Re-launch in T minus Nine Days...

Clerk Note: On the anniversary of the late Vatic Master's birth in nine more days, the Vatic Project comes roaring to back to life in the heat of election 2016. Planned specials are: Trump day, Clinton day, Sanders/Stein day, Johnson day, police state date, drone day...

The Vatic Project has no goal of becoming a source for breaking news. The inherent laziness and efficiency of the Vatic Clerk almost guarantees this outcome, because the publication queue gets filled in the past when time is available with articles authored and published earlier than that. Themes and patterns arise that make sense to be grouped together, that further jukes with timeliness.

The Vatic Project has a goal of four interesting postings per day, appropriate labels, and "read more" breaks. When this is exceeded -- such as on Trump Day --, consider it a fluke rather than a commitment, trend, or benchmark.

Further, the Vatic Project has a goal of becoming a legacy and a research tool. Labels are instrumental to this end. The labeling project of old content is underway, but estimates with the current labor force put completion Q1 of 2017, if laziness and procrastination doesn't interfere significantly. The Vatic Clerk is kicking himself for not creating a monthly task to add labels and "read more" breaks to Vatic Master's efforts instead of putting it off until all at once after her passing.

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