More Detail on RH Negative Blood as Promised

Vatic Note:   In keeping with our promise to keep an eye out for detailed info on RH negative Blood, we came across this most informative site powered by a PHD with a more scientific view and approach to the treatment of this subject.   Its his conclusions that you will have to decide for yourself, but he does a good job in inductive reasoning for those conclusions.  They are not proof of anything, but they are answers until such proof becomes available.  I suspect that somewhere down the line we will find that proof and have answers fully in time. 

Until then, its a journey of discovery for all of us and a good one.  Its amazing how limited the view of our world has always been and if he is right, powers that be have spent billions in dollars and massive amounts of time hiding these facts from us because if true, then we are powerful beings and a threat to the status quo. 

In our special Series by Michael Tsarion, in "The Origins of Evil", ( here and here )  he says "Humans are magnificient creatures living ordinary lives", and that is becoming more true, each day that we discover more and more about ourselves, our world and the universe.   No wonder they want to track and change the RH neg  DNA, and while they are at it include the RH positive to reduce humans to animals such as cattle.  I thought at the time it was due to consciousness, which it still could be, but definitely is not the only reason they would have to do so.  Now this can be added to the list.

RH Negative Blood
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Rh Negative Blood
Interestingly, popular sciences endeavor to attribute Rh-neg blood groups to “mutations.” A solid alternative case may be extended to the conclusion that Rh-neg is NOT a mutation, but possibly the original human blood group. This, however, does not reflect tenured thought, and thus has never been adequately researched.

That there was a group of “pure” humans, not directly related to the evolutionary processes on Earth, is a distinct possibility. This reasoning would suggest that the original humans on our planet where not directly related to the apes, but at some point were “MADE” or “genetically engineered” to give such impression.
Perhaps it was never intended that the Rh-positives become the dominant species. That through some as yet undetermined epoch, the genetically impure group gradually became the controlling species, except for several remote enclaves, initiated a wide-ranging genocidal pogrom, effectively wiping out those who gave birth to them.

All of which begs the questions: What reasons were the sub-species created, what was the process of conquest, what was the duration, and does it continue?

BLOOD GROUPS – General Overview
Nearly 85% of all human beings have RH positive blood. Which merely indicates that their red blood cells contain a substance called the RHesus (rhesus) blood factor. Simply put, their positive blood contains a protein that can be linked to the Rhesus monkey. It is acknowledged that blood factors are transmitted with more exactitude than any other human or animal characteristic. It is not generally known from where the negative RH factor derived, although tantalizing evidence exists that it arrises from genetic experimentation a little over 5,000 years ago.

The highest concentration of RH negative blood occurs in the Basque people of Northern Spain and Southern France, and in the Eastern/Oriental Jews. Only 15% of the entire world´s population is known to have the RH negative blood factor. While it is known that RH negative blood – (type ‘O’) is the purest blood known to mankind, it is not known from where the negative factor originates, as it is generally theorized by evolutionists that there is an unbroken bloodline from early human prototypes (pre-humans) to present day human beings.   (VN:  One of the theories we covered on our blog was that there were two groups of humans that were hybridized.  Those without a soul first,  then those  with a soul second, and the reason being the first group were totally uncontrollable and if the khazar monarchy lines are any indication, that would make perfect sense.  Who would keep them intentionally.  Make a mistake like that and its better to just throw them away and start again.  As we say continually, we do not have proof of any of this, so read it all and decide for yourself, however the evidence that does exist is compelling.  Its sufficient to make us here at Vatic Project stop and think, and continue the search for more information.  If the powers that be were not obssessive about collecting our DNA and continually manipulating it, we would have thrown this theory out long ago, but this makes more sense than anything else, about why they have  and continue to collect and have work on going to manipulate the DNA).

As previously mentioned, ‘Rh negative’ blood indicates no protein connections exist to the Rhesus monkey, whereas ‘RH positive’ blood does carry protein linked to the Rhesus monkey – hence the ‘RH’ designation, ie. rhesus. All other earthly primates have this RH factor. Thus if all humans evolved from that line, all would have the RH factor. Obviously, that is not the case. Therefore, there must have been some manner of intervention giving rise to Rh-negative blood groups.

Blood type ‘O’ is the most common of the blood groups. When we separate the ‘O’ types into ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ we find that ‘O’ negative (the universal donor blood) constitutes less than 7% of the world´s population. Science at this very time is attempting to create a synthetic RH negative ‘O’ blood, but without success. For while the protein in positive blood can be cloned, that of negative blood cannot – which is quite interesting, and may be indicative of an alien origin, or more probable, from early genetic experimentation during previous advanced human civilization(s).  (VN:  Now this tidbit is very interesting.  Its nice to find someone with a PHD at that level to give us info not found elsewhere and this cloning issue is one of them.)

If the RH negative factor does not derive from any known earthly link (seemingly outside of the theorized evolutionary process) – from where did it originate? Geneticists generally claim the RH-negative factor is a mutation of unknown origin which apparently happened only a few thousand years ago. These ´negative´ blooded people spread heavily into the area of what is now Spain, England, Ireland, France and later into America, Canada and Australia. Basque peoples contain the largest concentration of known ‘O’ negative blooded people today because, they for the most part, have confined themselves to one area, whereas the Celtic people have branched out among all of the new world.

Interesting facts:

A RH negative pregnant mother’s body will reject her positive blooded baby in the womb. Her body fights the RHesus factor as a foreign element. Alternatively, and most interestingly, a positive mother’s body does not reject the negative baby she is carrying.

There are certain similarities that occur to those having RH negative blood – according to some who have it there are common patterns found, which include the following:

* Predominance of green or hazel eyes that change colour like a chameleon, but also blue eyes, piercing.
* True red or reddish hair
* Low pulse rate & low blood pressure
* Keen sight or hearing
* ESP, UFO connections, Abduction, Para-normal occurrences
* Extra rib or vertebrae
* Love of space and science
* A sense of not belonging to the human race
* Empathetic illnesses
* Compassion for fate of mankind
* A sense of a ‘mission’ in life
* Unexplained body scars
* Capability to disrupt electrical appliances

Most do not know that as RHO-Neg individuals, they are tracked throughout their whole lives by world-wide governmental agencies interested in understanding the genesis of this group, and for other more complex societal purposes. (follow this line of thought in the new material to be posted as a continuation of Journey to the Absolute Elsewhere)

Blood Types Conspiracy & RH Factor spooky stuff…
Items from the Science Community

Here are a few tidbits about this blood thing. In ALL blood groups there exists a common microbe that in essence is THE LIFE FORCE ITSELF. During experiments that our team conducted we heated the blood to 700 degrees F and also put it in Liquid Nitrogen. This microbe which is visible only with a highly modified dark field microscope that was custom built for us was STILL ALIVE. We have also tested this on ´mummy dust´. This microbe is STILL alive after 5000 years plus when the mummy dust is placed in a ph perfect solution the same as the “live blood”, it returns back to ´life´.

The Draco (Reptilian) with the “O” RH-blood has unique properties because of the polarity of the blood cells. Blood is electrically/magnetic/chemical based. The relationship of all three must be kept at a specific PH balance of 7.0 to 7.2. The problem with the “O” RH-systems is this, the stomach has TOO MUCH acid in it for proper digestion so they had to resort to taking the trace mineral in THRU THE SKIN aka ´sitting in a bath tub full of minerals´.

Then after generations of this type of eating the digestive systems ceased to function properly. This is why Type “O” blood groups have so much trouble with ´indigestion´. It’s in your genes because of this Draco influence. I am currently putting together a geographical reference to the placement of just how many people carries this genetic code in their blood.


The main reason for this has to do with cellular/genetic/galactic memory of blood. This is coded into the entire structure of the blood. All the emotions that the donor has felt during his entire lifetime are part of the blood. This cannot be filtered out. For example if you get a heart of a man who died in a car accident, all the cells of that organ have the memory of the accident and every emotion that was felt while dying. These emotions confuse your own coding and then mass internal confusion happens at the cellular level and the order turns into chaos. No shrink at $100 per hour is gonna fix that, ever.

Many “O” RH-negative people on the planet are also holding karma from the Draco Empire. Some of you have chosen to come to earth to help balance that karma. Some who were “O” RH-negative have switched to “A” RH positive which is the TOTAL OPPOSITE to “O” RH-neg.

Our world-wide team, over a 10-year time period have gathered hundreds of thousands of blood samples. We are only now beginning to understand what is happening to humans, as indicated by blood-types, as Earth nears Nexus.

Those having the hardest time being the “O” Rh- blood groups with alien (to Earth) heritage. I cannot reveal at this time just how this is done but I can say this, we are at a crossroads as far as our ability to affect our OUTER world by changing the INNER world of the blood. Every ´disease´ is nothing more than a reflection of the INNER terrain of the blood. As the blood is intimately integrated with the life force, this explains the feeling that we have when working with people that have the same blood type.

To answer the questions that I am sure will come up, The book Eat Right For Your Blood Type is correct only in the foods, but he does not take into consideration the GALACTIC history of the blood in relationship to the person. That is what I have been working on. As far as his history as to how the different blood groups came about is pure hogwash. The different blood groups are from different parts of the Galaxy. More of this is going to be revealed as more understanding of REAL RNA/DNA Coding is researched.

When you measure the heart harmonics of people with “O” RH-neg blood, they are usually lower if they are smokers and heavy red meat eaters. The ones who eat fish and vegetables are in the normal range. This is a very new science and there are but a handful of people who are involved in this research.
Here is something for all of you to think about:

There is a race of people in a remote region of China that are only 3 – 4 feet tall and speak a language spoken only within that remote area. When they try to move from this region to lower geological elevations, THEY DIE. Their skin colour is ashy white. Their eyes are very small almost like slits.


The pH balance of the human bloodstream is recognized by all medical physiology texts as one of the most important biochemical balances in all of human body chemistry.

pH is the acronym for “Potential Hydrogen”. In definition, it is the degree of concentration of hydrogen ions in a substance or solution. It is measured on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 14. Higher numbers means a substance is more alkaline in nature and there is a greater potential for absorbing more hydrogen ions. Lower numbers indicate more acidity with less potential for absorbing hydrogen ions.

Our body pH is very important because pH controls the speed of our body´s biochemical reactions. It does this by controlling the speed of enzyme activity as well as the speed that electricity moves through our body.
The higher (more alkaline) the pH of a substance or solution, the more electrical resistance that substance or solution holds.

Therefore, electricity travels slower with higher pH.

All biochemical reactions and electrical (life) energy is under pH control.

If we say something has an acid pH, we are saying it is hot and fast. As an example, look at the battery of your car. It´s an acid battery. On cold days you want it to be hot and ready, and you want your car to start fast.

Alkaline pH on the other hand, biochemically speaking, is slow and cool. Compare it to an alkaline battery in a flashlight. You want that battery to be cool, and to burn out slowly.

Here is an example of how pH can control. Look around you at society in general. Do you see people getting exhausted, burned out, and quick to anger? Do you see a rise in violence? In part it could be due to the fact that people today lean to an acid pH. As a society we are running hot and fast. How did we get there? We guzzle coffee for breakfast.

There are about 5000 known blood factors, and all of these must contribute to the complete picture. But the Rh negative blood is the place to start our search.

Suggested reading:

Max Flindt – Mankind, Child of the Stars, Fawcett Books 1 & 2
Brad Steiger, Gods of Aquarius.
Alan F. Alford – Gods of the New Millennium
Return to Anomalog Home Page

Cloning has been practiced much longer than most might agree. The recent flurry of activity can be more appropriately labeled: societal conditioning. The genii is about to be released, as it becomes general knowledge that human cloning has been practiced for generations.

In fact, prior to the current historical epoch – beginning about 200,000-years-ago – there was direct intervention against the peoples of Earth for that very reason, which is demonstrated by the Rh+ factor in humans. Genetic experimentation (largely directed by EBEs) was so successful, that most of Earth’s remaining original inhabitants were eventually wiped out.

Remnants of those original peoples still exist, but no longer on this world. They are, however, regular visitors.
To understand the basis of this argument you must but aside your current understanding of linear time, expanding your personal point-of-reference to include an integrated serial view of dimensional reality. But that is another story.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Debra said...

Awesome! Keep the info coming V.M. I have been on a quest to find an explanation to the reasons that the RH Neg. factor is so hush hush in all medical info. As an O RH- person I have known that this is important but never knew why. People think I am a little wacky when I tell them of my abilities to interupt electronics, knowing things that others don't, mind reading and intuition, etc.
I had a miscarraige and the fetus blood quantified and actually changed my blood trpe. I had to prove to the attending er nurse that I was in fact O RH- and she sent me on a trip to a University hospital to get a serum that would bring me back to O rh-. She wrote her thesis on my experience. I started to wonder if they had a serum why then no info to the general public? Does not make any sense to me but hopefully it will someday. Thanks again!!!
Faithfull reader of your blog now!!!!

Vatic Master said...

Debra, now you just showed us why we need a blog for RH neg blood. You gave some very valuable info on this comment and it would be well worth trying to figure out together how to pursue that course. One thing I would suggest is getting back to that nurse and pumping her for info on what she knows from her paper or even asking her for a copy of her paper she wrote on the subject. Then find out how she knew about this serum that would bring you back to the RH neg condition. Ask her why no info to the public on this? Lots to consider and probe over, now if you want to give me her name and phone number, I would be glad to ask but since you are a patient of hers its more likely she will open up to you than to me, especially, if this is some sort of state secret. LOL

Also thanks for being a faithful reader of our blog. That makes it all worthwhile. Keep passing it around and we can wake up the world. I have to make aliving so it will take me sometime to put a blog together for our group. Be patient. And thanks again for sharing, its valuable.

Anonymous said...

Upon learning of my Rh neg factor my son started researching and at first i was in complete denial,however feeling compelled to research myself there are just too many common traits i cannot deny-longing to know my ancestory,hazel eyes ,long torso,dreams, intuitions,watches always stopping etc.I could go on and on.....My sons rh factor has yet to be determined,he too feels not of this world,i have so many questions ??? Is he rh- as well ? how do we detemine this ,if he isnt why does he expereince same type of Not of this World Feelings?Wher do i go fro answer and how do we connect with people that share in this? thanks susan in fla

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous, lets start with your son so you and he can feel better about it. Remember you are RH neg and I presume the father was RH pos, if that is correct then he is a hybrid with the recessive genes dominating. However, like myself, who is the daughter of an RH neg mother, your son will exhibit some of the traits because he is part of the other genes as well, even though he might be RH positive. I have the problem with watches and with psychic abilities. I simply "know" things in advance and try to warn people or prepare for them myself. I no longer wear a watch ever. They break on me. lol Whenever I do not listen to that unexplained "knowing", I get very badly burned so I have learned to listen. Nothing wrong with that. I believe most european based people are a higher percentage of RH neg or a hybrid of both, than other races, except for American Indian and the Basque of Europe, but then they are European, or middle eastern as it turns out..

Now, we are trying to get a blog going just for RH neg or those whose parent or parents were Rh neg resulting in a hybrid with a positive RH dominating. If you would email us at the email on the blog, with your email address, we will notify you when we have put it up so we can begin to start our group. How's that? It will help all of us to talk things out and share experiences and similarities and differences.

Have your doctor order a blood test for him on whether he has the RH neg but do not explain "why" as the medical profession is ignoring this issue without any explanation.

Vatic Master said...

I forgot to mention, the high rate of RH neg is europeans is why I believe the powers that be are trying to do away with us. They are afraid of us ever discovering how to use that power we have and they do not have it for some reason at all, but that is a discussion for another day. I believe that the RH neg is why they formed some of those secret societies, to keep it a secret and convince the rest of us there is "nothing to see, move along". And now that we are beginning to awaken, its become very rapid and disconcerting for them. Can you see or feel how they are in panic mode?

Anonymous said...

WOW<Imagine the possiblities we as a whole could acheive if our energy were united,its no wonder the powers that be are in a panic!

Anonymous said...

yes, RH - mothers are selected in UK to have their children stolen for forced adoption. We discovered it quite by accident as we knew these mothers were not abusers so what had they all got in common? We learned they were red flagged in the hospitals from day 1. Same with an Australian mother who was only a few weeks in UK and her baby was ear marked for forced adoption on birth.
We also noticed some of the adoption papers disappeared so the children will never be able to trace their real mothers. Some were adopted with no care orders. Certain social workers and lawyers etc were in on this child trafficking of selected babies.

Anonymous said...

Hi, babies wiht O neg blood are not taken from their mothers and forced to be adopted. I know becasue I had five of them:) and I am an O neg Mum.

Vatic Master said...

In rereading what she said, I believe she was saying that "some are targeted", not all. there has to be something specific they are looking for either "opportunity" criteria, or something specific to the blood.

Sapphyre Opal said...

I'm very curious about this particular quote: "Many “O” RH-negative people on the planet are also holding karma from the Draco Empire. Some of you have chosen to come to earth to help balance that karma. Some who were “O” RH-negative have switched to “A” RH positive which is the TOTAL OPPOSITE to “O” RH-neg."
I personally am A+ yet I have most of the RH negative blood type characteristics besides the extra vertebrate/rib, red hair (although my hair has some reddish tone to it and naturally has some copper as well)) and well RH negative blood. Plus, based on my understanding of biology and blood typing, the opposite of O- blood would be AB+ (am curious as to why A+ instead would be considered opposite according to this blog).
I personally have the intuition (those who know me best know to listen if I warn them about something!), have had quite a few extraterrestrial encounters, low blood pressure (some sources say that those with RH negative blood actually have high blood pressure), more sensitive hearing than the average person, pretty much everything listed above as far as traits go.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Very expertly written defining some complex concepts that I have not been able to wrap my mind around yet. Genetics is not my field area of expertise. But I found a fascination for it, being that I have offspring that are RH-. The statement that, a couple thousand years ago, genetics were the most recently manipulated with souled and non souled humans, I found fascinating. As I often wondered about the biblical area of Noahs ark. Postulated that they where RH neg. And The RH pos roaming the earth were neanderthal in nature with non souled qualities. The flood would not have removed everyone. I do find RH neg. Exceptional with hearing. High IQ. Ability with complex thinking.
And interrupt electronics, I ve witnessed.
Love rovering around the websites gathering info, This was the most informative. I and my husband are pos. and 1 child neg and other pos. The pos. child has amazing intuition.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous, if you have a neg child, that could only happen if both you and your husband have one allele each of the RH neg to donate to the child, and your positive child could have one positive allele from one of you and one neg from the other which would explain the intuition. It is fascinating and I have not even begun to publish all that I have read about it.... I hope to be able to keep putting these up as I get the time. Its rewarding when you can see the help your work has done for others. I originally started this because I have one allele of RH neg from my mother, but all the traits as well. I can't wear watches, I blow out light bulbs etc. I am a serious truth seeker, I am fascinated with outter space etc. I believe I have a mission, and more..... so that is how I got started. What fascinated me most was the difficulty finding this information and how hard it is when there is so much about the things the powers that be care about, so they must have some fear associated with the RH neg people. I am digging trying to figure out what that is.

Vatic Master said...

Sapphyre Opal, you have the same questions I do about this whole o neg and A positive. I find that is one of the holes I have not been able to figure out in this whole subject. I do know and did find out that many are born O neg and later on turn into A Positive. Now how can that be? Go from having no protein on your blood cell and then all of a sudden you have a Rhesus protein on your blood cell. I still can't figure that one out, but when I do, I will put it up here for you to read. Wish me luck.

West said...

Hello. I stumbled upon this thread after hours of researching similar conspiracy-related mysteries that are tied to RH- blood (where all things strange, somehow, always lead me back to. Coincidence? Is it ever?) One minute I discover that there are those who believe many actors/otherwise famous Individuals have in fact died ages ago, and have been replaced with their clone. This is then speculated to be a doing of the Illuminati. However, I must disagree with those who have compared this Reptilian/Illuminati bloodline with an RH- bloodtype--for it cannot be cloned. Is this correct? I wish so much to know how everything is tied together.
I first discovered my own O- blood type in my high school biology class, incidentally. I did not research it further until about a year later, after hearing about the blood disease that can occur in childbirth. This research led me ultimately to the Annunaki/Nephilim theories. I think the strangest part is that I already had bought The 12th Planet, out of vague intrigue, only months prior to the discovery. But I did not realize, until being re-led to the author's name, that I'd had the answers all along, but never bothered to open the book just yet. I apologize for my rambling. I would just like to share how much of a shocking epiphany it was upon learning how my own traits, like several of you here, are linked to such RH- theories. I had no idea until reading through all of the comments here that it can actually change to A+. I will certainly have to learn more about that. Thank you for having this space to share common thoughts. I will check back often.

Vatic Master said...

West, welcome and you need to read the first blog we ever did on RH neg "Found no where in nature". Did you know that? RH positive is in every primate and many other life forms on this planet, but RH neg has been found no where else on this planet. The comments were more interesting than the article. We originally had 180,000 hits on that blog, and 140 comments. Then the powers that be gutted it all off the blog. We found it picked up by another website, so we recopied it and reposted it and now its moving back up the comments column, I think its almost at 90 so far.

We have done numerous blogs on this issue and 0 neg is the UNIVERSAL DONOR. You can give to anyone, but you can only take blood from an O neg. Hows that for injustice, huh? So much to learn and so awesome, the power that we have and you will see why the PTB have been tracking the RH negs for a long time. They know what we are capable of and we do not. But, that is one of my missions to find out. Good luck on your journey, you have an exciting adventure ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

So many thoughts...first off I am o neg with all traits aside from the tail thing, lol! I was also adopted and find that even down to that seems to be a breadcrumb. I have searched this topic on and off for over a decade trying to figure out what it all means and what part I might have within it. I recently moved to Colorado Springs and was very surprised to read about the minerals in this blog for I have been soaking in them when I bath. Very curious about ways to keep the PH levels right for I feel I have gotten off track and this will help if that makes sense? I walk away from this from time to time because I get overwhelmed. I use to let others pay me to read but stopped that for the same reason...however, I always end up back to it because I know I'm connected to something more and/ore feel as if I should be something more...so back to the quest. I would love to have communication so much so that I'll even leave my email for anyone to open contact with me (cristiarnoldbrownlee@yahoo.com), I look forward to this possibility!

Anonymous said...

Hi, has this blog gone love yet? The one for negatives only? I'm rh negative, have a habit of breaking electrical equipment by doing nothing, am always cold even in the depths of summer and have low blood pressure. Would like to follow your work.
Thanks, Helen

Folkiekay said...

I have AB Subtype blood - and have just come across this thread. I am awake. I donate as positive, but receive as negative. So I must be partially AB negative. My DU is positive (whatever that is) and it is the reason when I had my 3 children, I did not need the shot. My husband and all 3 children are A+. It's all so confusing. I do have many of the traits - but I have some Native American in me and do not have red hair - but more of the native American look. I took the Myers-Briggs personality test and am an IMFJ - which is the most odd personality. Only 1% are this personality. It appears to be the same with my blood type - since it's a subtype - even less than 1% of humans. I appear to be an extrovert, but am actually an introvert. I have never felt like I fit in anywhere in the world. I'm a total oddball. I made it 61 years so far as this bizarre human. I don't have psychic abilities to my knowledge, but wish I did. The only thing that ever happened was I would dream things that would then take place. I am on a quest to figure out more about RH negative blood and to find out more about myself.

Anonymous said...

Many “O” RH-negative people on the planet are also holding karma from the Draco Empire. Some of you have chosen to come to earth to help balance that karma. Some who were “O” RH-negative have switched to “A” RH positive which is the TOTAL OPPOSITE to “O” RH-neg.
Any more info on this phenomena?

Anonymous said...

I am A- blood type and it is most certainly a mystery to me that all of the characteristics that we share as a blood community. The power is in the blood, therefore the ancestry matters. The Vatican has all the information about our ancestral heritage and the timeline in which it applies et. al. this generation. The time for repentance is short and acceptance of our saviour. I will not make the mistake of saying a name of a false deity. I rather choose to call him lord of Lords king of kings. Every activity of every world leader is coinciding with prophecy of Tribulation to come. Yes neigh sayers you have your precious opinions but those that have eyes to see and ears to hear how long shall the lord suffer thee to do transgressions and sin against your brother and thy self without repentance. Turn from wickedness and your lustful hearts and long not for the worldly possessions and things that rust and moth doth destroy. We live not by bread alone but every word that proceed out of the mouth of GOD ! We are his bride his harvest and redemption draweth nigh(close). That is the secret to our blood we are encoded with his word to spread through the world which is eternal life energy. God washes the blood and purifies it with his and sanctifies it. GOD talks about placing emnity BETWEEN THE SEED and also says in other places you are of your FATHER IN HEAVEN or your FATHER THE DEVIL. If the FATHER cast LUCIFER from HEAVEN A.K.A. THE FALLEN ANGEL to EARTH then there are two seed. That's not to say that there is only one blood line going to heaven it just means that one is encoded to spread the word and be the messengers and its up to both types to accept or reject the word. GOD and his son are responsible for graciously cleaning the blood or purifying it. This is my opinion and total faith. Also the medical establishment helps cover up most of the life giving discoveries and therapies derived from RH - blood types meant as a blessing from god but monopolized and capitalized onby the other seed andby way of the AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION and BIG PHARMA and FDA monopolizing everything even our plants food and animals. No need to research anything other than The King James original and not NIV or American Standard revised. They take key scripture and verse out of places and out of context in others. All part of that Vatican control grid. Textus Receptus and a person named Tyndale. Research those and you have a good start on the realm of things and a grasp on reality and truth. Thank you and may the LORD keep you Amen and SHALOM....

Mom with questions said...

I'm rh-,so is my daughter. Would this mean her father is also rh-?

Dan Holmes said...

I am o neg my parents are o neg, both of them. The characteristics thing is a joke. Personally I think so people on this blog are just scaremongering folk. I read that you may have blue brown or hazel eyes ( well done like there any others) high or low blood pressure ( way to cover the bases there). There something about the blood for sure as I am unnaturally good at almost everything I do and my friends hate it.

Crowfolk said...

I am RH A- my father was A- and so is one of my daughter's. My father's Grandparents came over from Ireland. Would I be descended from the Basques? Do I have Jewish Blood?

Anonymous said...

hi this is so good i have had shadow people ecperiences and endless demonic stuff happen i am also a targeted individual and they tried to make me believe i was a lightworker i learnt the truth about that, the people runningmy smear campaign for my targetting are psychics i know them personally, its a weird situation, they want me to help them because i have certain psy abilities, its easy to work it when you look at disney and companies they have shares in they like to brag, they are herding rh negs, watch star wars force awakens, lab rats season 4, ending of pronce caspien.

Debra said...

Exactly which is why I avoid donating blood or joining any rh- registry sites.

Deborah Sturgeon, FCI said...


Anonymous said...

We are the ripe souls of the apocalypse and it is harvesting time

Anonymous said...

I am O negative. Had a DNA test done for fun a few years back, my DNA shows that my orgin is of Basque orgin. I cannot wear a watch. They break all the time. I suffer from chronic static electricity shocks. At night I can light up my sheets from all the static electricity. I can tap into the in between world during the time when I am falling asleep. I have tons of alien like dreams and out of this world planets. Never thought much of any of these things until know. How cool, somehow I have always known there was something different about me, but have been scared to explore my abilities, not sure if I want to fully tap into them. Keep us posted. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Valerie I have o neg blood I am almost 60 years old I have been searching for this for so long.I had my DNA done with Ancestry and I am from the Iberian Peninsula Ireland Scandinavia and a western europian mix.I have most of the traits ESP great analytical skills I blow out light bulbs and electronics a high IQ intuition sometimes I just know things.I have never belonged anywhere.I also have RA I see that is also a trait.It took me so lomg to put this together.I have no effect on watches but does anybody know how to protect my own electronics smart phone computer thermostat stove timer and light bulbs.I have trouble with all of them on and off.I also had a scar appear on my hand a couple of months ago when xrayed it shows nothung but you can feel and see it.I will have to go to a specialist to find put what it is.I also have green eyes.valerie

No Crime Town said...

I am th negitives. This is hard to believe but is it true. When looking at my body with an ultra violet light I and my husband seen a neon orange line under the skin of my arm. It apparently can travel as it is able to move to different spots on my body. I also have had a light appear over me in the sky but when sense something and spot it, it blinks out and takes off across the sky. You can barely see it when it does this, but one night I had my binoculars with me and looked at it. It was shaped like a triangle and seemed to be turning end over end. I don't know what all this is about but I have the feeling the reason why the gov is so interested in th negatives is because if we ever learn how to use the powers we have to our full capabilities we will be the ruling force not them
Only we will be on the side of good not evil. Sincerely maria, 442-241-8919 your more than welcome to call me and ask me any questions about my experiences.

Anonymous said...

Read "Slave species of god" by Michael Tellinger. This book gives one explanation, which, although initially seems far-fetched, actually makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

The characteristics are certainly not "nonsense".

I am in a group where we are all A- and there are so many similarities. It is uncanny.

A word to fellow A negs: Find your tribe where you can speak freely.

sherry lacerte said...

First let me "Thank you" for all of the information regarding O neg blood types. I am in this category myself and have the traits associated with it. The light bulb situation in my house is off the charts.I blow thru them at a unbelievable rate ! I can not wear watches because they stop working when I put them on. Even the physic abilities are evident and many friends believe me when i suggest for them "to do or not do" a particular thing. The green eyes that change in color are the exact way to describe my eye color. So I am very interested in hearing more as it becomes available as I have had strange feeling all my life about life on other planets and their being here now and have been. And I strongly feel there is something going on with the tracking of the blood type O neg and it concerns me greatly. Anyone with more info on this subject is welcome to email me to discuss this in more detail @ sherrylacerte1@gmail.com I would love to share what I have recently learned with others.

Sciascia said...

Your words of explanation of your experiences, sounds as of my own. I have started my journey of understanding and the meanings. I have always felt out of place, but at the same time what you have explained within yourself describe my daily life, dreams and developing abilities. Good luck to you and your journey...

Rich McGillen said...

I'm O- and for the last 6-7 months I feel like my consciousness and thirst for knowledge just suddenly expanded. Out of nowhere. I've learned things, felt, things seen things (dreams) that all seem to be answers to not only my own life questions but answers to WAY BIGGER WORLD ISSUES. Inventions, concepts on spirituality. All kinds of things. It's really wierd. I never felt like a part of any social groups. I've spent most of my life at odds with my family for no real reason other than I just do things differently. Think differently. All of that. I feel invisible sometimes in a room with a couple other people and try and spark up a convo on deep stuff it doesn't take long before I feel like anyone else listening is just entertaining my dillusions or something. I can never get to the point in s convo where I feel like I got every bit of whatever mind boggling conclusion id just come to out before the sugject is suddenly changed to a lower lvl convo about trivial issues. I don't know. It's bothered me I've never been able to figure out why I'm here. I know. I mean I KNOW I'm here for a mraningful purpose. My whole life has been one struggle after another and here I am 40 yrs old and just realizing why? It had to be spiritual preparation. Pounding my soul into the necessary being I was suppose to become for whatever is coming... I'm getting closer to answers and I have a feeling the answer is going to be WAY bigger than any of us O- humans can imagine.