Obama's Opium War

Vatic Note: This video is excellent. Since we started this blog, I have been shocked at what we do not know at the most base level. This is another example of learning something I had not known, and that was Russias offer to work with the US to rid the area of all drug production in Afghanistan, and our refusal by Obama to stop the drug production since he is working with AND FOR the British THROUGH HIS CIA JOB through the TAVISTOCK GROUP, to keep the source of funding the war "of terrorism", which the british has always done historically and which this video covers nicely, which we did not know.  Althought we had plenty of evidence suggesting this at a superficial level,  we simply did not realize how involved the british incest set had been involved.   Now we know.  Remember also the international bankers need those drug money laundering activities to go on if they are going to be able to continue to operate financially and profit handsomely, once they get past their apocolyptic event they have planned for us. 

This has been a very serious eye opener. The British Israeli and Saudi alliance (yes, thats right, royalty stick together, after all Britian created both Saudi Arabia and their royal family after WW I and Israel, did you not notice that?   Why?  For control of the middle east, destruction of the dominant Ottoman empire and for control of the oil.  And remember the international bankers together benefit financially in this policy of all owning if not protecting the drug industry using US troops to do so which is criminal and an impeachable offense and our soldiers have the right to refuse since protecting such illegal drug industry is against their oath to follow only LEGAL ORDERS.

This is actually an impeachable offense. Same for Bush since he and his family who are seriously related to the Queen were the initiators of this program with Obama ( another relative of the Queen through the Bush line) while also being a dual Israeli citizen on his mothers side of the family and thus simply continuing what Bush started. When did American condone such massive scale criminal acts as we have seen over the past 30 years under the Bush and Clinton Rockefeller cabal and are continuing??? Never, these men must be gone. That needs to be the bases of votes for this next election.

Obama's Opium War
April 1st, 2010 • 1:18 AM

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Anonymous said...

You state: "refusal by Obama to stop the drug production since he is working with AND FOR the British THROUGH HIS CIA JOB through the TAVISTOCK GROUP."

You offer NO EVIDENCE for that statement. None. Not one iota.

You state that it is both Bush and Obama's initiative, and yet you proclaim it Obama's war.

Learn to write better, and with some authority behind your writings, and maybe someone might take you seriously.

Vatic said...

Oh, please, simply put into the search button above Obama and Tavistock or CIA or even "dual Israeli" Citizen. I even covered that. I simply do not make statements that I have not verified and posted on this blog at one time or another.

If you are not a regular reader here and are simply a right left robot, you will not gain evidence to what I am saying. Take the time and do some exploring, THAT IS IF YOU ARE TRULY INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH. If not, well, then simply slam someone and move on. Attacking the messanger is a very old tactic that seldom works anymore.

People now want to see YOUR evidence supporting your comments since many are returning visitors here and have read what I am saying above. CIA is connected to Tavistock which we proved, Obama worked for the CIA which we proved and you cannot find anywhere where he ever resigned. Good luck in your search and if you do find it, please help us out with truth and provide it to us.

As for Bush vs Obama and both continuing the same agenda, if you are unable to see that then you are NOT PAYING ATTENTION AT ALL. That is the most obvious reason he is in the bottom basement so far in the polls that he could get stuck in the mud down there.

Vatic said...

I forgot to mention, I don't care if the President is either right or left, dem or repub, if he is harming this country, I intend to put it out there and prove it. Show me where he gave orders to remove the troops from those poppy fields and ordered the poppy fields destroyed?

I will apologize if you show me such evidence. Thanks