NASA Caught Doctoring Near Sun UFO Image - Red Handed

Vatic Note: Now I wonder why NASA would want to hide that, given it would fit with their plan to stage a bogus alien invasion in order to globalize, so why are they trying to hide it? Well, could be they aren't really, but pretending to hide it. It appears they allowed this to unfold as it is, which means its been EXPOSED to the world that an alient craft is up there, which is what they would want given the agenda noone disagrees with anymore. The elite and all institutions now know we do not trust them, so now they simply have to be more clever than in the past and feed it through others to do for them. That is one option. The other is, the space craft is really that Top Secret Military mission  that went up months ago back in April and was there for very top secret weapons testings according to the mainstream press. If the Airforce has now finished testing their UFO crafts for project Blue beam and for the recommended invasion by aliens of this planet in order to globalize, then it maybe NASA is simply getting us ready for the false flag planned, using their advanced technology military planes/flying saucers or triangles etc.....Remember, they have a whole "secret" space division  mentioned by the hacker into the pentagon who got caught. The more I think about it the more I am sure they are creating the new threat, ONE OF MANY they throw at us all the time.  I call them the "fear brigade".  Here is the plane pictured kicking in the antigravitational field.  Awesome, looks like a plasma ball.  Can't really see the shape of it, but it appears the AF has several different shaped vehicles.   This could be the same image we saw on the 2nd photo only moving a lot slower so more detail is available, this one is much more distorted from the transition to anti-gravity.  


NASA Caught Doctoring Near Sun UFO Image - Red Handed
by Barracuda, Before its News, Monday, January 31, 2011

On January 22nd, 2011 Youtube user "BeePeeOilDisaster' had posted the down below video and in his testimonial he said " Go to the NASA STEREO website, input 20110122 and 20110122 using Behind EUVI 195 then after it loads scroll to the time frame 10:46:10 and there is the original... You can save it to your PC and adjust the Zoom, Brightness and Contrast to bring out the detail of the image

I made this video to show what can be missed just by glancing at these pictures from the STEREO website. With the proper knowledge and techniques so much detail can be brought out by adjusting the zoom, brightness and contrast. I am just amazed at this picture"


Now in latest development NASA has once again censored a UFO type object from their STEREO website archived pictures after he made a video bringing attention to the UFO type object!

According to him this is the third time that NASA has been exposed by me censoring these very important discoveries of these UFO type objects. I am bewildered and a little overwhelmed by the entire situation!

We like to inform our readers that above video has been posted since Jan. 22, 2011 on Youtube.

He added : on Jan. 27, 2011 I began receiving comments saying that my video was fake based on the fact that the UFO type object was no longer viewable in the original picture located on the NASA STEREO website located within the picture archives.

Just as before once again I went to the website to look for myself and sure enough NASA has removed the UFO type object that I have highlighted in my video. Here are links to the original and the censored pictures which I have posted online so that you can download them and do your own investigating and comparisons. Again I am amazed that NASA would do this and all I can do is tell you the facts as I know them to be.

As before the URL was changed the original has the 7 and after being censored that 7 changed to a 4 making the original URL a dead link that brings up the 404 File Not Found error message. I hope that others downloaded the original at the same time as I did and they will be able to corroborate my story.

NASA original censored image : Here
NASA original image dead link : Here
NASA after airbrushed Image : Here

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Anonymous said...

Just a quick note, the first image is..actually just a well known vapor cone phenomenon, rather large granted but not unprecedented. Learn more about it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prandtl%E2%80%93Glauert_singularity

Knowledge is power.

Anonymous said...

the B2 going supersonic only show the photography plane must already have been supersonic and overtook the B2 at precisely the right second to get this high speed shot.

That there are huge objets messing about with our sun is not a matter of conjecture.' What good are they doing?' should be the question.

Vatic said...

Well, the answer would depend on what you think is messing with our sun. Do you think its alien, manmade earth people, or some other cosmic event happening like Nibiru or some sort of anomoly. Once you decide what you think it is, then I can answer the question.

If manmade from here, then no, it is for evil purposes, and if its alien, yes, I do believe they are doing good, because the evil ones are trying very hard to knock them out of here, and if its nibiru, then sit back and enjoy the ride of a lifetime. lol