Physicist Michio Kaku talks about sinister weather modification to nervous CBS crew

Physicist Michio Kaku talks about sinister weather modification to nervous CBS crew


By: Lukas Magnuson
Date: 2016-10-21

In an interview with CBS, a leading physicist named Dr. Michio Kaku has blown the lid on secret experiments into weather modification. He described the experiments in great detail, and many have noted that they sound remarkably similar to the experiments that have been carried out at the HAARP facility in Alaska. In both cases, the weather modification has been achieved by shooting lasers and nanoparticles into the sky.

Dr. Kaku is not the only scientist to have attested to the feasibility of advanced weather modification technology. In a paper published in ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, Professor Wolf Kasparian has described the process in some detail. He claims that laser beams can be used to create a strong effect of ice multiplication in thin cirrus ice clouds. This increases the optical thickness of the cloud and causes a corresponding change in the weather in the atmosphere.

According to Dr. Kaku, the government of the United States is not alone in its experimentation with this extraordinary technology, and he claims that weather modification has been attempted all over the world. However, when he specifically started to draw attention to governmental collaboration with this kind of experiment he was quickly interrupted by the CBS anchors who assured the viewers that these experiments were only ‘alleged’. This is a fairly typical response to the topic of weather modification among members of the press, most of whom seem to believe that stories of weather modification are too outlandish to be true.

However, the evidence for weather modification technology keeps piling up. The testaments of these two scientists can be added to the mass of testimony given by whistleblowers and independent researchers over the years. The United States government has tacitly admitted that they have been involved in this kind of project in the past but have always been very coy about admitting the full extent of these secret programs. It is hoped that as more and more people choose to speak out about weather modification technologies the veil of secrecy will finally be lifted.

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