Powerlessness: Living on borrowed time

Vatic Note:   First let me say this before we begin this:   "V" FOR VICTORY!
Now, into my diatribe about this article.    He has a very good point.    After all we have just read over the past two days,  I don't blame him for saying all this.  But being the person I am, I never ever give up,  however, if I were to give up, this speaks volumes perfectly to why I would.   I can even understand why he believes we are doomed.  Once you realize that people like himself and myself have been literally begging people for at least 10 years of our lives, to look at our evidence and research and thus  to wake up to what is happening and how deep and how perverse and how very evil it is, only to receive  the most obscene abuse for that effort,  and to  continue anyway hoping one or two would change and see the light.  Does "Conspiracy Nut" or "Tin Foil Hat" ring a bell??? 

It was a lonely solitary battle, until recently (thank goodness its changing), against all odds and realizing the battle isn't against the bankers or the zionists or the royalty of europe, the battle was and is against our own people, who treat the messanger as the enemy rather than as a Paul Revere or a watchman sounding the alarm, a person who is not crazy,  finally gives up.   I won't do it because I am crazy,  but I understand others doing it.  We LET our government for decades commit horrible atrocities IN OUR NAME against other other defenseless and vulnerable third world poor countries for profit and gain. Finally that same cabal is coming home to roost to do to us what we allowed them to do to others as practice for what they have finally done to us.  Talk about poetic justice, a form of Karma if you will or reaping what you sow.  We chose not to be vigilant and didn't have time to monitor our republic and its leaders.    Then we don't watch what they are doing genetically with Rothschild/Rockefellers "Crimes against Humanity"  Eugenics funding by his foundation nor do we demand the gov monitor the horrors they are creating with genetic manipulation, and we wonder "what the hell happened while I was not watching?"   Even I have said that and I was watching closer than most. 

Then you have those that saw the light, knew several years ago what was coming and what did they do??? THEY RAN.  They now live in foreign countries that will soon be bombed and attacked and destroyed by the coming nuke wars.  We are actually safer here because of our numbers than we would have been in Belize, or Uruaguay or Costa Rica as we now see with 8,000 marines occupying Costa Rico. 

I am sending this as  a tough love exercise.   Its a look in the mirror to begin to see AND ADMIT our role in all that is happening to us and our abandonment of our principles, our integrity and worse, the abandonment of our own children.   Without that honest admission as to our own role in our own demise,  we cannot then find the power to overturn it and save ourselves, our nation and our children.   We have abandoned the legacy left to us by our ancestors and abused it horribly by relinquishing all that we were about,  to an unknown sick and perverted foreign enemy with a long history of doing this globally to the point where they had been kicked out of two homelands because of it, Mongolia and Khazaria.  Our ancestors died  to preserve that which made this nation and our civilization great.  

But now its just another roman empire slipping into the bowels of oblivion without a whimper.   I refuse to give up, but then my father always said "You would bite off your nose to spite your face".    He was right.  I intend, if I live long enough, to be one of their worst nightmares.  HOW ABOUT YOU????  At this point we may take a stand, but the odds in our favor dropped dramatically during the last election and  this recent one seals it.   How you know you sold out is "Did you vote a straight third party ticket in the last election??? NO?  Then you voted for more of the same of the past 10 years.

Why would anyone in their right mind do that?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and over and expecting different results.    Read this all the way through as he hits the mark squarely and you will find it can't be denied at all.   Its the only way to get our power back.  Read and decide.  Frankly, after you read this,  the best thing you could do is GET DAMN GOOD AND MAD, INSENSED, APPALLED, AND SHOCKED.  That is the first step to action and out of helplessness. 
The second step is to decide what kind of world do you want to live in.   Then begin working to make it the way you want it to be.  We created this mess, we can create something new.   If we have the courage and a deep sense of community... it can be done. 


Living on borrowed time
3rd September 2010, by John Kaminiski

How often have you heard this lately? “Stop telling me what’s wrong! Tell me how to fix it!”

Whether it’s phony politicians (VN: in concert with foreign powers) delivering false flag attacks on their own constituents, media Elvises rallying adoring fans into meaningless campaigns, or doctors telling you the recommended medicine will kill you but may take longer than the disease, we are all ready to throw up our hands and scream: “Enough of describing the many problems we face!

Bad water, dead food, chemtrails, idiot wars, poison medicine! What can we do about any of these things? Potentially each one of these things likely will kill us. Taken together — all of the bad news of the world — is just too much to comprehend. How can we stop this 360 degree onslaught on our existences, how can we prevent every iota of our freedom from slipping away? We are about to become prepackaged, preprogrammed bugs in a jar. How can we stop this?”

Short answer? We can’t. (VN:  again, I disagree here,  non cooperation and "last resort" tactics are still available.)

All you can do when you’re falling off the cliff is record as much data as you can for as long as you can. That’s all any of us ever could do.

Who am I to give advice as my ledge crumbles? I don’t like to think of it as advice, more like recorded data that indicate, at the very least, all the stories we’ve been told throughout our lives are convenient fictions meant to keep us regimented, channeled, controlled, and not asking questions like why is it our soft serene American way of life is based on killing people in some faraway place we’ve never heard of?

The great American fortunes — those folks in most prestigious society — were built on the sale of slaves from Africa, the sale of drugs to China and the rape and expropriation of native inhabitants and their land. The representative government we have so extolled has been completely bought and paid for since before your grandparents were born.

American society has expanded its poisonous array of profitable products that mostly result in disease — like bras and breast cancer — to the point where the only thing that’s important is that spark of innovation that is the so-called cutting edge of technology; new breakthroughs in science and comfort are all we care about. Nobody pays much attention to the dead computer frames in the landfill except the Mexicans who are hired to clean them up. Nobody even cares much about the poisoned oil in the Gulf of Mexico except as to how it will affect the size of their wallets.

Thanks to congenial media, Americans seem to be satisfied that we are making war for spurious reasons. That’s because most Americans simply refuse to believe that all the wars that have cost us so much have all and always been based on spurious reasons.

So how does our warlike demeanor against an enemy we have always had to invent compare to that pair of eyes we look at in the mirror? How often do you look at them, how often are you satisfied with their answer? Did you ever look in the mirror and think of a dead Palestinian?

What is it you really believe? There is an ancient saying of indeterminate origin . . . “in every window there is a door . . .”

The example I use most frequently is the 9/11 window opening the door to American history, the real history, in which America was unable to free itself from the tentacles and machinations of the so-called European monarchies, which is a misnomer because by the time of the war of 1812, the Jewish New World Order, founded by Meyer Amschel Rothschild, had under its control all those monarchies by currency manipulation. The New World Order is really government by currency manipulation, and it began in 1777. It has gained its unassailable supremacy in all areas of human endeavor by inexorable increments in the 233 years since.

Control of money necessarily implies control of media. As such, what information becomes known by the general population has throughout history varied greatly from what was actually going on. Only when everyone’s dead and all the facts can be sorted out with some degree of impartiality can some sort of objective truth be ascertained.

When I realized 9/11 was planned and executed by a combination of well-known U.S. officials under the tutelage of the Israeli Mossad handlers who control the White House as well as most other government agencies — all acting on the orders of Jewish bankers in New York and London — simply for the purpose of waging eternal war against the Muslim world (as well as scooping up trillions in gold and certificates housed at the 9/11 site), I realized that all American history I’d learned in school and later was a fake story, with all the real reasons for things happening being erased or downplayed in what we got to read, and the party line of the money happy banks being put in our history books. Which is what is happening now as current school textbooks wax poetic about named Islamic terrorists who engineered 9/11 but don’t mention that seven of these terrorist names later turned up alive after the event.

Most of us already know the chapter and verse of the events leading up to 9/11, as well as the cynical wars that took place afterwards, but walk with me now through the window that became the door to American history, opened by the demolition bombs dropped on New York City by our own leaders.

Our history has been built on a succession of these false stories, wars contrived for profit, and always the same people behind them, covertly funding both sides in each war. Think of Nelson Rockefeller delivering Ford trucks to Moscow, which were then funneled to the North Vietnamese and used to kill Americans, who were ostensibly there to fight the very Communism that Rockefeller was bankrolling. Getting the picture?

The bomb in Oklahoma City — the 9/11 trial event — exploded outside the building, yet when the building exploded, it exploded IN THE DIRECTION of the bomb. A high school physics freshman could tell you about that story, which killed the militia movement, which was its purpose.

The sinking of the Lusitania was the fake, contrived disaster that enabled the American populace to “approve” World War I, at least, according to the Jewish newspapers. The attack on Pearl Harbor, 2,200 U.S. dead, is now well known to have been a deliberate plan concocted by Roosevelt’s Jewish advisers to get the U.S. into the war in Europe. The Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened, most everybody knows by now. And how many people giggle uncomfortably when the subject of Saddam’s “weapons of mass destruction” comes up?

Think of David Koresh and the FBI burning his family and his children because he knew something about the cocaine smuggling traffic from Nicaragua to Mena, Arkansas. Or Vicki Weaver, holding her baby, taking a bullet in the head from Lon Horiuchi (later given an award), because her husband had bought an illegal gun (one quarter inch too short) from an FBI snitch. Or Gordon Kahl, in 1983, having his hands and feet cut off by the FBI because he didn’t believe in our phony tax system.

So I guess the question really becomes . . . would you go to war for Barack Obama?
The answer is . . . not if you’re a conscious, fully functioning human being.

And the question at the beginning of this essay — what can we do about any of it?

Arthur Koestler, the Jewish author well known for his bringing knowledge of the Khazars to the world (Khazars are really Russians pretending to be indigenous to Palestine), also wrote another book titled “Darkness at Noon,” the central thesis of which is embodied in this one line.

“The most powerful weapon that humans possess is the power to say NO.” (VN:  this is what the people to people initiative has been touting for 8 months now and to no avail, non cooperation is the key, but only a few doing it won't work, it has to be a serious mass movement)

And that’s what we must do, now, and powerfully, purposefully. We must all rise up and say “no” to this criminal government, this satanic entity that drives us all toward our doom as profitably (for them) as possible.

But beyond that is another, more important, realization.

We are living on borrowed time.

We think we own our lives, but upon clearer reflection, it is clear we don’t.

In a way, we only rent this space for a little while, 70 to 100 years, if we’re lucky. But we don’t act that way. We act as if we own the place. And we don’t.

Until we realize that we don’t own this place, we will continue to destroy it because we think we do, and we think we can do as we like to it with no consequence.

Well, you need only to take a quick look around — especially if you’re sitting seaside on the Gulf of Mexico, contemplating the unfathomable amount of poison that has just been poured into it — to realize the consequence.

The world has been destroyed on our watch. In our lifetimes. Who else can we blame but ourselves for this dereliction of duty?

You wanted an answer instead of a complaint? A combination of our willingness to aspire to the pleasurable escape over the more mundane securing of our lives and our happiness through basic discipline and sense, and our belief that we own this life rather than the reality of the situation that we’re just renting it, have allowed us to forget what’s really important — health of our children — and instead focus on what’s really entertaining and what makes us forget that we’re only here for a little while.

Beware of what you crave for you will get it. And that’s what we got.

The escape from reality we all have sought in our own ways has succeeded, and reality has now escaped us, seemingly permanently, guaranteeing the impossibility of ever reaching who it was we hoped to be.

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