Petulant Obama Gets Educated: Black Friday Americans Stockpiled Enough Guns To Create A New Military Branch & 4 Army Divisions!

Vatic Note:   Well,  it seems as if sheep-le America is waking up big time.  A call for gun control results in record sales of guns.  That is a normal and expected reaction and should have been considered by the PTB prior to announcing such actions.  But then the powers that be have made major big mistakes in all of their false flag attempts when trying to get our guns.

With that kind of incompetency, its better if the "smarter" citizens were armed to protect against such incompetency.   How do we know these citizens are smarter???  Because every single false flag has been exposed by those very citizens that saw the light and the danger and purchased guns instead.

After all, we can all see what has happened in countries where gun control is now the norm.   Britain,  Australia, etc are having crime rates explode and in a small town in Georgia, USA, crime rates dropped when a law was passed saying that every household must have a gun. Same is true in Switzerland where they mandate gun ownership in every house  hold and every head of the household is considered a member of the militia.   You can't argue with facts.

Petulant Obama Gets Educated: Black Friday Americans Stockpiled Enough Guns To Create A New Military Branch & 4 Army Divisions!
By Admin,  Political Velcraft,  December 3, 2015

Second Amendment Gun George Washington

A petulant President Barack Obama demanded that Americans talk about gun control over Thanksgiving.

Citizens responded by buying enough firearms in one day to field an entire new military the size of the Marine Corps, with guns left over to equip 2-4 Army divisions.

Mr. pResident you have you answer.
It was a rousing “screw you.”

British Monarchy's Sock Puppet 'Barry Soetoro' & G.E.'s Chis Matthews
‘Barry Soetoro’ & G.E.’s Chis Matthews

Exploitative members of the mainstream media and the Democrat Party have attempted to use the Islamic terror attacks in France to frighten Americans into passing “Minority Report” legislation for the past few weeks. This legislation would strip American citizens of their core rights without a trial, or without them even being accused of committing a crime.
Bill Of Rights Are Unalienable Rights ' Natural Rights' they are NOT Inalienable Rights. Inalienable Rights are 'government granted' a legal ease trapping in the court system. Know Your Rights Natural vs granted civil. http://politicalvelcraft.org/2013/04/19/kansas-governor-signs-bill-nullifying-obamas-violation-of-the-bill-of-rights-federal-attempt-to-gun-control/
Bill Of Rights Are Unalienable Rights.
Rather than discuss the renewed threat of Islamic terrorism or the thousands of Syrian refugees that will soon be streaming into the country, President Obama wants families to focus their conversations on gun control while they are enjoying their turkey dinner this Thanksgiving.
Bubbles Obama Media

In a press briefing on Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest continued to push the president’s gun control agenda. The White House is now focusing on an effort by Democrats to ban Americans who are on the “no-fly” list from purchasing a firearm.
“As people sitting around the Thanksgiving table talking about these issues, as they should, and I’m sure they will all across the country, I hope that’s a question that will be raised and asked by members around the table,” Earnest said, referring to the bill sponsored by congressional Democrats.
isis obama

A stunning 40% of the people on this so-called “terror watch list”—somewhere between 280,00-300,000 souls—have no ties at all to terror groups. (VN: and ironically, the same ones calling for gun control are the ones funding, training, creating and arming the various terror groups.  How is that for hypocracy?)

The FBI, CIA, NSA, and other intelligence organizations find the list to be almost worthless, and have not called for Congress to pass this legislation. This is nothing more or less than an attempt by one political party to amass power for itself at the expense of the citizenry.
Indeed, Americans are painfully aware that the mainstream media and the Democrat Party are itching for the power to declare more than five million Americans are terrorists for merely belonging to the Republic’s oldest civil rights group.

In direct response to the threat posed to the Bill of Rights by the Democrat Party, Americans responded by purchasing more than 200,000 firearms this past Friday alone, a new single-day record for the nation.
* * *
The FBI’s NICS Operations Center processed a staggering 185,345 background check requests on “Black Friday.”
What the media doesn’t grasp is that these background check is only a rough proxy for gun sales, and are a clear undercount of both the number of buyers, and of actual sales.
Concealed carriers
of which there are more than 13 million, with more added every day—typically don’t have NICS background checks run on them when they purchase a firearm from a gun dealer.


Because concealed carry permitting requires much more extensive and in-depth background checks than the NICS database searches, and so is accepted as a better substitute when an ATF Form 4473 is filled out with every gun purchase or transfer.
For example, I’ve had probably 15 firearms come through my hands in the past few years that I purchased/transferred in using my concealed carry permit as my background check. None of those were run through NICS and so weren’t counted in the FBI’s tally.

Keep in mind that concealed carriers also tend to be “more serious” gun buyers, and more prone to both buying and owning multiple firearms. These 13 million souls are more likely to buy firearms than the general population, but they don’t show up in the NICS report.
A conservative estimate suggests that when you add NICS background check purchasers and concealed carriers together, there were easily more than 200,000 people buying firearms on Black Friday.
Gun Control
Gun Control
Here’s where it really gets interesting, as we look at the nature of the nation’s “big sale day” itself.

There are deep discounts that are driving these sales, and so many Black Friday shoppers buy multiple firearms. It is relatively common to have an individual purchase 2-5 firearms with one background check (or concealed carry permit), as any gun counter employee who has worked a Black Friday will tell you.

While it has been a number of years since I worked retail gun sales, I’d estimate that 5%-10% of purchasers buy multiple firearms.

It’s reasonable to conclude that roughly 225,000 firearms were purchased on Black Friday.
Sigmund Freud fear of weapons guns

To give you a sense of scale, there are “only” 182,000 active-duty Marines, and Army divisions are currently made up of 10,000-18,000 soldiers.

Obama asked Americans to think about gun control over the holidays.
Americans responded by purchasing enough firearms to create another branch of military service, with divisions in reserve.

You have you answer, Mr. pResident.

Tread wisely.

Bearing Arms
washington gun

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Vatic Master said...

Are you saying that Lincoln was a traitor? Are you saying that all sitting judges within our court system are also traitors????? Please clarify.... thanks.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, It's Obama's final year and no one is hiding their racism anymore. All becuase he's black. This is the fool who was sure the military games were a plan to take over the Texas government. No more needs to be said. Abbott is a p u s s y. He sure did stand his ground over Jade Helm.
the only problem Gregg is he doesn't want your guns!
He isn't going to ban your damn guns. If he wanted to he would have done it a long ass time ago, you fear mongering dipshit. He has had 7 years to do it and he could have passed any laws he wanted to when the democrats were in control of congress. All he wants are stricter background checks, Which you can't deny that we need because America is the only state in the world that has a mass shooting a week.
Yep. this is another case of I was right as usual. Hatred of Obama comes from racism and bigotry. Not surprising the the only group who hate this man are NOT "Patriots" as they falsely call them themselves, but actual racists and bigots who hate having a black man as President. How? Let me count the ways:
Because Klansman Trump appeases the racists and bigots in America, that means he's atuomatically President? That's not how it works, R-tards.

Vatic Master said...

I could spend a great deal of time on all that you said, but I will focus only on your accusation that anyone who disagrees with Obama's attempt to get our guns are all racists and bigots, is a way to demean someone you disagree with, rather than addressing the gun rights advocates issues, you call lthem names. So.... take their issues and address them. OK? that is effective. Calling someone bigots and racists only makes you look like you are are the racist and bigot. That solves nothing and educates no one.