Cancer Cures Video

Cancer Cures Video


By: WantToKnow.info
Date: 2016-08-08

Cancer Cures Video
Video Documentary Reveals Suppressed Cancer Cures

Cancer Cures Video.

"One of the great things about [potential cancer cure] DCA is that it's a simple compound, in the public domain, and could be produced for pennies a dose. But that's also a problem, because big drug companies are unlikely to spend a billion dollars or so on large-scale clinical trials for a compound they can't patent."
  ~~  Newsweek article on potential cancer cure DCA, 1/23/07

The alleged cancer cures presented in the excellent video documentary "Cancer: The Forbidden Cures" are well worth exploring. Though not yet proven under rigorous scientific protocols which are very expensive, there is no doubt that thousands of people doctors had sent home to die were cured after taking the cancer treatments presented in this engaging documentary. If you or someone you know is dealing with cancer, this essay and film provide a wealth of invaluable information on negotiating the daunting labyrinth of cancer treatment.

Regardless of the efficacy of the potential cancer cures presented in this documentary, the fact that top medical officials undeniably suppressed these treatments is enough to warrant attention. The fact that big money was offered to buy the rights to the some of these controversial cancer cures also attests to their value. And the fact that so many people sent home to die by the medical establishment now are alive and swear by these treatments also suggests at least some value.

A highly informative 20-minute version of "Cancer: The Forbidden Cures" is available at the link below. If you want to understand the complex world of alternative cancer treatments and be inspired with real hope for finding a cure, this is a must-watch video.


If you don't have time, at least watch the five-minute version at this link. And for those interested, click here for the entire 72-minute documentary. Though providing a much fuller story and some excellent information, the full version of "Cancer: The Forbidden Cures" has a tendency to paint allopathic medicine as all bad. Clearly Western medicine has its place. Yet there is ample evidence that it can be somewhat myopic in its views on alternative medicine. As there are so few good documentaries on this topic, the film's producers can be forgiven for their anti-allopathic sentiments.

"Cancer: The Forbidden Cures" presents Essiac, the Hoxsey treatment, Gerson therapy, laetrile, and shark cartilage as potential cancer cures. For more on these, click on the links provided. This film explains how it is virtually impossible for these inexpensive, natural treatments to receive government approval. The FDA requires extremely expensive clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy of treatment, yet due to minimal profit in natural cures, trials will likely never be conducted, thus preventing approval of natural treatments, even if they do cure cancer.

The Medical Establishment Doesn't Want an Inexpensive Cancer Cure

Even more problematic are those within the medical industry who have a vested interest in preventing alternative treatments from even gaining publicity, let alone approval. Chemotherapy drugs net billions of dollars in profits every year, fattening the wallets of physicians and drug company officers and stockholders. The respected American Medical Association (AMA) also reaps major profits from cancer medication advertisements and promotions.

Few people are aware of the unsavory history of the AMA and its Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). This influential organization and its leaders became wealthy and powerful in the first half of the 20th century through selectively granting a seal of approval for untested drugs only to companies who would pay hefty fees to the AMA, and through major income from the tobacco industry for JAMA's promotions of cigarette smoking and its false claims about cigarette safety. For a brief essay describing these corrupt practices and more, click here.

"Cancer: The Forbidden Cures" reveals that the controversial man who was chief editor of the JAMA for 26 years, Morris Fishbein, worked tirelessly to prevent any potential cancer cure that was not under the control of the medical establishment from seeing the light of day. Fishbein, who was glowingly featured in a 1937 cover story of Time magazine, was actively involved in suppressing the alleged cancer cures in two of the five cases presented in this documentary, as well as many others not mentioned.

An article in Time only two years later describes how Fishbein and the AMA were indicted for profiteering through limiting a patient's choice of doctor and preventing competition among doctors. Fishbein was also the main force behind the AMA's promotion of smoking. After leaving the AMA, he became consultant to a tobacco company dedicated to minimizing any link between smoking and cancer. Quite the opposite of the New England Journal of Medicine's courageous chief editor Marcia Angell, who worked tirelessly to expose the blatant manipulations of the drug industry, Fishbein was seen by many as much more interested in making money than in protecting public health.

"Cancer: The Forbidden Cures" further shows how famous cancer institutes like the esteemed Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center prevented both studies and the publication of any information that might show that alternative treatments did, in fact, have significant cancer cure rates. Read what Sloan-Kettering's own assistant director of public affairs, Dr. Ralph Moss (now a top advocate of alternative cancer therapies), had to say about this in his essay at this link. Moss was fired simply for speaking the truth of what he saw. Many in the medical establishment clearly have a vested interest in suppressing any natural cancer cures.

The Good News

The exciting news is that thanks to the Internet and caring people like you, the truth is reaching ever greater numbers of people around the globe. Whereas in the past, top medical officials could manipulate the press and public opinion with their power and prestige, the Internet now allows any discerning citizen to explore what is really going on behind the scenes. Quality websites like WantToKnow.info are using reliable, verifiable information to educate the public and inspiring us to work together to build a brighter future for us all.

Read below key excerpts from recent major media articles showing fascinating potential cancer cures that are getting neither the funding nor the public attention they deserve. A few highly revealing articles like this have made news, yet what should have been exciting, front-page news is often reported only by one media source and then dropped. Thankfully, by compiling these key, isolated reports, we can show what is going on here and work together to bring these promising treatments the attention and funding they deserve.

The media's continuing lack of coverage on this vital topic is quite disappointing. For an excellent two-page summary showing how the media is controlled on key topics like this, click here. Yet now you can help to educate others and build the critical mass necessary by spreading this message. Once we reach critical mass, the media will be forced to report on these matters and the public will demand change. See the "What you can do" section at the end of this message for more. And thanks for caring. Together, we are making a difference.

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