Vatic Note:   When we first started this blog almost 6 years ago, we outlined a mission statement, strategies and tactics.  One of those was about changing ourselves.   This is a spiritual war if I ever saw one.   All we have to do is see what has happened to us as a people, a nation, and a civilization and then we can see our part in our demise and how to correct it,  IF WE WANT TO DO SO.

If we don't care about the kind of life they have planned for us, then just sit on your hands and let the chips fall where they may, but if you do care and want the kind of world we once had, even though it was not perfect, it was certainly better than this one we are coming into.  So, the first step for everyone, that we can all do, is "DECIDE" between the two options and then we can go from there, but it will take all of us committing to gain the maximum affect.

We are going to be doing a series of articles putting all of this together on "HOW" we can fight this from within us, united with others in the same mode we need to be in, to counter the evil we are seeing in our world and to do so from within each of us, and then tuned into all others that have agreed to take this journey.   Trust me, this works, because I healed myself using these techniques you will be reading about.

I also gave the technique to someone else who also healed herself using exactly what I had done.   This  ultimatel leads to the experiments scientists have  been doing on how this very process and energy  has been coming together to form the cosmic collective that can be used to counter all the bad and evil, through good, love and service to those less well off as we are.

I know it sounds  hokey, but stay with it,  try it out and  have faith or belief that it works and when it does, then you will have knowing  and that is the fastest acting condition we can be in to achieve what we need and want.... a world of peace, beauty, life and creativity.   Its ours if we "want" it to be so, all we have to do is commit to it.  This below is the foundation for what will be coming in an extensive set of and series of related blogs. 

The Holy Grail Of Sacred Relationships
by Michelle Walling, CHLC, Staff writer, In5D.com, August 6, 2015

The Holy Grail Of Sacred Relationships

Every relationship we have is sacred, as it provides a mirror by which we get to know ourselves better.  As we grow spiritually, these relationships can change with the changes in ourselves. The ultimate goal in sacred relationship is to love yourself enough to feel complete, and to share your completeness with another. When this is accomplished the sacred fire is created and one can move closer to the place called “home” through the Holy Grail relationship.

Contracts with soul mates 

We all set up contracts with our soul mates before incarnating to give each other experience. We chose our parents, our siblings, and our best friends. At one point in our awakening we realize what a gift this was as we look back at the lessons we learned from these loving souls, even if the The Holy Grail of Sacred Relationships | In5D.comexperience did not seem that way at the time it was experienced.

Being in relationship with these people taught us how to be in relationship with others and we all have had our share of comings and goings with various people in relationship throughout our lives.

The purpose of all relationship is to be able to awaken to what needs to be worked on within yourself in order to grow spiritually. If something is mirrored to you the first time and you do not see it, then a pattern will emerge and another person will bring you the same experience and down the line until you finally see what it is you need to work on. This could be self love, judgment, righteousness, or something else that is in alignment with clearing the path to enlightenment.

Sacred fire

As we find ourselves in a time of spiritual advancement, we can look back see just how much we have worked on ourselves. We are now in the home stretch and something wonderful has happened that will give us the tools needed to make the final adjustments toward raising our vibrations into the next dimension.

The gift of sacred fire can be shared between two people who vibrate at the same level and join in lovemaking from the wholeness of the heart.

Being “in love” at this stage of the game of life is a wonderful gift and is the highest form of sacred The Holy Grail of Sacred Relationships | In5D.comrelationship between two people whereby their final lessons can be learned from a higher state of consciousness.

The sacred fire can burn away all lower vibrations and can keep one in a state of joy and bliss. It is a gift beyond measure, as love is eternal and is what we are truly made of.

How do I attract a soul mate of the same vibration?

The answer to this question is tricky, because like simply attracts like. You will attract to you someone who is on your level of vibration without having to do anything at all due to the Universal Law of Attraction. As we grow spiritually, we tend to have loved ones fall out of vibration with ourselves and new people come into our lives, like a revolving door.  For all intents and purposes, the real question is how to prepare yourself to attract the highest vibrational partner to have a sacred relationship with.

Loving yourself

One of the hardest things to accomplish is self love and self forgiveness. Many people were taught throughout their lives to seek love and material things from the outside world in order to fill the hole they felt in their hearts. That hole has always been the separation from our Creator and can be filled with love for yourself once you realize that you are a part of the Creator.

That is really the one thing that could change this world; everyone realizing who they really are.  (VN: I say this all the time as I have seen what a state of Love looks like and how it attracts others to its energy. That state can only come from someone who loves and likes themselves and thus sees the good in others.  It also causes us to "want" to do service to others.)


Beliefs and judgments have been entrained within us since birth that make us feel less than worthy. It has been hard to accept every part of our body as perfect, since unrealistic thoughts of what we think we should look like have ruled our lives through Hollywood.

For some people, their whole lives have been a downward spiral of not feeling like they were ever good enough. Once we realize that most everything shown to us has had the sole purpose of making us feel like we weren’t good enough, we can overcome this lie and open our hearts to loving ourselves just the way we are.

Loving yourself takes practice. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and repeatedly tell yourself how much you love yourself. Many people do not take the time or effort to do this, and their relationships reflect it when they fall into fear of self worth or losing their relationship. At the same time, the person they are in relationship is probably having the same issues so it would be perfect of both people worked on the same thing at the same time, thus one would not outgrow the other and have to attract a different partner. Being aware of this and sharing with your partner makes it easier to stay in relationship as you continue to grow and learn about yourself and your mirror.

Being yourself

The ultimate state of being you can mirror to your partner is to be yourself. Being yourself does mean thinking I am going to act this way or that no matter what the consequences because I have been this way all of my life and no one should change me. It is having the wisdom, compassion, and grace to look at the things in your life that no longer serve you. It is making sure you are committed to yourself first and then project that wholeness to your partner by being the example. Beliefs and habits will fall away as your partner recognizes your perfection and chooses to resonate with you.

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