Spanish Revolution Has Begun, "Arab Spring" Spreads to the West

Vatic Note:  The big question is "Has this revolution been started by the Black Ops like the Israeli, Rothschild khazars did in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt in present day similar to what the khazar bankers did in the past in Russia,  Germany and believe it or not,  they were involved financially in doing the same thing in China".  That is another rabbit hole for another day.   If this is real then great, its long overdue and you can feel good about it, however, if its controlled by the Rothschild khazar cabal, then its just another big fact mafia type scam to control the little people and take over the nation and all its wealth. 

This is an ambitious agenda that Rothschild has embarked on this time around.   He has gone from taking over "countries" to taking over the Globe with the help of the piglets,  Soros,  Zbig Breszinzki and his trained donkey sons.  All of it under Kissinger who works for the International banking cabal, but then he is a Khazar as well, so what did we expect.  I found out why the Fascists, using "communism" as the excuse, want to do away with private land owership.  It was so simple and yet a surprise.  IF ALL LAND IS OWNED BY THE STATE, AND THE STATE IS CONTROLLED BY THE PRIVATE CORPORATIONS, THEN THE PRIVATE CORPS HAVE UNLIMITED NO COST ACCESS TO ALL NATURAL RESOURCES FOR THEIR TAKING WITHOUT PAYING.  

Those assets then no longer belong to the people if there is no private ownership of land.  CLEVER PSYCHOS indeed.   So this revolution is needed and welcomed, but its also understood by the scheming banker pigs at the trough, that this would happen, so they may well have initiated control of it early on before they completed their agenda in order to control the resistance to it.  That is why we have to ask the question..... WHO ARE THE REBELS?  In Libya, THEY ARE THE BANKERS & OIL COMPANIES (SAME THING/ BANKERS ARE THE OIL COMPANIES)  PAID MINIONS. 

Spanish Revolution Has Begun, "Arab Spring" Spreads to the West
By Mort Amsel (Editor), Before Its News,
Friday, May 20, 2011
Dubbed the "Spanish revolution", the protest began with a march through Madrid on Sunday, led by young Spaniards angry at mass unemployment, austerity measures and political corruption. It turned into a spontaneous sit-in on the square in Sol, which organisers say has now been mirrored in 57 other cities.

Spain's prime minister Friday refused to be rushed into a crackdown on growing protests over unemployment as his Socialist Party braced for a crushing defeat in weekend local elections. Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero even voiced sympathy with the "peaceful" demonstrations ahead of Sunday's regional and municipal elections.

Organisers of the spearhead protest in Madrid's Puerta del Sol square called for a huge silent demonstration to begin in the early hours of Saturday, minutes after midnight. "We are calling on everyone to gather in Puerta del Sol and carry out the 'silent protest' action," one of the organising groups, "No nos vamos" ("We are not leaving"), said in an online statement.

Protesters would tie ribbons over their mouths and remove them at five minutes after midnight to mime a "silent shout" of unified protest, it said in the statement. "We will stay in the square," said Juan Lopez, a spokesman for another protest group "Toma la Plaza" ("Take the Square"). "We respect the commission's decision ... but we have not called a demonstration, this is a movement of citizens."

Zapatero said the protesters were reacting to unemployment and the economic crisis and were acting "in a peaceful manner." Spain's jobless rate hit 21.19 percent in the first quarter of this year, the highest in the industrialised world. For under-25s, the jobless rate in February was 44.6 percent.

The camp in Sol has been growing every night, even spawning its own internet TV channel - soltv.tv - and dominating the local news coverage. But as it all emerged spontaneously, no-one is quite sure where it will lead. Later on Friday, the protesters will discuss the electoral board's ban on their action and take a formal decision on their response.

Individually though, they have already vowed to stay put - right in the middle of Madrid. "For the moment, we're staying here 24 hours a day," says Juan Lopez. "We have to make sure our message is heard."

“La Puerta del Sol in Madrid is now the country’s Tahrir Square, and the Arab Spring has been joined by what is now bracing to become a long European Summer,” writes Pablo Ouziel in Political Affairs.

Watch the action in Spain live via this video feed:

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