A Brief History of Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries, and the Developing Science of Orgonomy

Vatic Note:  Now this was very revealing and its another rabbit hole that I will be going down, over time.   I believe, after listening to this, that many myths can be answered scientifically through this research.  So much and so many writings of ancient peoples that showed miracles that happened, could be explained by this work that he did.   Further, I also believe, but have no found proof yet, that our cosmic connections and unexplained  events can also be explained by this work.   But we will see!

I decided to post this information, along with a few other articles on it, for those who are curious about it, and take them along this journey with me, into the mysterious unknown.   There must be something very special about this science since the ptb had him arrested, banned his work and destroyed his machines.  They also threw him in jail where he died.  A coincidence???  We will see.

One question I have already is "was this work, and the control of it taken by the PTB,  the basis for some of the technology the evil ones are using to thrwart weather, and use it as a weapon?  Can it cause earthquakes?  Does it change the energy we have access to and end up with a form of mind control?"   As  you can see, I have taken a deep interest in this line, so come along with me on this journey of discovery and enjoy the ride.

We have done some blogs on dark matter which he compares to Orgon, and he makes a comparison to "Life Force".   Why did the medical establishment go after Dr. Reisch? Because he showed that this force was also a healing force, that, like cannabis, was going to kill the profit taking of the drug companies. It also is an integral part of the human creation process.  I was astounded by that little fact.

There is a lot to absorb here, so take your time, digest what you can before moving on.  The digestion process is more important than the knowing and understanding the technical terms.  Its the basis for it all. Good luck and those of you, like me, who enjoy this kind of journey, have a good time.  Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Also notice the speed with which the FDA shut this project down.  That is a compelling proof of the fear generated by this knowledge and the threat to human control of others or masses of population.  THIS IS A WARNING!  DO  NOT READ IF YOU ARE TIED INTO SEX AS A TABOO TOPIC. I can now see why the ptb want to destroy the family life of its subjects. As you read this you may see it as well.  

He talks about authritarian domestic family life that creates psychosis.  I will tell you a little story of what my father did to his children (8 of them) that ruined the lives of most of those kids.  He lined us all up in the dining room, after teaching us it was wrong to lie.  He then told us, "That wall is white, right?" and we all said "Yes, daddy, its white."   Then he said "And I am your father, right? And we all said "yes, daddy, you are our father".   He then said, "So if I tell you that wall is black, you can think what you want, that I am crazy, BUT WHEN I ASK YOU WHAT COLOR THAT WALL IS, YOU WILL TELL ME ITS BLACK. RIGHT?"

He then proceeded to get each and every kid to say "yes, daddy, the wall is black". Until he got to me.  I said, "you can talk all day long, but that wall, is still white"   and he then said, since I was the rebel of the family, "YOU DON'T GET IT." and I said "No, you don't get it."  I am 12 years old, and what he was doing went against everything he taught us about lying.  So what he was saying was "its ok to lie, if your the Dad".  Wrong.  It was about athoritarianism.  It was about teaching us to succumb our ethics to an authoritarian figure head and I refused.  I am still refusing.  LOL

My sister, and I were just talking about this before I read this article.... and she told me that her whole life was based on what she learned that day.  She never spoke against my father, and envied me that I was so brave as to stand up against him.  She never could and it caused her to become compliant and complacent.  Yet, I was always in trouble, but I didn't care.  He taught me too well, to stand my ground for what was right.  Enough, now on to the article and analysis.

A Brief History of Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries, and the Developing Science of Orgonomy

Here's a short introductory YouTube clip you should enjoy. - 


The Wikipedia website entries are popular, but can be altered by virtually any anonymous person who desires to scribble some unsubstantiated personal opinion, gossip or deliberate deceit into them, or to erase legitimate and accurate materials which they object to.

Over the years, the Wikipedia (VN:  controlled by the khazars of Israel) entries on "Wilhelm Reich", "orgone energy", "orgonomy", "orgone accumulator", "cloudbusting", and so on, have had important factual materials erased, and substantial falsehood and even slander inserted by the professional "skeptic clubbers" and other "activists" with a personal grudge against Reich's findings.

By doing so, they have fabricated their own false narrative of Reich as a "quack pornographer" who "went insane" late in life, and who has no scientific support for his orgone energy discoveries. Wikipedia thereby helps to publicly spread a fully malicious misrepresentation of Reich's life and work, while simultaneously censoring and deleting all the newer scientific evidence indicating the importance of his findings for psychology, biology, physics, cosmology and atmospheric science.

Wikipedia entries on Reich should therefore not be consulted as accurate material, only as expressions of the open war against his findings which began in Europe in the 1930s, when Nazis and Communists maliciously assaulted him in newspapers, put him on death-lists and burned his books. This same malicious aggression to Get Reich continued in the USA after 1947 when a tidal wave of mainstream media slander began, leading to his death in prison, and the burning of his books.

Today, people of similar upset emotional backgrounds aim to utterly destroy the legacy of his research, through continued slander and distortion. For more information, see the page on "Wikipedia Slanders and Disinformation About Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy". Also see the "Emotional Plague Bibliography" and the OBRL "Response to Skeptics" pages. -

Following are two short descriptive articles on Reich and Orgonomy previously published. The first one is very general, while the second gives more detail with many resource weblinks and book citations for further study. Below that is the section on "Debunking Popular Myths and Disinformation About Wilhelm Reich".
Thanks for your interest.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Wilhelm Reich's Discoveries
by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

(Lithigraph, Ashland Oregon, July 1998.)

Around 1970, during my studies at the university, I became intrigued with the writings of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich on the controversial subjects of "biological energy" and his thesis that blocked emotions and sexual repression led to mental illness and neurosis. I met and studied with some of the scientists who had worked with Reich, experienced the orgone therapy Reich had developed, undertook simple experiments, and eventually became the first student at a mainstream American university to earn a Ph.D. for scientifically testing Reich's ideas.

For those who don't know, Reich was one of Freud's inner circle -- some say he was being groomed to take over leadership of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) -- but he was ultimately centrifuged out of that organization for his social reform and anti-Nazi work. Historians have since documented the general capitulation of German psychoanalysis to the Nazis, but not so Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian-Ukranian of Jewish background. Freud's early work strongly suggested emotions and sexuality were expressions of a tangible energetic "something", but it was Reich who provided the clearest evidence that the Freudian libido was a real energy, discharged during emotional expression and sexual orgasm.

Parental or social punishments against the youthful expression of emotion, or of sexual love, led to internalized repression -- but this was accomplished only by literally tightening one's muscles, binding the energy down within the body and creating a powerful conflict of internal bioenergetic tension. If repression became chronic, the consequent chronic internal tension formed a neuro-muscular armoring (much like the metal armor of a Medieval knight) by which the individual protectively walled themself off from an outer world of painful experiences. But the biophysical armor also blocked people's emotions and capacity for pleasure and happiness in life, including or especially their capacity for sexual excitation and pleasurable orgastic release.

Reich developed therapeutic methods to help people give up their emotional armor, to become more emotionally alive; but he also approached the problem from the social and political side of things, working to pass laws against child abuse, opposing the rigid sex-repressions and legal powers of the Church, to give women equal rights and pay, and to make divorce and contraceptives more freely available. He openly criticized the Nazis and the Communist Party for their power-mongering and threats against individual freedoms. For this, he was severely attacked from all quarters.

By the mid-1930s, Reich had been kicked out of the IPA, his books attacked and burned by the Nazis and German Communist Party. He fled to Denmark, and later to Scandinavia; while there, he undertook some of the first bioelectrical experiments on the subject of human sexuality and emotional expression. Reich's bioelectrical experiments proved that human emotion, sexual excitation and orgastic discharge were measurable phenomena. It was a breakthrough discovery in the field of human sexuality and psychology -- but the first of a series of discoveries that would increasingly put him at odds with the prevailing academic/scientific status quo of his time, and of the present time as well. Science of the 1930s was intolerant of open discussion of "orgasm", and Reich's books uncompromisingly focused upon such issues: The Function of the Orgasm, The Sexual Revolution, People in Trouble, and The Mass Psychology of Fascism are classics hardly mentioned even today.

Reich's later microscopical experiments with ameba would produce other breakthroughs in the biological sciences, in the discovery of the specific process of bionous decay of tissues, which lay at the basis of cancer cell formation. Reich's findings on cancer are directly observable, and not just some speculative theory -- his observations on pre-cancerous cellular processes significantly predated those of George Papanicolaou (of "Pap-test" fame), and Reich believed his scientific priority had in fact been stolen. Today, bionous decay is confirmed in the modern concept of "apoptosis", but don't look for any mention of Reich's discovery in the mainstream literature.

Unlike conventional medicine, Reich's discovery also revealed the role of emotional-sexual energy in the psychosomatic process. What at first appeared to be only "bioelectricity" was later clarified by Reich as a much more powerful bioenergetic force -- a form of life-energy at work within living organisms, expressing itself as emotion and sexuality, but also directly observable in the microscope as a bluish-glowing field around living blood cells and other substances.

This bluish-glowing energy, which he eventually called orgone energy (to preserve its relationship with living processes), was later observed as a blue-glowing aura-like phenomenon radiating from animals and people, from trees and even mountain ranges. The blue orgone also exists in a free form within the atmosphere -- Reich wrote about an "envelope" of blue-glowing energy surrounding the Earth long before the first satellite photos confirmed it.

Orgone energy in the atmosphere was a physical phenomenon similar to the older ideas of "vital force" and "cosmic ether" combined. It behaves lawfully, fills all space, expands and contracts in pulsatory rhythm, and interacts differently with different material substances: every kind of matter appears to attract the orgone, but at different rates of speed. Water strongly attracts the orgone, or life-energy, giving rise to the phenomenon of living water (described classically as "activated" or "structured" water) which is fundamental to life processes, and to the Earth's weather as well.

Orgone was also demonstrated in high vacuum (as with "zero-point" vacuum fluctuation, etc.) proving it filled all space much as a cosmic aether. Reich's experiments in these directions led to even more controversy: new methods for ending drought and greening deserts, and new approaches to the problem of nuclear waste detoxification. His experiments suggested a new source of pollution-free energy, which some day might propel humankind to the stars.

Fantastic? Certainly! But nevertheless solidly founded upon new experimental proofs and empirical observations in the best tradition of the natural sciences.

During the course of Reich's investigations, he developed a special metal-lined enclosure which attracted a high charge of orgone energy inside itself, directly from the atmosphere: the orgone energy accumulator. The orgone accumulator was proven to charge seeds and increase garden plant growth, speed the healing of burns and cuts, and there are a number of physical experiments which demonstrate anomalous phenomena inside the accumulator.

Reich observed that certain kinds of low-energy illness, such as cancer, would symptomatically yield to careful application of the orgone accumulator. After he moved to the USA, he treated people experimentally with his combined emotional/orgone-energetic approach. Within a few years, however, he was attacked by US Food and Drug Administration, which was at that time (1955) in an all-out "war" against natural healing methods (the repression of natural healing methods has always been a major agenda of the FDA).

The FDA obtained a court injunction which ordered the banning and burning of Reich's books -- any book containing the forbidden word "orgone" was ordered destroyed, even his classics on human sexuality which only mentioned orgone energy in the preface! The FDA factually burned Reich's books and journals on several occasions (most recently in 1962), while Reich was given a 2-year jail sentence for a misdemeanor technicality, dying in prison in 1957.

The FDA's attack against Reich constituted a fraud upon the courts and the American people, and the Reich legal case continues to overshadow the better-known Scopes Monkey Trial in constitutional significance, in that an American court authorized the burning of scholarly books and the jailing of scientists for maintaining unorthodox viewpoints.

What makes the FDA's attack and the unethical judicial malpractice which led to the book-burning all the more outrageous is the equally breakthrough nature of Reich's last years of research. His later work into the properties of the orgone energy suggested new methods for detoxifying radioactive waste, in what he called the Oranur Experiment.

He developed the Orgone Motor, a small electrical motor which ran directly from the background ocean of orgone energy. He developed a new understanding of weather based upon orgone energy charge variations in the atmosphere, and a new technological approach, via Cosmic Orgone Engineering (CORE) or Cloudbusting (not to be confused with the insanity found all over the internet - see here), by which copious rains could be triggered, droughts and forest fires ended, and deserts greened.

He made observations of silent UFOs while engaged in a desert-greening project near Tucson, Arizona, speculating they were powered by the same cosmic energy which silently turned his orgone motor. And that led him towards an orgonomic understanding of gravitation.

Most all of Reich's experimental work has been scientifically verified, some of it at my own institute, the non-profit Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL) in Ashland, Oregon on the West Coast USA. Reich's original discoveries, apparatus and documents are also preserved by the Wilhelm Reich Museum and Trust on the East Coast, in Rangeley Maine. Reich's original discoveries are also presented, without compromise or dilution, in various summer educational laboratory seminars offered periodically by OBRL.

In particular, we welcome younger scientists and students to take an open-minded look at this important body of discovery. In addition, there are many books available on these subjects. My own contributions include: The Orgone Accumulator Handbook,, Heretic's Notebook: Emotions, Protocells, Ether-Drift and Cosmic Life Energy,, and Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child-Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence In the Deserts of the Old World. This latter work was a 7-year global cross-cultural research project which evaluated Reich's sex-economic hypothesis of human behavior, demonstrating the existence of uniformly peaceful human social conditions prior to c.4000 BCE ... but that discussion must wait for another time.

Here's another introductory YouTube clip you should enjoy.  (VN:  there is a wealth of information in this one, but it goes fast, so be prepared to click on stop until you read the entire offering, so you get all the information.)


Wilhelm Reich's Scientific Work and Verifications
by James DeMeo, PhD
(Extracted from a longer article)

Wilhelm Reich's findings and theories on human sexuality, family structure and human emotions are paramout for a clear understanding of the origins of fascist (Left or Right-wing varieties), and totalitarian warlike societies. His experiments on the biophysics of life-energy resolve an equal number of riddles and mysteries in biology, physics, meteorology and astronomy. Here, I will give a bare-bones review of Reich on these issues.

Reich's early work was not focused merely upon "sexual organs and orgasms", as his critics so freqently claim, but examined the whole complex of social issues which affect people's capacity for love and a gratifying sexuality -- these were essential prerequisites for happy families and children, and hence cooperatively stable and non-violent social structures.

Reich proposed family-structure was the foundation upon which state-structure was formed, and that the two composed a self-reinforcing functional unit. Patriarchal authoritarian families based upon forced and compulsive moralism led to authoritarian state structures.

Where family life was more fluid and permissive, a self-regulated morality existed, with a similarly cooperative social and state structure. From that essential standpoint, his later clinical and experimental work led forth into new territory and a host of new discoveries and findings, too much to detail here.

However, I will simply note how the full sweep of his discovery is of Galilean stature, posing to envelop the modern sciences with a new all-encompassing sea-change or "paradigm shift" in our way of viewing ourselves, and the living universe we collectively inhabit. This is elucidated best in his various books which are widely available in libraries and bookstores.

Here is a list of the titles of Reich's books and major research journals, to give the reader a sense of what's at issue. Space does not allow for any explicit discussion of their contents.

Published Books by Wilhelm Reich, alphabetical order:
Current editions, English language only.
Does not include many small pamphlets and archive materials.
Available from Natural Energy Works, or the Wilhelm Reich Museum Bookstore

* American Odyssey: Letters and Journals 1940-1947
* Beyond Psychology: Letters and Journals 1934-1939
* The Bioelectrical Investigation of Sexuality and Anxiety
* The Bion Experiments: On the Origins of Life
* The Cancer Biopathy (Discovery of the Orgone, Vol.2)
* Character Analysis
* Children of the Future: On the Prevention of Sexual Pathology
* Contact With Space: Oranur Second Report
* Cosmic Superimposition: Man's Orgonotic Roots in Nature
* Early Writings
* The Einstein Affair
* Ether, God and Devil
* Function of the Orgasm (Discovery of the Orgone, Vol.1)
* Genitality in the Theory and Therapy of Neuroses
* The Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality
* Listen, Little Man
* Mass Psychology of Fascism
* The Murder of Christ (Emotional Plague of Mankind, Vol.2)
* The Oranur Experiment
* The Orgone Energy Accumulator, Its Scientific and Medical Use
* Passion of Youth: An Autobiography, 1897-1922
* People in Trouble (Emotional Plague of Mankind, Vol.1)
* Record of a Friendship: The Correspondence of Wilhelm Reich and A.S. Neill (1936-1957)
* Reich Speaks of Freud
* Selected Writings: An Introduction to Orgonomy
* The Sexual Revolution

Research Journals edited by Wilhelm Reich:
(English language only - photocopy editions available from the Wilhelm Reich Museum.
Does not include journals published after Reich's death.)

* International Journal of Sex-Economy & Orgone Research: 1942-1945
* Annals of the Orgone Institute: 1947-1949
* Orgone Energy Bulletin: 1949-1953
* CORE - Cosmic Orgone Engineering: 1954-1955

Working as a young medical doctor in post WW-I Vienna and later Berlin, Reich directly observed the deteriorating social situations at a time when he was engaged in clinical psychoanalytical studies of people suffering from emotional and mental disturbances. These, he argued, were frequently the result of social conditions, of social structures characterized by, or degenerating into authoritarian violence and fascism, with a low appreciation of the sexual, physical and emotional needs of infants, children and adults.

Masturbation and pre-marital sex were basically a crime, as was contraception, abortion, divorce and adultery, though men were allowed to have mistresses or visit prostitutes. Women were basically chattel, with few rights. Mother-love for children was systematically interfered with, as was the spontaneous magnetic attraction which always develops between children and adolescents, where adults don't make strong efforts to oppose it.

Adolescent love, as with the example of Romeo and Juliet, and which by its own unrestrained natural push for emotional-sexual joining, Reich observed, was always obliterated and crushed out of existence within authoritarian societies, where violations of the female virginity taboo carried severe consequences. By Reich's view, violent authoritarian fascism within the larger social and state structure was founded upon repressive patriarchal authoritarianism within a violent and brutal family structure, where women and children could not have independence of thought or action, and where everything was ruled by dominant fathers, brothers or husbands, who themselves were trapped in hierarchical systems of political and social obedience.

In such conditions, arranged and loveless marriages were the rule, and sexuality was rendered down into a loveless "discharge", or suppressed outright. Abandoned mothers with children, living destitute on the street, was one major consequence of this terrible state of affairs, inflamed by the large number of men who had been killed during WW-I. By all historical accounts of the period, the situation progressively declined into chaos, with disruption of food supplies, a migration to the cities with massive unemploment, war refugees from all over, the public awash with political movements and extremism. An ineffectual paralysis gripped the struggling post-Imperial government structures as they attempted their first tentative steps towards establishing democracy, which ultimately failed.

Reich's Sex-Economy and Sex-Pol

Into this chaos, starting in the late 1920s and lasting through around 1932, Reich established special psychoanalytic clinics, helping working-class families and working also with the Marxist political parties who at the time he believed were interested in authentically beneficial reforms. His work, with several psychoanalytic associates, grew into a social movement he called Sex-Pol.

Starting with his early clinical work in psychoanalysis and continuing into Sex-Pol, Reich was able to work with and study the lives of ordinary people in their daily working conditions, to learn of their aspirations and the barriers they faced, in both love and economic-social advancement. He developed his own theoretical understandings into a new theory he called Sex-Economy.

Sex-Pol also undertook political actions and published a journal devoted to sex-economic principles. Reich eventually announced several publicly-stated goals for Sex-Pol, which were aimed to benefit the sexual and family lives of ordinary people. Here's a list, taken from Myron Sharaf's Fury on Earth:

A Biography of Wilhelm Reich (St.Martin's/Marek, 1983, p.162-163):

1. Free distribution of contraceptives to those who could not obtain them through normal channels; massive propaganda for birth control.

2. Abolition of laws against abortion. Provision for free abortions at public clinics; financial and medical safeguards for pregnant and nursing mothers.

3. Abolition of any legal distinctions between the married and the unmarried. Freedom of divorce. Elimination of prostitution through economic and sex-economic changes to eradicate its causes.

4. Elimination of venereal diseases by full sexual education.

5. Avoidance of neuroses and sexual problems by a life-affirmative education. Study of principles of sexual pedagogy. Establishment of therapeutic clinics.

6. Training of doctors, teachers, social workers, and so on, in all relevant matters of sexual hygiene.

7. Treatment rather than punishment for sexual offenses. Protection of children and adolescents against adult seduction.

The reader may note how most of these points have already been instituted, more or less, within the Western liberal democratic nations, though it would be an error to consider that Reich was responsible for anything but a small portion of such transformations.

Reich exposed these elements of sex-repressive patriarchal authoritarianism within both the Nazi and Soviet states. Both became infuriated and banned his books, impounded and/or burned them, and wanted Reich dead. I've already written about how Reich was being tracked and hunted by both political extremes during his European period of work.

Breakthrough into Orgone Energy and the Orgone Accumulator

The reader is encouraged to make a simple review of the entries listed in the on-line Bibliography on Orgonomy. Therein one can find citations to many hundreds of articles and books which support Reich across the board, on subjects such as:

* Identification of a bioelectrical basis to emotions and sexual excitation;

* Discovery of the microscopical bions which originate from disintegrating matter, and stand at the border between the living and non-living; with a report to the French Academy of Science on the subject;

* Discovery of the bionous process by which the cancer cell arises, as well as the emotional foundation for the more systemic cancer biopathy;

* Discovery of a new radiation from sand-bion cultures, which was later identified as a unique life-energy;

* Capturing and amplification of the life-energy radiation from sand-bion cultures in special Faraday-cage type of structures;

* Identification of a similar life-energy radiation from within the atmosphere and from all living matter generally, which was thereafter called the orgone energy, and invention of the orgone energy accumulator;

* Symptomatic treatment of cancer and low-energy immune-depletion symptoms by orgone accumulator therapy;

* Discovery of unique physical anomalies within the orgone energy accumulator, such as the slowing of natural electroscopical "leak" discharge rates, a subtle heating effect, effects upon nuclear radiation detectors and high-vacuum tubes;

* Discovery of meteorological processes at work within the orgone energy accumulator, and orgone-charged high-vacuum tubes;

* Observations on the Earth's orgone energy envelope, along with the existence of an atmospheric and later cosmic orgone energy continuum which exists throughout the cosmos;

* Theory of Cosmic Superimposition for the development of raw matter in the universe, as well as for specific formation of spiral galaxies and hurricanes, sea shells and embryonic life;

* Discovery of an anti-nuclear effect, oranur;

* Invention of the cloudbuster apparatus, with field applications on the East Coast USA towards increasing rains during droughty conditions, and later demonstrating its usage in open deserts of the Southwest USA.

Reich's work on these subjects was amazing enough, and if correct and true, suitable to have earned him three or four separate Nobel Prizes. But is it true? Was Reich correct on this amazing sweep of research and discovery? I can say, the answer is Yes, and have no hesitation to stand up for Reich on this matter. And I do so not by some second-hand appeal to authority, but firstly by direct reference to the results of my own extensive experimental investigations into Reich's findings, and secondly by the legitimate authority of the many other research scientists and physicians who have likewise tested and verified them.

Independent Confirmations of Reich's Discoveries

Independent confirming studies of Reichs work by serious natural scientists and physicians go back over more than 70 years. Most all of these later studies were undertaken by individuals with MD or PhD degrees from mainstream universities, and using the best-available equipment for their time, working in private or university laboratories and employing controlled systematic procedures.

A few of these studies employed double-blind procedures. My Saharasia research, mentioned below, employed a quadruple-blind procedure. These studies were published in scientific books and research journals, most of them meeting the standards for peer-review of their period (being critically reviewed and overseen by other knowledgable credential scientific people in the same field of study).

Some of them are found within the academic mainstream as well, including as university theses and dissertations which typically are more ambitious works receiving a greater critical scrutiny than the average article in a research journal.

Several major conferences have been held in recent years, where clincial physicians and research scientists have presented their work. For example, there was a 2004 Summer Conference at the Wilhelm Reich Museum, on The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Its Medical and Scientific Use wherein Dr. Jorgos Kavouras, a German physician and author of Heilen mit Orgonenergie: Die medizinische Orgonomie, reported his many years of successful treatments of various disorders and diseases using the orgone accumulator.

Also a Conference on Wilhelm Reich in the 21st Century: 2007 International Conference on Orgonomy, organized by the Reich Museum in honor of the 50th anniversary of Reich's death. That event hosted a group of around a dozen natural scientists, historians, and physicians who reported on their various research topics. These included a presentation by Dr. Stefan Muschenich of Germany, author of the book Der Gesundheitsbegriff im Werk des Arztes Wilhelm Reich (1897 - 1957) and one of the principal investigators of a double-blind and controlled study of human physiological response to the orgone accumulator, undertaken at the University of Marburg in Germany.

This study demonstrated statistically-significant biological effects upon the heart-rate, blood pressure, body core temperature and other parameters within a group of volunteer subjects who knew nothing about the accumulator; the effects were not observed in other volunteers who sat in a nearly identical but non-accumulating dummy box.

A similar controlled-blinded verification study was undertaken by Gunter Hebenstreit at the University of Vienna a few years later, it should be noted, and both those studies as well as many clinical case-studies have been published over the years, exactly verifing Reich's published accounts on the biological effects of the orgone accumulator.
(See: Mueschenich, Stefan & Gebauer, Rainer: Der Reichsche Orgonakkumulator: Naturwissenschaftliche Diskussion, Praktische Andwendung, Experimentelle Untersuchung, Nexus Verlag, Frankfurt, 1987; Hebenstreit, Guenter: Der Orgonakkumulator Nach Wilhelm Reich. Eine Experimentelle Untersuchung zur Spannungs-Ladungs-Formel, Diplomarbeit zur Erlangung des Magistergrades der Philosophie an der Grung- und Integrativ-wissenschaftlichen Fakultat der Universitat Wien, 1995.)
At this 2007 Conference, I also gave an hour-long PowerPoint presentation on my experimental findings with the Reich cloudbuster, detailing field experiments starting in the late 1970s at the University of Kansas, now published in a book bearing the same title as the original study: Preliminary Analysis of Changes in Kansas Weather Coincidental to Experimental Operations with a Reich Cloudbuster.

My later work was undertaken at many different places in the USA, and later still in Israel, Namibia and Eritrea, Africa, with the assistance of entire teams of volunteer associates; all of those projects were evaluated using official weather records and showed positive rainfall increases, in keeping with Reich's original findings. Detailed reports were written up and published, some being available on internet.

My results thereby mirrored and supported not just Reich, but the many prior cloudbusting studies undertaken since Reich's death, as by Dr. Richard Blasband, Mr. Jerome Eden, Dr. Courtney Baker and others. A publication by the Italian natural scientist Roberto Maglione, Wilhelm Reich and the Healing of Atmospheres: Modern Techniques for the Abatement of Desertification makes a complete survey of work done in this field since Reich's time, and it has been available in English translation since 2007.

In addition, every two years starting more than 10 years ago, there have been the New Research In Orgonomy Conferences, held every two years at different locations around the world. Several were held in the USA, one in the United Kingdom, and another in Greece. These events typically host research scientists and physicians who present on a variety of subjects relevant to Wilhelm Reich's discoveries.

These include Reich's early work on human sexuality and therapeutic methods, gentle childbirth issues, disease treatment and controlled physiological tests using the orgone accumulator, the bion discovery and origins of life research, physical effects in the orgone accumulator, documentation of the life energy, orgone as a cosmic force in nature, and the issues of weather and cloudbusting.

Aside from these important Conferences, I can also speak to Reich's biophysical work in a more direct and personal manner, as I've confirmed much of it in my own early university work, and later by experiment in my own laboratory at my private institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. Most of my research and experimental reports are published in books and journals, some being peer-reviewed within the university system or by professional reviewers of mainstream science journals or book-publishers. I will summarize only:

One of my earliest and most central research projects was a systematic test of Reich's sex-economic theory on the origins of human irrationalism and social violence. My work on this subject constituted what was (and probably still is) the largest global cross-cultural review of human behavior ever undertaken. My findings, made over a 7-year period during the 1980s and now published in the book Saharasia, involved a systematic review of human family and sexual life, and tendencies towards social violence, in over 1000 separate human cultures, each of which was pinpointed on world maps to review the regional similarities and differences.

I produced the first-ever world maps of human behavior and social institutions, and it verified Reich's positions exactly, to wit: Human violence originates and exists most strongly within cultures which have two major characteristics:

1) They treat their infants and children with heavy-handed ritualized violence which is consciously or unconsciously designed to inflict painful trauma, and otherwise to destroy the maternal-infant bond, and establish male dominance over childbirth and child-rearing.
2) They also crush down heterosexual love by punitively obliterating the sexual interests of the child and unmarried adolescent (ie, Romeo and Juliet) with sexual phobias, demands for virginal sexual ignorance, compulsive love-less marriages, vaginal blood taboos, prohibiting women the rights to control their own fertility and life-destiny, and also by simultaneously permitting adult rape of emotionally-crushed children and adolescents -- mainly: pedophilia of boys, and child-marriages of old men to young girls.

The more a culture engaged in such practices, the greater was its quanta of bottled-up emotional misery and rage, out of which developed higher levels of social violence and the tendency to engage in aggressive wars and other atrocities against other cultures, and against minorities and social dissenters within their own society.

Like many before me, I've also made basic replications of Reich's bions, which is a most amazing discovery. Bions are a transitional microbial form of around 1 micron diameter and visible in the light microscope. They develop and exist between the worlds of living and non-living matter, with relations to what are today called archaea or extremophiles, and provide an answer to many mysteries in biology, as well as a solution to the Origins of Life question.

Just recently, I posted a YouTube video of photomicrographs from my own laboratory, as presented in a PowerPoint to an International Symposia on Pleomorphic Microbes in Health and Disease. My laboratory has hosted laboratory seminars on this subject for about 10 years starting in 1996, led variously by Dr. Richard Blasband, Dr. Stephen Nagy, and/or Prof. Bernard Grad.

Reich's own published journals carried many microphotos of bions and bionous organizational forms, by himself and others such as Prof. Grad, and specialized journals have published numerous papers by physicians and scientists on this same subject, in both Europe and North America. These findings on the bions also underscore Reich's important discoveries on the origins of cancer, and the cancer cell.

I'm not a physician so do not treat people with cancer, but others have done so, and go the additional step to verify Dr. Reich's findings on the orgone energy accumulator, as a powerful therapeutic device. Again, these studies are published, and can be identified via the online Bibliography on Orgonomy.

Years ago, having seen several of my loved relatives pass away from cancer (or due to the heroic/horrific cancer treatments) I wrote a book on this subject: The Orgone Accumulator Handbook:

Wilhelm Reich's Life Energy Science and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, with Construction Plans. That book is more of a "how to" help for people wanting to break free of the allopathic medical system, to insure Reich's discoveries on the orgone accumulator could never again be wiped out by a power-drunk FDA or medical societies, and gives a listing also of various research papers on the clinical use of the orgone accumulator against various diseases and conditions. I will quote from a few essential parts of my Handbook:

Clinical Case Studies of Disease-Treatment

Here is a listing of published papers giving the diseases treated along with the name of the physician who authored the paper, and the year of the publication. For full citations, consult the author-year listings here: http://www.orgonelab.org/bibliog.htm

Disease/Condition -------- Physician/Author -- Year
Cancer Biopathy ---------- Wilhelm Reich 1943-48
Cancer, Burns ------------- Walter Hoppe 1945
Mediastinal Malignancy -- Simeon Tropp 1949
Multiple conditions ------- Walter Hoppe 1950
Multiple conditions ------- Victor Sobey 1950
Rheumatic Fever ---------- William Anderson 1950
Breast Cancer --------------Simeon Tropp 1950
Ichthyosis ----------------- Alan Cott 1951
Manic Depression -------- Philip Gold 1951
Hypertensive Biopathy --- Emanuel Levine 1951
Leukemia ------------------ Wilhelm Reich 1951
Cancer --------------------- Simeon Tropp 1951
Diabetes ------------------- N. Weverick 1951
Coronary Occlusion ------ Emanuel Levine 1952
Multiple conditions ------- Kenneth Bremer 1953
Skin Cancer --------------- Walter Hoppe 1955
Pulmonary Tuberculosis -- Victor Sobey 1955
Uterine Cancer ------------- Eva Reich, W. Reich 1955
Uterine Cancer ------------- Chester Raphael 1956
Rheumatoid Arthritis ------ Victor Sobey 1956
Malignant Melanoma ------ Walter Hoppe 1968
Cancer Biopathy ----------- Richard Blasband 1975
Cancer Biopathy ----------- Robert Dew 1981
Multiple conditions ------- Dorothea Fuckert 1989
Skin Infections ------------ Myron Brener 1991
Cancer Biopathy ---------- Heiko Lassek 1991
Multiple conditions ------- Jorgos Kavouras 2005

Controlled Studies with Laboratory Mice

There also are many controlled experimental studies undertaken with laboratory mice, evaluating the effects of the orgone accumulator or orgone medical dor-buster (a related apparatus) upon their health and longevity. This includes mice either genetically predisposed to develop spontaneous tumors or leukemia, or who were given tumor transplants.

As noted, these studies showed considerable improvement in the health of these immunologically-stressed or weakened mice when given a daily treatment with the orgone accumulator, as compared to otherwise identically-treated control groups. This was reflected in their overall descriptions and vitality factors as detailed in the various papers, but mostly is objectified in their dramatically increased lifespans. Orgone accumulator treatment increased the mouse lifespans from 1.6 to 3 times as long as the controls!

1. Wilhelm Reich: "Orgone Therapy Experiments", in The Cancer Biopathy, Orgone Institute Press, Rangeley, ME 1948 (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1973, p.290-309). ...The orgone accumulator approximately tripled the life-spans of the treated mice.

2. Blasband, Richard A.: "The Orgone Energy Accumulator in the Treatment of Cancer Mice", Journal of Orgonomy, 7(1):81-85, 1973. ...The orgone accumulator treated group lived 1.6 times as long.

3. Blasband, Richard A.: "Effects of the Orac on Cancer in Mice: Three Experiments", Journal of Orgonomy, 18(2):202-211, 1984. ...The orgone accumulator treated mice, developing spontaneous tumors and treated early, lived nearly twice as long.

4. Trotta, E.E. & Marer, E.: "The Orgonotic Treatment of Transplanted Tumors and Associated Immune Functions", Journal of Orgonomy, 24(1):39-44, 1990. ...The orgone accumulator more than doubled the lifespans of the treated mice.

5. Blasband, Richard A.: "The Medical DOR-Buster in the Treatment of Cancer Mice", Journal of Orgonomy, 8(2):173-180, 1974. ...Medical dor-buster treatment alone led to a significant 50%+ increase in longevity.

6. Grad, Bernard: "The Accumulator Effect on Leukemia Mice", Journal of Orgonomy, 26(2):199-218, 1992. ...The orgone accumulator treatment reduced their leukemia incidence by around 20%

7. Baker, Courtney F., et al: "Wound Healing in Mice, Part I", Annals, Inst. Orgonomic Science, 1(1):12-23, 1984. "... Part II", Annals, Inst. Orgonomic Science, 2(1):7-24, 1985. ...Observed increased healing by orgone accumulator treatment from a nominal 1% to 12% increase in Therapeutic Index, and were statistically significant.

Conclusions: Overall, these studies indicate the orgone accumulator is most effectively beneficial when applied quickly after identification of the illness or injury. The most reproducible anti-cancer effects were observed primarily where spontaneous tumor development occured. A lesser, but noticeable and important anti-cancer effect was observed in the case of transplanted tumors. This is in keeping with observations from published clinical case-studies of orgone accumulator therapy on human cancer patients.
The reader might correctly complain there are only a few studies to show after so many years following Reich's death. However, one must appreciate how all of these physicians and scientists took great personal and professional risks in doing this kind of research. The chronic open warfare against orgonomy by the FDA and medical groups, which has existed since the 1940s, has taken its toll. Nevertheless, everything here confirms Wilhelm Reich's original positions, and powerfully suggests the orgone accumulator ought to be available for use in every home, clinic and hospital, worldwide.

[End Quote] (J. DeMeo: The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich's Life Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, Third Revised Edition, Natural Energy Works, Ashland, Oregon 2010, p.134-141.)

In addition to these studies, significant clinical work has been undertaken investigating the orgone accumulator's effects from the viewpoint of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Studies have suggested orgone energy is the empirically-documented Western-scientific equivalent of the Chinese Chi energy, and that specialized small hollow orgone accumulators made in tube-form, can elicit reactions in the body identical to acupuncture needles. Other studies showed positive evaluations of patient physiological reactions to the orgone accumulator using bioelectrical "Ryodoraku" instrumentation, and other measures.
(See: Senf, Bernd: "Wilhelm Reich: Discoverer of Acupuncture-Energy?" American Journal of Acupuncture. 2(7):109-18, 1979 April-June, 1979; Southgate, Leon: Chinese Medicine and Wilhelm Reich Lambert Academic Publishing, London 2009; Mazzocchi, Alberto & Roberto Maglione: "A Preliminary Study of the Reich Orgone Accumulator Effects on Human Physiology", Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine, 21(2):41-50, 2011.)

Replication studies have also been made, showing excellent results, for Reich's findings on the physics of the orgone energy accumulator. Nearly all the major anomalies have been confirmed by others, with new ones uncovered, using even more precise measuring and recording equipment than was available in Reich's day.

The on-line Bibliography has dozens of published papers on the subject of the orgone accumulator thermal anomaly, electroscopical discharge-rate anomaly, the Geiger-muller counter anomaly, and so on. I've personaly undertaken most of these experiments, including a multi-year study verifying the thermal anomaly within the accumulator, as well as anomalous impulses recorded within orgone-charged Geiger counters.

One of my specialized orgone-charged radiation detectors yields from between 50 to 4000 counts per minute, while an identical control instrument not orgone-charged yields 10 counts per minute at most.

Another multi-year study of mine showed a systematic 34% boost to growth of mung beans when sprouted inside the orgone accumulator, and I've recently published a major paper on the subject of water anomalies created by orgone-charging. For example, water shows an increased absorption in the UV frequencies between 240-280nm when charged up inside an orgone accumulator, as compared to control samples.

I've written multiple articles on these subjects, providing references to other verification studies of Reich's findings. My own works, and most of those of other scientists replicating Reich's findings, were undertaken with strict control procedures, and the best-available scientific measuring and data-acquisition equipment.

These findings by multiple scientific investigators on three continents, and published in research journals over many years, have confirmed Reich exactly on all the critical points, notably regarding the existence of a powerful unusual energetic force within nature, which can be amplified within the interior structure of his orgone energy accumulators.

More Recent Books on Reich and His Orgonomic Science

Let's make a simple list, to be clear about it, and provide some weblinks to underscore that, even while many of these books are out of print, used copies are still easily available, aside from their general availability in libraries. I will limit the list to only those works in English and German, the two languages Reich wrote in.

There are at least five major authoritative English-language biographies of Reich since around 1970, written by American, British or Scandinavian scholars, to wit:
Fury on Earth: A Biography of Wilhelm Reich by Myron Sharaf, PhD

Wilhelm Reich: The Evolution of His Work by David Boadella

Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy by Ola Raknes, PhD

Wilhelm Reich Versus the USA by Jerome Greenfield, PhD

Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War by Jim Martin

Wilhelm Reich: A Personal Biography by Ilse Ollendorff Reich

There are additional books detailing Reich's psychotherapeutic ideas and methods, by practicing physicians who studied with Reich:
Man in the Trap by Elsworth Baker, MD

Emotional Armoring by Morton Herskowitz, MD

Also one major book in the German language, previously mentioned, detailing many successes in treatments of disease symptoms by use of the orgone energy accumulator:
Heilen mit Orgonenergie: Die medizinische Orgonomie by Jorgos Kavouras, MD

Another German volume previously mentioned on Reich's clinical research findings, and his larger concepts of genitality and life energy as a foundation for mental and physical health.
Der Gesundheitsbegriff im Werk des Arztes Wilhelm Reich (1897 - 1957) by Stefan Mueschenich, MD

Additionally several good compendiums of multiple articles by many different professionals, which cover both Reich's sex-economic, therapeutic and medical work, as well as his orgone biophysics:
Nach Reich: Neue Forschungen zur Orgonomie edited by James DeMeo, PhD and Prof.Dr. Bernd Senf

Heretic's Notebook: Emotions Protocells, Ether-Drift and Cosmic Life Energy edited by James DeMeo, PhD

On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy edited by James DeMeo, PhD

In the Wake of Reich edited by David Boadella

And another set of works, some mentioned above, covering the scope of Reich's orgone energy and atmospheric research, with work done by others since his death:
The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich's Life Energy Science and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, with Construction Plans by James DeMeo, PhD

Methods and Procedures in Biophysical Orgonometry by Roberto Maglione, MS

Wilhelm Reich and the Healing of Atmospheres: Modern Techniques for the Abatement of Desertification by Roberto Maglione, MS

Preliminary Analysis of Changes in Kansas Weather Coincidental to Experimental Operations with a Reich Cloudbuster by James DeMeo, PhD

These are all in addition to the very important and substantial materials as originally published by Reich himself, as listed above, and all the other journal articles and reports published since Reich's death, as separately indexed in the on-line Bibliography on Orgonomy.

Thank You!
- See more at: http://www.orgonelab.org/wrhistory.htm#MYTHS

See more at: http://www.orgonelab.org/wrhistory.htm#MYTHS

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