Turkey Opens Secret Border-Crossing to Dispatch more Arms, Recruits to Terrorists in Syria

Vatic Note:  So, what the heck is going on here?  Lets take a hard look at Turkey who is now part of NATO, and Israel who now has a non member rep attending NATO sessions.   Lets recall a blog we did proving that the royal families of the Saudi Peninsula countries were all khazars, put in place by the British royalty right after WW I, when they divided up the Ottoman Empire.

Ironically, just recently Prince Charles admitted his lineage from the royal house of Romania and how he now owns 7 residences in Romania, which was part of Khazaria at one time.  That definitely explains the British inserting themselves in such work, and added to that the Influence the khazar Rothschilds have on the royal family, and add to that the role the British played in creating Israel after WW II, then you have a perfect picture of who is what and who in this global game of take over.

Turkey is very heavily involved in the Khazar control of the middle east and has played a major role as an ally to the khazars of all those nations,  The Saudi Peninsula and control of Israel, and all of it controlled by the Rothschild bankers, who finance and support the lavish life style of the British Royals.

We also know that the Israeli's created the terrorist ISIS and are using them to take over the middle east from the arabs and from the Jews, as well as Christians.  Lets not forget who beheaded christians in Syria, yup it was the terrorists who have no conflict with Christians, rather, the Khazars of Israel do as is evidenced by their Noahide Laws, where Christ believing is a crime and beheading is the penalty.  That was how I knew those beheading Christians in Syria were not true rebels, rather, they were khazars pretending to be rebels.

This is all about an invasion of that region, a take over, and prelude to global control of the planet.  Get ready to fight back.  Why do you think they are so obsessed with getting our guns?

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Turkey Opens Secret Border-Crossing to Dispatch more Arms, Recruits to Terrorists in Syria.
By GPD, Reporter, Veterans Today, May 6, 2016

Turkey Opens Secret Border-Crossing to Dispatch more Arms, Recruits to Terrorists in Syria
TEHRAN (FNA) – Kurdish media activists disclosed that Turkey has set up a new border crossing with Syria’s Aleppo province to provide secretly the terrorist groups with more heavy weapons.
“Based on continued demands of the Ankara-backed terrorist groups of Faylaq al-Sultan Murad, Ahrar al-Sham, al-Nusra Front and Faylaq al-Sham and after repeated reports on the involvement of Turkey in shipment of arms to terrorist groups in Syria, the Turkish military and intelligence officials managed to open a new border crossing with the width of 2 kilometers for the dispatch of tanks and armored personnel carries to the terrorist-held regions North of Syria,” the sources said.

“The new border crossing is ready to shoulder Bab al-Salamaeh border crossing’s activities,” the sources added.The new border crossing connects the Turkish territories to the village of Hawar Kalas in the Northeastern part of Azaz,” they went on to say.

In mid-April, informed sources said that a large number of terrorists, with different nationalities, crossed the Turkish border with Syria’s Northern province of Aleppo to join their comrades in al-Nusra Front.

“Foreign-national terrorist, trained and supplied in Turkey, have entered the territories of Northern Aleppo in groups to join the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front,” the sources said, adding, “The fresh terrorists have brought with them a large volume of ammunition and weapons.”

Different sources have underlined on many occasions the role of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in infiltration of foreign terrorists and shipment of arms to terrorist-held lands in Syria.

The sources also have confirmed that al-Nusra Front has no good situation in Aleppo’s battlefields.

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