Conventional farmers won't eat their own food

Vatic Note:  We had collected a huge amount of evidence as to the barbaric nature of this mass production food growth and slaughter and the fact that these corp farm animals never see sunshine or eat live food, and we all know what dead food does to our bodies.... so its time to boycott the agrifarms and begin visiting local healthfood stores that cater to the local family farmer and do so for all our  food needs.  Its what we are doing here and its working.   No one wants to support inhumane treatment of our food sources so this is the only other way unless we grow and herd our own.  Anyway, this was a interesting interview and the links below the video are also good to visit.  When I finish and if the PTB leave me alone, I will put up what we are finding about this practice and once you see it, you will NEVER want to eat anything again from a corporate farm. 

Conventional farmers won't eat their own food

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In this interview with organic vegetable farmer "Brad," he explains why conventional farmers won't eat their own products. Why? Because "they know what's in them!"

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American Action Report said...

Great video. It's a short video and goes straight to the point.
This fall, I'll be teaching News English again, and I plan to take a different approach to it. In the very first (introductory) class, I'm going to tell my students that the way the world really works is very different from what they've always thought it was. Each point I mention will be the gist of one of the 24 lessons I'll cover that year. (Among other things, I'll Photoshop a picture of a congressman wearing NASCAR-style patches so his constituents will know who his corporate sponsors are: Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, and the like.)
You've just given me some ammo for my purposes purposes. Imagine that: farmers not eating their own food because they know what's in it.