Confirmed: Wikileaks is Government Disinfo Operation

Vatic Note: One of the reasons the Powers that be could not allow a real investigation into 9-11 (Besides the obvious reasons) was that would prevent another one from ever occurring and blaming it on the muslims. See, the truth would have come out in a real investigation such as Al Qaeda is funded by the CIA and mossad to do what they do and have done for our cretin private sector and public sector satanists khazars. They also fund the Taliban in Pakistan as well. Corruption is at historical levels. We must become and believe in being the most powerful beings that we are and they tried to hide from us.  This article below shows how they operate, but more importantly just how clever and insidious these games they play, are.  

Confirmed: Wikileaks is Government Disinfo Operation
Wednesday, February 02, 2011 8:00, by Kurt Nimo, Infowars

It is now obvious Wikileaks is an intelligence operation and its frontman Julian Assange is a useful idiot.

The corporate media today is chock full of stories about the latest round of supposed diplomatic documents purloined by a low level Army intelligence analyst. According to the documents, the CIA asset al-Qaeda has managed to acquire “workable and efficient” biological and chemical weapons and the West stands on the brink of a “nuclear 9/11.” It is said the documents detail a 2009 NATO meeting where security chiefs briefed member states that al-CIA-duh was readying “dirty radioactive IEDs” to be used against British troops in Afghanistan.


Dirty bombs were debunked years ago and it is surprising the folks behind the fake diplomatic cables are attempting to pawn this fantasy off on us again as they did in 2002 when former Chicago gangbanger Jose Padilla was arrested and paraded in the corporate media as the face of al-Qaeda in America.

Once again, Pakistan figures prominently in this scary fairy tale. “Senior British defense officials have raised ‘deep concerns’ that a rogue scientist in the Pakistani nuclear program ‘could gradually smuggle enough material out to make a weapon,” according to a document detailing official talks in London in February 2009,” the Daily Telegraph reported yesterday.

Left out of the equation is the fact Pakistan would not have nuclear weapons if not for the United States.

Back in 1979, as the CIA was in the process of cobbling together the Afghan Mujahideen that would later become al-Qaeda, the globalist and Rockefeller minion Zbigniew Brzezinski forged a new policy toward the formerly pariah Islamic state. Brzezinski said “that our security policy toward Pakistan cannot be dictated by our nonproliferation policy.” Reagan also didn’t see a problem. “I just don’t think it’s any of our business,” he remarked when quizzed about Pakistan’s nuclear ambitions.

Moreover, the supposed smuggling of nuclear material out of Pakistan would face difficulty due to the fact the country’s nukes are locked down.

“Over the past six years, the Bush administration has spent almost $100 million on a highly classified program to help Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s president, secure his country’s nuclear weapons, according to current and former senior administration officials,” the New York Times reported on November 17, 2007. “The secret program was designed by the Energy Department and the State Department, and it drew heavily from the effort over the past decade to secure nuclear weapons, stockpiles and materials in Russia and other former Soviet states. Much of the money for Pakistan was spent on physical security, like fencing and surveillance systems, and equipment for tracking nuclear material if it left secure areas.”

In addition to dirty bombs, terrorists are planning to blow up commercial airliners with teddy bears, according to the Wikileaks documents. “Airport security staff are being urged to examine ‘children’s articles’ after US intelligence concluded that terrorists were plotting to fill them with explosive chemicals,” reports the Daily Telegraph.

Terrorists are attempting to manufacture nitrocellulose, a chemical which can become highly explosive if tightly packed. Details of how to prepare the chemical, which cannot be detected by airport X-ray machines, have been found in al-Qaeda training manuals.

You may remember the original al-Qaeda training manual. It was located in Manchester, England, and brought to our attention with much absurd fanfare. It was later revealed that the document was penned in the 1980s around the same time the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI were collaborating in Afghanistan, well before the CIA decided to create al-Qaeda from a database of Mujahideen warriors.

In short, more sexual molestation and naked body porno scanners will be required at airports if we are going to stop al-CIA-duh as it continues to plan sensationalistic terror events that either never occur or are executed by mentally impaired operatives and dim-witted patsies.

The Wikileaks documents are also designed to rekindle the hysteria manufactured by the government after September 11, 2001. According to the documents, a group of Qataris conducted surveillance on the targets of 9/11 and provided support for the phantom hijackers who were trained at U.S. military bases. “Details of the unknown 9/11 alleged plotters has never previously been disclosed,” reports the Daily Telegraph.

Here is a detail that has been previously disclosed (although assiduously ignored by the corporate media) – Osama bin Laden and the Taliban shared “intimate relations” with the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence right up until the morning of September 11, 2001, according to the most gagged woman in America, former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds.

The CIA groomed manufactured enemies from China to Chechnya, Albania, and Kosovo, Edmonds revealed, but you won’t find that in Assange’s mass of documents.

For all its dutiful work in the service of the globalist empire, Wikileaks has been nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian politician Snorre Valen, who said the shady outfit played an instrumental role in freedom of speech.

“WikiLeaks is one of this century’s most important contributors to freedom of speech and transparency,” the NTB news agency quoted Valen as saying today.

It also played a role in perpetuating cover stories used by government as pretexts to further erode our liberties and engage in wanton mass murder around the world.

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Andromeda said...

We are honoring the very bad weather, this 1800 mile wide storm descending now on New York, and the typhoon named Yasi in Australia. And we pronounce the natural disasters to be statements from a Fabulous Unknown who will instruct us what to do, now that we are standing on this painted wood stage together in a state of readiness. We have a lot of fabulous bad weather in our bodies. The deeply coded agreements between living things on this planet – how evolution presents new life – may not protect homo sapiens anymore. If it does, we are grateful. We’ll try to learn what the Earth is up to and help…

The fires and mudslides, blizzards and extinctions, tsunamis and quakes – are sweeping toward the chosen people. We can’t live by that expansionist, violent god of nations anymore. That is our promise by sharing this stage. The wilderness pulsing out there – has big plans.

Vatic said...

Don't forget the record low temps up in the mountains.... its sooooo cold for days at -26 at the low and 7 above during the day, that its too cold to snow and when it does, its mostly chemicals. Is that the "Great Fabulous Unknown" you are talking about? Whoever is dumping those tons and tons of chemicals is changing the global climate and with HAARP directing its drop off point for its load.

I wish it were otherwise as you suggest. Truly I do. But depopulation is the agenda with Eugenics on those that survive to recreate the human race into cattle. Not my idea of advancement at all.

Watch around the world as so called dictators and leaders of nations slowly drop off one by one between now (starting with minor players) and the arrival full bore of Nibiru who has come here many times before and humans survived.

Well, its coming in from the south and that is probably, in part, why the sunrises in the south slightly to the east. Because its coming in from the south, its not along the eliptic which means it won't be as bad as times before. Because of that, the evil ones are doing the job in advance, that Nibiru was suppose to do, so that dead bodies could be buried and done away with in the millions before it arrives and allow the evil ones to come up early without worrying about disease etc.

We will see if they escape retribution. The universe has a way of repaying wrong doing and rewarding good. What you sow.....YOU DEFINITELY REAP. God help those doing this and God Bless those trying to stop it.

Vatic said...

I forgot to mention, these leaders will be dropping off to go underground to their facilities they have prepared for some time now along with their seed bank and the DNA lists they have been collecting on every animal, plant, and human on the face of the earth so they can reseed it rather than waiting a thousand years for it to reseed itself.

david griffith said...

The fact that there's sod all about 9/11 in Wikileaks raises doubts.

Nothing about ... ANYTHING meaningful.

Oh yes .... in Australia we find that Kevn Rudd - our Prime Ministe at the time - suggests that the U.S. may have to be prepared to use force in its dealings with China.

So what? Hardly world shattering.

The CIA really is a monster which, by spawning insubstantial monsters such as Al Queda, raises a question.

What's the point?

I know there are agendas which aren't 'good' for most of us but ...what a waste of effort and resources.

Nice to see that cold fusion may have been achieved.

Yoo hoo and hooray for humanity. Even 'the powers that be' see through a glass darkly.

Anonymous said...

This is total nonsense. You have no real evidence to charge WikiLeaks of Julian Assange of being what you say he is. It is all based subjective opinions and should not be take seriuosly.