The "Gestapo" to the Brain.

Vatic Note: I decided to let the comments given on this video speak for themselves. THIS IS SOMETHING WE HAVE NEEDED TO HEAR FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Now is the time, the season, and we already know the reason. So, listen up to every word and understand that is how we have to go and be in our power..... NOW is that time. Here are a few of the comments that express it better than I could.

"Truly Awesome! Made my heart and soul jump for joy!! We are not the crazies, we are the seekers of the truth!! Thank you!!!"

"This is by far the most inpirational, moving, touching, profoundly true thing I've ever seen...for I am already in full knowledge of my wayseer powers...I embrace them and they keep me going through all of this. Thank you EternalVigilence for showing this to me...you made my day! :-) Smiles...laughs...hugs...and love to you all! SHARE THIS......"

The Wayseer Manifesto - [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (HQ)
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ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits & troublemakers, all you free-spirits & pioneers... Everything the establishment has told you is wrong with you - is actually what's right with you... (check out the video.) 


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Drillerdoug said...


American Action Report said...

As you know, I've been trying to teach critical thinking skills to some of my classes. After four months (and counting), I've come to certain conclusions:
1.) I can't undo in just a few months what the so-called "educational" system has done to them for twelve years.
2.) One of the key elements in critical thinking, after skepticism and uncertainty, is the questioning of authority figures.
3.) The students who have shown the most aptitude in acquiring critical thinking skills have been rebellious students who have trouble with authority figures. I'll have to be more patient with them.

Vatic Master said...

American Action Report - Actually, if you don't mind, I would like to suggest an alternative solution rather than just being more patient, rather turning that rebellion into productive energy, since you won't be able to remove it or repress it, so why not redirect it?

What are some of the positive things you can get them to do in their rebellion? Ask them to write up something on what positive things they can achieve by questioning authority and put it right out there that its not a "no talk" subject. Let them know its ok, and that message will resonate with those who are not rebellious.

The survival of our globe depends on us turning the "HIVE MIND" around into a series of individual creative, problem solving minds. The best thing you can do is change everyones perception about it being bad to be a unique and creative individual. Give it a shot and see what happens.

I was like that in grades school and finally a teacher in the third grade took my rebellion and lack of control over me and turned it into helping other students who were having trouble and I finally quit misbehaving. I enjoyed helping others. There is a key to each one and its a load of work for a teacher to address each through their differences and helping them to celebrate those differences.

Sorry for the ramble, but I had the highest grades in the history of the private school I attended, but the worse grades in behavior and "effort". In Third grade, my behavior scores went way up. Its just a thought from someone who has experienced such treatment. I have always questioned authority starting with my father and moving out from there. Thats why I can do this blog. LOL

Vatic Master said...

Drillerdoug, Yes, he is the Way, the Truth, and the Light, and he was also the ultimate rebel against an entire system of Hive mind and total control. He changed the world. That is proven fact, so maybe you need to dig deeper into Him and what he taught us.

Your phrase is just that, only a phrase unless you can "SEE" how he did that, and emulate his courage and commitment to the "TRUTH" in both "LOVE" THAT WAS THE BASIS OF THE TWO GRATEST COMMANDMENTS AND THE EXAMPLES HE GAVE OF THAT MANIFESTATION OF THOSE TWO COMMANDMENTS.

He said in the Bible both in John's letters and Gospel, that 1.If you love God with your whole heart and mind, and Love your fellow man as yourself, then the rest of the commandments are no burden. 2. If you love your fellow man as yourself, then you would be willing to die for him, as Jesus love us and was willing to die for us. 3. He also told us that you cannot have FEAR in your heart and LOVE for God at the same time.

I find it interesting that "LOVE" is the one teaching that almost all preachers avoid in their pastoring and yet, it is the basis for the two GREATEST COMMANDMENTS THAT JESUS GAVE US. Instead all they give us is controlling platitudes such is you just did. Words without substance and meaning and depth. I am not condemning you, so please do not take it wrong.

All I am trying to do is get you to look at it and the difference and search for the true meaning of his teachings and live those teachings rather than simply expounding them.