The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See! (1of2)

Vatic Note: This was shocking at the time it was released, but now we must go down this rabbit hole. In the past, she did not win the primary so there was no need to do that, however, now there is speculation that Obama may try to pull her into the next race as VP, dumping Biden (which, given his khazar love affair with the zionists), is not a bad idea, but then Hillary is also one of those, so who knows, maybe its to shore up Obama's base of conservative dems,  but worse, It is speculated that she will reject the offer because she intends to run against Obama in 2012 instead.

NOW THIS BECOMES IMPORTANT TO REVISIT SINCE WE SIMPLY DO NOT NEED ANYMORE CRIMINALS RUNNING THIS WHITE HOUSE AND GOVERNMENT. Remember Hillary "Rodham" is a zionist completely and that is why she ran in NY instead of Arkansas. Here is what is very very interesting.... keep these facts in mind.....

1. Domestic assassinations squads under CIA and mossad were active since late 80's to Present and handling issues that were a threat to the Israeli gov or neocon domestic and foreign agendas like Carnahan & Wellstone among others, etc.

2.. JFK jr. gave notice he wanted to run for the NY senate seat back in 1999 at the end of the Clinton admin,   (Pay attention to those dates,  its when Hillary ran for the senate after Kennedy died, its important as you continue to both read, check out the links and watch the videos)  Remember, JFK Jr, was like his Dad, a man of integrity.  He would never be owned by the NY Zionists banker mafia.

 In case we forget what that hand signal means, let's show where it comes from and you can deduce from there.

At the end of the Clinton presidency, John Kennedy, Jr. was considering a run for the senate seat that his Uncle Bobby held briefly in the 1960s. He would ultimately yield to the power brokers (Zionists) of the Democrat Party (Not true, HE WAS KILLED IN JULY 1999).  The then-First Lady, Hillary Clinton, ran and won her seat in the U. S. Senate.

3. Did the Jewish mafia finance Hillary? Is there a Jewish mafia?

Lots of questions and very very few answers. AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO, you can see how effective the Clinton/Bush cabal were in covering up crimes and making sure Hillary was protected and totally propogandized by the Zionist controlled and owned press from ever taking any responsibility for what she had done. IS THIS WHO WE WANT AS A HEART BEAT AWAY FROM THE THRONE???

This was truly an eye opening experience watching these two videos. Both sides of the conflict, Hillary and Peter Paul, are satanists (Notice spider mans satanic hand signal and remember Peter Paul was involved with saving that movie project when it was going by the way of the dodo bird, that is covered in this video below), so its infighting we are looking at here between the elite and the zionists internally. Here is how we can prove it. (I like it when they infight since that is probably the only time pure truth comes out and you can count on it)

The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See! (1of2)

The Roughcut Trailer for: Hillary Uncensored - The Documentary.
October 18, 2007

For links to other evidence of the frauds Hillary directed to win her senate seat, refer to Hillary Clinton Accountability Project - http://www.hillcap.org/ , or http://www.peterfpaul.com/

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Then, there's the Clintons... This is the video that's been buzzing around the blogs for the past few months, becoming one of the most viewed on Google Video. It shows the Peter Paul side of the issue, which involves allegations that Hillary Clinton has committed numerous federal election law violations, has lied about them to cover them up, all culminating in what might be felonious conduct on her part. Paul makes a strong case here. Will the media continue to do its best to bury what might be the largest election fraud in US history? Stay tuned...

This is the most shocking expose on the blatant corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton. Includes exclusive home videos of Hillary to expose the illegalities that elected Hillary to the Senate and the obstructions of justice that keep her there. The full documentary, at (http://www.hillcap.org) and (http://www.peterfpaul.com) will be released on November 1, 2007 by Equal Justice Foundation of America.

Equal Justice Foundation of America

Part I


Part 2 -


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