NWO Following Deranged Jewish (VN: Khazar.....) Blueprint?

Vatic Note:    I believe that this cabal he is discussing below, are religiously "Luciferians" and thus satanists.  But this explains exactly what that looks like and I remember reading the same thing from a Barry Chamish book several years ago, so there is precedence for this view of the khazar Zionist bankers behavior, their success so far, but also for their failures from past tries at this. 

He also says, as I have done, that the protocols were approved by the ashkenazi khazar Jews of Europe and in 1897 written up afterwards by Rothschild and I believe that to be the case and why they are followed today like a serious blueprint.  All you have to do is read them and its all right there for us to see.

Finally, I have included the comments section for this since many of them were very enlightening as well.  Its interesting to see the variety of perspectives on this issue.   You read and decide.

NWO Following Deranged Jewish Blueprint? 
By  Chris Jon Bjerknes,  Henry Makow,  December 11, 2015


Chris Jon Bjerknes has been off my radar for eight years
but his dire warnings about the Illuminati following a 
apocalyptic agenda in the Bible seem to be coming true. 

He says redemption requires that the Rothschilds
("the King of the Jews") rule the world after a global calamity. 
(What Every Jew and Non-Jew Should Know updated from July 22, 2007

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

A Chicago-area scholar, Christopher Jon Bjerknes, 50, thinks he knows what plagues mankind and believes his knowledge is necessary to stop Armageddon.

He says a heretical cult, the "Sabbatean Frankists," controls organized Jewry, including Zionism and Freemasonry. They began as followers of Sabbatai Zvi (1626-1676) and later Jacob Frank (1726-1791.) They believe Sabbatai was the Messiah (God) and his soul has transmigrated down to the Rothschild dynasty, who are now the "King of the Jews." (VN: remember, these Jews he is discussing are not the ones of the Bible, rather they are the non DNA Jews of the Khazars with not one ounce of DNA blood in them. They are a mix of turks and mongols.)

According to their messianic system, Redemption requires that the Rothschilds become God, i.e. King of the World. This will see the sacrifice of 2/3 of all Jews and the destruction and enslavement of the rest of mankind. Bjerknes believes this demented creed actually is the motive force behind history, including all wars, and "world government."

Bjerknes (B-YERK-NES)  is proud of his Norwegian part-Jewish heritage, ( maternal grandfather, a famous musician, was Jewish.) He has written two massive books-- one about Albert Einstein as a plagiarist, and another about the Sabbatean inspired Armenian Genocide -- that include hundreds of pages of suppressed Jewish history. They can be found as PDFs at his web site http://www.jewishracism.com/

His message is compelling and consistent with the Protocols of Zion where the author (whom I suspect is Lionel Rothschild) talks about coming into his "kingdom."

The Sabbateans believe their king is duty bound to restore the Jews to Israel and exterminate the Gentiles. They believe the Messiah won't appear until the world succumbs to evil and are determined to make this prophecy self-fulfilling. Thus evil is good. In Bjerknes' view, this constitutes a "Jewish war against humanity." 

The Sabbateans are often sexual degenerates who engage in wife swapping, orgies and incest. They often pretend to be Christians or Moslems to worm their way into Gentile society in order to destroy it. (Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, pp.64-65.)

Bjerknes cites Deuteronomy as an example of this Jewish supremacism: "the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth. " (7-16) "And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the LORD; and they shall be afraid of you." (28:10)

He points to Zachariah [13;8-9] as evidence that Jews will be slaughtered: "And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein."

[9] "And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God." (He also cites Ezekiel 5:12-13 to this effect.)

On pp. 43-46 of Jewish Genocide, Bjerknes cites references from the Talmud and the Old Testament to the plan to exterminate and enslave Gentiles.

For example ,Genesis 25;23, and 27;38-41 promises the Gentiles to the Jews as their slaves and slave soldiers, and gives an incentive to exterminate the Gentiles simply because they dare resent their fate.


At the beginning of the 19th century, the Rothschilds started campaigning to return the Jews to Israel, purchasing land there and scheming to breakup the Ottoman Empire. They later bought the Suez Canal to project their power into the Middle East. Bjerknes writes:

"The ruin of the Turkish Empire and the mass murder of the Armenian Christians were one step on the long and tumultuous Jewish march toward the death of mankind. The ruin of the Russian empire was another, followed by the repeated destruction of Europe, particularly Germany in the World Wars this Jewish cult created in an attempt to artificially fulfill Messianic prophecy and force the Jews of Europe against their will to flee to Palestine." (66)

According to Bjerknes, Jewish support was the only thing lacking in the Rothschilds' plan to establish a world government in Jerusalem, with them as king:

"They could bankrupt Egypt and Turkey. They could bring Russia to ruins. They could buy Jewish ne'er-do-wells. They could even buy the Pope but the only way to force Jews in large numbers to Palestine was to put Hitler and Stalin in power and persecute Jews on a massive and unprecedented scale." (291)  (VN:  we proved this point several times with this link. Read it and see if you agree)


Bjerknes has a poignant warning to Christians:

"In the Jewish dominated media of today, we find many Jews preaching to the public that the end times are coming and that Christians ought to view their own destruction in a positive light as if it were the divine fulfillment of Christian and Jewish prophecy. Many Christians have been duped by these charlatan...the destruction of the world and its nations is occurring as the result of the deliberate intervention of immensely wealthy Jews and not as the result of God's will. These Jewish leaders view the Hebrew Bible as a plan, which they are deliberately fulfilling.... (327)

In an email, Bjerknes writes that intermarriage is part of the "Jewish" strategy:

"I believe that powerful Jewish interests have been deliberately attempting to fulfill Jewish messianic prophecy for 2,500 years and have duped many Gentiles into helping them obtain their objectives. They have also recruited many Gentiles through intermarriage, friendship and selfish interests, who are not dupes, but commit inhuman acts out of greed, vanity, or for other immoral reasons. Do they believe that what they are doing is evil? I suspect some do."


Lately Bjerknes seems focused on Donald Trump.
"It is truly shameful that we Americans tolerate this Jewish media which not only tries to train and brainwash Trump to stop speaking out for Americans' best interests, but in doing so, and in countless other ways, is training and brainwashing Americans to abandon our own best interests in favor of those who would destroy us."
He also thinks Putin, far from being a defender of Christianity, is controlled by the "Jews."
Today, the Russian Soviets are controlling ISIS to bring about communist revolution in Islam and war. They will pretend to fight ISIS so as to enter these nations with military presence and to gain all the intelligence of the opposition. The Soviet Jews will then have complete control over the process of bolshevising Islam and surrounding Israel with jew State control over all human activity.
The Jews are also destroying the White Race in this endeavor to bolshevize Islam. They are flooding our countries with hostile anti-Whites, wrecking our economies with the thievery of communist China and providing the Chinese with our industrial and military secrets. They have begun to flood our nations with Asians and KGB propaganda and are threatening us with nuclear war from their communist States."

Let's hope Chris Jon Bjerknes is wrong about this.


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Makow Comment:  Ten years ago I wrote: "Does the New World Order serve a "Jewish" agenda or a banker elite agenda? I would venture that it serves the latter, and the Jewish people are an instrument of this agenda like so many other people. By giving private individuals the ability to create money out of nothing, we have created a monster which threatens to devour the planet and with it the human race." 

What I wrote is still true. But after reading this quote from The Jewish World of Feb 9, 1883, I am beginning to think Bjerknes was also right; the banker and "Jewish" agenda are one :
"The dispersion of the Jews has rendered them a cosmopolitan people. They are the only cosmopolitan people and in this capacity must act and are acting, as a solvent of national and racial differences. The great Ideal of Judaism is ...that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a universal Brotherhood of Nations - a greater Judaism, in fact -- all the separate races [and nations] and religions shall disappear." 

First Comment from JG:
This article answers a lot of questions for both the Jew and Gentile and hypothesizes the root cause of all this mayhem that has plagued this planet especially over the last 100 years so very well.
I don't believe money or Jewish philosophy to be the motivating factor in the House of Rothschild's plan here. Both are just tools. It would have to be something more powerful than that to keep this plan so active and effective with the success that it has had to date.
There would have to be some perverse existing religious belief amongst them that would justify it all and ease their conscience. The twisted believe that you are fulfilling God's will by creating every hellbent scheme against humanity along with all the genocides as well is a heresy at best.
- See more at: http://henrymakow.com/002089.html#sthash.rIoE2ip4.dpuf

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