The New ‘Star Wars’ Posters Are All About the One-Eye Sign

Vatic Note:   This is no surprise to me.   The cabal is starting to be blantantly up front about all their plans and are no longer trying to hide anything from us.  I suspect most of you have gotten that already.

How many times have we seen this put out to us by the illum families?  Too many times to count.  Remember, these illums (khazars) own all the media including the movie studios and production companies and that is why films have been crap lately.  Has anyone else noticed?   Back in the 40's they had unbelievably outstanding films, with excellent scripts, acting, directing, writing and subject matter, but that was when it was not controlled totally by the psychopathic cabal.

Now we get Zombie movies, or pure pap to sedate the masses and prevent them from "thinking" things through.  Can't have critical thinkers in a society that is in the process of being taken over by scum bags.

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The New ‘Star Wars’ Posters Are All About the One-Eye Sign 

Disney released five character posters promoting the highly anticipated movie ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. All five of them prominently feature the one-eye sign, indicating that the movie is part of the elite’s Agenda.  

The New ‘Star Wars’ Posters Are All About the One-Eye Sign

In 2012, the Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion and announced three new Star Wars films. On top of acquiring the rights to the tsunami of Star Wars merchandise that is about to flood the markets, Disney gave itself the luxury of molding these new movies to its liking.
Knowing Disney, its ramifications and its elite ties, you better believe that the “messages” in these new movies will closely conform to the occult elite’s Agenda. The new character posters released by Disney are early proof of this fact. Every one of them – the good guys and bad guys – feature one eye clearly hidden by a weapon. No matter what side they’re on, they’re owned by the elite.
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In my series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month, I regularly highlight the one-eye sign in popular culture as its omnipresence reflects the stronghold of the occult elite has on mass media. It is their sign.

In the case of Star Wars, things take giant proportions due to the extreme anticipation of the new movie, the series’ massive fan base and the fact that die-hard fans will embrace every piece of media associated with the movie.

In short, it is yet another step into turning popular culture into one big tool of propaganda for the occult elite.

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