its not just us here.   This is up to show that murdering elected leaders and activists in a peoples government is not unique to America and both parties are involved. We may not like the  fact that he is a moaist, but that is not our business, nor is that a death penalty offense.   Now with the Obama EO on assassinating Americans without a trial and the arresting Americans and incarcerating them in military prisons without a trial is going global.   Aaah, so this is what globalization will look like and not that rosy picture they keep trying to sell us.  They bad.   This is the story of what is going on in India whose "government"  happens to be an American ally as well as a puppet of Israel.  Remember, the British created the Indian Secret Service here and the British created Israel as well as Mossad and financed their emergence in the ME and their terrorist acts that allowed the British to then declare them a nation.   Now we have the CIA also created by the British when you read about what happened after WW II and project paper clip became the name of the game.  All Secret Service globally work for the globalists in their respective governments.  Its why Truman and Kennedy were frustrated and said they wished the CIA had never been created.   Kennedy fired the head of the CIA and was shortly thereafter murdered, probably by Israel's mossad since the British control the composite secret services in all major countries.  Whenever you say "UN", you are really saying "The British Empire"!  Or didn't you know that?    Its global now and no country is immune from the interference of the Rothschild Khazar Satanic Banker Israel controlled British empire.  Anyone who speaks the truth that is in a position of public view, and can be heard by large numbers of the citizenry are eliminated. 

Opposing voices to Israel, Bankers, British are slowly being destroyed and replaced with mealy mouthed traitors.   Their protocol 12 isn't working with the advent of the internet so now they have to remove those in the public eye and this is simply more proof just how international the control of these satanists are.   Remember, we did a blog on  the Synagoge of Satan and how they are coming out of the closet to let us know they are more and more in control. They also made the point that we are responsible for our own demise.  They TOLD US what they were doing and we did nothing to stop it, now the killing is how they stop our resistance to it. 

 Killing of Kishenji (Mallojula Koteshwar Rao) Is an Act of Betreyal by the Indian Political Leaders of Ruling and Opposition Parties in Parliamentary, 

Posted Nov 27, 2011

Killing of Kishenji,(Mallojula Koteshwar Rao) is an Act of Betreyal By the Indian Political Leaders of Ruling and Opposition Parties in Parliamentary Democracy.
One more time the indian Maoist Party has experienced the double talk of political leaders like Mamata Benarji, the Cheif Minister of West Bengal and lost its one more committed member of its Politbureau in the joint operation of 1000 membered C.R.P.F and B.S.F personnel at Burisol near Kushbani in Midnapur District on 24th November, 2011.

He is well known as Kishenji to media and appeared many times with head scarf in television channels carrying A.K.47 on his shoulder in party's military uniform. Mallojula Koteshwar Rao, native of Peddapally town, Karimnager District, Andhra Pradesh, would never be forgotten in the history of indian revolutionary path and practice for the indian poor, aggrararian, and middleclass people in seven states of india.

His journey from Peddapally village to Jangal Mahal, of West Bengal state was a part of experience of the indian revolutionary party which emerged in 1967 from its Naxalbari of West Bengal state to the present day's death of its great leader at Jangal Mahal forests of West Bengal shows its commitment for the cause of poor, landless, under previliged people of the indian scheduled areas of indian state.

His death at the hands of security forces in the real or fake encounter killing has been made a routine  point and repeat of same claims on his death for human rights workers, civil liberty's leaders for demanding an inquiry into his death and it is a habituated practice of such human rights organisations. No new thing is behind his death and no newness is appeared in performing the last rites of the great leader at the burial grounds to see at the place where his body was put for public to pay last homage to the departed leader, and the act of police both open and in secret was also not new in identifying and recording the people in the procession of the dead body in their cameras and mobiles.

 No newness is here to write about the death of the one of the arctects of the modern indian revolution against the Parliamentary Democractic system of governance under the command and control of the indian and global capitalist leadership of global capitalistic system of the global society. Indian Maoist Pary, or in its earlier name peoples war party was initially declared to byecott the state assembly and parliamentary elections and its commitment on it at present also shows how it is committal towards the poor,tribal and landless, who are helpless, poor, living on the labor only for their survival and could not save the cadre and leaders of the maoist party in rural and forest areas.

Because the intelligence and police have penertrated their agents by inducing the poor and tribal people into the folds of maoist party cadres under perfect plan of one year, two years, or three years for killing the targetted leaders, initiated by the district level or state level police cheifs of the states. The first betreayal by the political party is not erased from the minds of the people when the telugu desam party was floated by the film actor, Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao,(NTR) in 1983, in Andhra Pradesh, he supported the naxaliteS by delaring them as 'national patriots' during the assembly elections and after that he started killings of the same national partiots in andhra pradesh.

In 1989 elections his party Telugu Desam had lost the power due to the policy of the killing of the naxalites. Then the congress, before coming to power, Marri Chenna Reddy, the cheif of Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh offered to his readyness the peoples war party for relaxation in killings of the party leaders and cadre for their support during the elections in 1989. The People's War Party was utlised the legal opportunities  in mobilizing the masses, students, youth, intellectuals, labour in almost all fileds into their fold and exapanding their activities to new ares.

The liberal attitude of the congress party was continued till the arrival of Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy as Cheif Minister after two or three years after 1989 elections. In 1994 elections, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu emerged victorious against the congress party in the state and continued the same policy of encounter killings of the people's war party and its cadre. Thousands of people war activists killed including top leaders both at state and central level, as well as police personnel from home guard level to S.P level officers were also killed by the peoples war party squads.

The encounter killing policy of Telugu Desam Party as well as the congress also continued till present. West Bengal, where the naxalbari, was originated for agrarian revolution in india has been adopted many changes including its identical name to adoptation of the policy of liberating the indian poor people from the hands of feudal lords and capitalists with an object of establising the socielism through the armed revolution from the year of 1967 to the present day showed that the state of Andhra Pradesh,has paid its debt back to the state of west bengal by giving the great son of Telangana to the forest area of the West Bengal state along with its interest and Mamata Benergi Government would meet the same fate of Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh in coming days.

That is a unavoidable fact but the another fact is also inevitable in future on the side of the maoist party in west bengal. Because the left front government when it comes to the power in west bengal in next elections would follow the same policy of enclunter killing of the maoismsts in West Bengal and west bengal would become another Andhra Pradesh where the maoist party has lost its base and root completely in coming years. The most striking and common feature on the side of the maoist party is that it still believes in armed struggle against mighty indian as well as global army power to win over the present exploiting class of feudal and capitalist, as well as comprodor beorgeoan class for establishing the socialist state.
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