"Remember Who We Are" Powerful beings!

Are songs the powerful soul language of Americans? Yes, they are!!!
They tell us where we are, and where we intend to go. 
by Vatic Master

Update:   I waited for a shift change and got the videos working again.   So enjoy while they are still up. 

I have just found these three songs and was touched by them. They are reminescent of the 60's and 70's protest songs, but more powerful I think. Remember, both singing and painting or visual arts is a direct communication between the spirit and the three dimensional world without the interference of the mental field.

This is where intentions are created and grow to massive levels if we feed them, thus altering our reality as we see daily. The powers that be are becoming more and more afraid and making more and more mistakes. Lets keep that going. Learn these songs to go with all of your intentions about our world and its future.

I don't believe, in my lifetime, I have ever seen the nation begin to stir with the power within them that I have seen and felt this time around. Remember, we are POWERFUL and if you have forgotten that, please revisit "The secret power of the mind" here  and here, on our blog and the power of "water" as well since its mentioned in the first one. Remember all of these were scientifically proven just how powerful we can be if we choose to be so. 

Enjoy these and they are going up on the blog as soon as they run their course. As you can see off to the right, I believe in music and its power as do the evil ones since they have killed off so many of our great protest artists like John Lennon. So there must be something to this. Lets make it work for us. Pass these along.

"I Am America", singer Krista Branch ( fabulous)

"Never going to stand for this!"
Teachenor Clark, singer

"Remember Who We Are" by Krista Branch


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Brock said...

Great choice,Krita's lyrics are as beautiful as she is!Thanks Vatic,a great pick me up.Brock

Vatic said...

Yeah, that is why I have the music up off to the right.... so we can take breaks and remember why we are doing this. LOL You should also play her "I am America". Is great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vatic , Krista's songs are beautiful and carry the message for all with her great voice !
Hope this gets played lots on all radio stations !
At a time when everything just seams to get worse , Krista's music gives real hope and good spirit .