“U.S. Government… a Clear and Present Threat to Liberty” say 49% of Americans… Polls

Vatic Note:  Notice how the trolls and minions of the Khazars are starting to sing the mantra of the US as a nazi state, a fascist state, so we would be hated, world wide. just like Germany was in WW II and they lost the war. Hint, hint!!!!   Thus, WW III would be assured.  Remember, these khazars are experts at deception and this WW III is no exception.

Well, that is because we have let the khazars control our government as well as who gets elected.  Time to stop all that and take control back again.  Iceland did it, so there is no reason why we can't do the same thing.  We just need to take control back of our government and that includes elections.  We need to throw the bankers in jail for a very long time.

“U.S. Government… a Clear and Present Threat to Liberty” say 49% of Americans… Polls

Government poses a threat to liberty, that much is clear.

But what may be surprising is that almost half of Americans clearly identified government as a clear and “immediate” threat, and are obviously outraged about what is going on.

Oddly, the number of angry Americans has remained consistent in poll number ever since about 2006 during George W. Bush’s second term, maintaining around 46-49% throughout Barack Obama’s entire presidency.

And yet, things continue to get worse and worse with each political cycle, and each new president… [wants more and more Americans in the Middle East conflict, now extended to a NATO-based alliance with the Ukraine against Russia.]

approaching-ww3-as-russia-moves-unprecedented-numbers-of-troops-into-syria Half_Of_Americans_Think_%22Government_Is_An_Immediate_Threat_To_Liberty

Gallup reported that:
Almost half of Americans, 49%, say the federal government poses “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens,” similar to what was found in previous surveys conducted over the last five years.
The remarkable finding about these attitudes is how much they reflect apparent antipathy toward the party controlling the White House, rather than being a purely fundamental or fixed philosophical attitude about government.

[…] during the Republican administration of George W. Bush, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents were consistently more likely than Republicans and Republican-leaning independents to say the federal government posed an immediate threat.
[…] during the Democratic Obama administration, the partisan gap flipped, with Republicans significantly more likely to agree.
Still, the persistent finding in recent years that half of the population views the government as an immediate threat underscores the degree to which the role and power of government remains a key issue of our time… numerous other measures show that the people give their government some of the lowest approval and trust ratings in the measures’ history.
So why does the situation between the people and government continue to deteriorate?

The complaints about government’s abuse of powers reaches across the isle, and straddles both parties in the White House, yet people tend to direct their anger only at the current president – thus falling for the ruse of blaming the puppet, and not the system.

As Americans shift blame about the state of affairs back-and-forth with every election, most miss the point about why these things are happening – someone is writing reports and creating policies that allow these things to happen. All the Congress and President do is approve them, and deflect attention towards who is running the show.
What are Americans upset about, according to polls?:

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