Control Of Food Supply To Be Handed Over To Department Of Homeland Security

Vatic Note: Remember, we are not obligated to follow unjust laws, nor are we obligated to become sheep and take whatever is dished out. Remember we are still governed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights and no one has bothered to change that, so the only law breakers right now are the Congress and White House with respect to the miriad number of violations of both documents they have engaged in at the behest of their owners, bankers and foreign occupying forces of another country, all these crimes committed through illegal legislation passed, White House executive orders, signing statements and presidential directives. If we do NOT COOPERATE in any of these fascist laws then we are on the side of right and legal. They are not. Keep that in mind. It does take courage to not cooperate, but its going to take a lot more courage to submit as cattle to these ranchers of humanity. I prefer the first one to the second.

Control Of Food Supply To Be Handed Over To Department Of Homeland Security
S.510 deceptively titled “Food Safety and Modernization Act” written by and for Monsanto lobbyists

Alan Villegas
Official Wire
Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The words “homeland security” are found 41 times in the text of the bill S. 510, also known as the Food Safety Modernization Act. Unprecedented powers over food are set to be handed over to Homeland Security if the bill is not stopped.

The bill opens opens the door to even more federal control over the everyday lives of American citizens. Since they are already engaging in organic raw milk raids without the increased powers of S. 510, the question is going to be how many more guns-drawn raids are we to expect after the bill becomes law?

It gets worse. Not only does the bill grant the FDA more power, Michael R. Taylor was named deputy commissioner for foods at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in January 2010.

Michael R. Taylor also worked for Monsanto, was a lobbyist for them, according to Wikipedia. And all of this activity is happening at a time when a flourishing self-sufficiency movement is taking hold in this country, at a time when demand for fresh, local, and organic food is at an all time high.

The question is: Do America’s small farmers want a pro-Monsanto lobbyist in charge of the nation’s food supply?

The answer is clear and this may turn out to be a draw-the-line-in-the-sand moment for many people. May God bless America!

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Cliff Livingstone said...

I thought you might be interested in directing your readers to this...

Since the 911 Pentagon strike, numerous attempts have been made to show the Pentagon was hit by a missile and not a passenger jet. Similarly attempts have been made to disprove the official story. All have their merits but none could be said to be conclusive beyond all doubt until now.

A new article recently released on website www.wholelook.com puts an end to any doubt that the object hitting the Pentagon was a missile and not a passenger jet, and that the official story is a bunch of twaddle.

The article is in a section of www.wholelook.com called ‘Controversial Issues’. More specifically at link:

http://www.wholelook.com/content/missile1.asp .

For those of you who do not speak English well, or have non English speaking friends, Wholelook has a translation feature whereby you can convert either the whole website or just the article into anyone of 52 different languages first before reading it.

Thanks and bless,


Vatic said...

I put the link in the addy bar and it said it wasn't working. Can you verify that link about the missle so I can try it again. I tried it twice and both times it gave an error message.


Anonymous said...

In response to Cliff:

My friend, who was working in the Pentagon on Sept 11th, actually saw the passenger jet coming towards her office windows. She also saw the engine of the plane fly off of the wing, and saw one passenger seat ejected from the plane into the basement of the building. Her eye-witness account helped to locate the missing child in that seat. It was a passenger plane. She still has nightmares to this day over what she visually saw!

Vatic said...

Well, now that is interesting indeed. Tell us exactly where your friend was and what she was doing in that part of the Pentagon??? I would dearly love to hear this one. Thanks