More Proof of Why Jeb Bush Should Never Be President of These United STates.

Vatic Note:  As we keep saying, "The world as we have known it, does not exist".... and this is definitely continued proof of that contention. We did a very extensive analysis on the first part of this offering, and now, this below in part 2,  is more definitive proof of the contentions being made with respect to the Bush mafia, drug running, CIA controlled mafia to fund black ops that are not reported to Congress.

DO WE WANT ANOTHER BUSH IN THE WHITE HOUSE?  THIS SHOWS "NO", NOT EVER.  And Jeb was in on 9-11 and did nothing to try and stop it.   That is murder in the first degree along with treason and both are a death penalty offense.  THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO PARTIES.

Wake up and smell the serious treason and this will eventually go into a full fledged police state with arrests of dissidents, journalists who won't cooperate with the cabal and murdering of politicians,  sheriffs and citizens, in what they want which is a civil war, where we are weakened and they will prevail and we will be defeated unless we begin to prepare now.... RIGHT NOW. 

By Jon Carlson,  Four Winds 10

"Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen."
John Jay's letter to George Washington, presiding officer of the Constitutional Convention (1787).
George W. Bush (German Jewish (VN: "khazar"....) name George Scherf III):

"I don't know if you know this or not, but my great-grandfather built a home right here in Columbus, on Roxbury Road,"
Bush told the National Association of Home Builders in Columbus on Oct. 2, 2004. My grandfather was born in this city back in 1895, so I hope a month from now the Ohio voters will send a homeboy back to Washington." (source)
George HW Bush (German Jewish Khazar name George Scherf, Jr.) (His father Prescott Bush German Jewish Khazar name: George Scherf):

"... my grandfather was raised here. I don't know if you know that, but Prescott S. Bush was raised in Columbus, Ohio, and the last time I came to Ohio, I said I was proud of the fact that my paternal grandfather was raised here. And my mother got me on the phone. She said, "You forgot about your maternal grandfather, Marvin; he grew up in Dayton. I'm proud to be in Ohio, because my two grandfathers grew up in Ohio." October 30, 2003 (source)

This exclusive photo of Samuel Prescott Bush tells another story however. Hollywood Handsome Samuel clearly did not foist the evil Nazi Bushes on America not a handsome one in the bunch.

The Scherf's bad hair, complexion, Jewish noses, eyebags, old country teeth, big ears have nothing in common with Samuel Bush:

This 1991 photo of George Scherf, Jr. (with ears cropped from the photo!) and Barbara Scherf (German Jewish maiden name unknown) pins the tail on the 'Bush' donkey. Both claim birthdates circa 1925 making them age 66 here. Many people ask why Barbara Bush looks so old. Answer: Both were actually born circa 1915 in Nazi Germany. A woman with a flock of kids not using birth control usually is in the early forties when the last child was born. That date was 1959 for Barbara Scherf. Her claimed birthdate of 1925 put her out to pasture at age 34.

After researching the NAZI CIA fake photos and altered, substituted documents AND a bunch of missing documents thrown in, for the current NAME UNKNOWN, PARENTS UNKNOWN, BIRTH PLACE UNKNOWN, ETC. U.S. President, probably another Nazi puppet controlled by the Bushes and the Nazis, we decided to find out how German spies Bush I and his father became 'NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZENS! We found that like THE UNKNOWN PRESIDENT all of the Bushes are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

In October Scherf, Jr. called in the Nazi puppet, The Unknown President, for a photo opportunity in Texas:

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — President Barack Obama offered a powerful homage this afternoon to George Bush at a forum on public service, crediting his GOP predecessor with inspiring legions of Americans to improve their communities. He called Bush's words, works and entire life an inspiration – an example of the "extraordinary ripple effect that one life lived humbly, with love for one's county and in service to one's fellow citizens, can have." (source)
After destroying the GOP the Nazis are using THE UNKNOWN PRESIDENT, the Nazis' Communist, to destroy the Democratic Party further wrecking America making 'Obama' look worst than Bush II (Scherf III) BRINGING ON JEB BUSH IN 2012. 

9/11 And Hawaii Lies Made A President
Obama Birth Announcement Forged
9/11 Ringleaders Execute Brilliant
German Spy Plot: ALIEN OBAMA
9/11 Ringleaders Execute Brilliant
German Spy Plot: Trick OBAMA
9/11 Ringleaders Execute Brilliant German Spy Plot: ID Theft
9/11 Ringleaders Execute Brilliant German
Spy Plot Destroying America: KATRINA
The 9/11 German Connection:
9/11 Ringleader And Nazi CIA Behind
The Sabotage of America
The 9/11 German Connection:
Bush I, Born and Trained As A Spy In WWII Germany,
Stood down America's Defense

German-born George Scherf infiltrated the Samuel Bush family genealogy with the name PRESCOTT SHELDON BUSH claiming to be the youngest son of Samuel Prescott Bush and Flora Sheldon. Apparently it wasn't noticed that Robert already had the Sheldon middle name. 

The Samuel Prescott Bush and Flora Sheldon offspring:
Robert Sheldon Bush b. 20 Nov 1896
Mary Eleanor Bush b. 20 Dec 1897
Margaret Livingston Bush 1899-1993 b. 19 Jul 1899
James Smith Bush 1901-1978 b. 11 Apr 1901
The following photo of the Samuel Bush family gravesite in Columbus, Ohio memorizes Samuel and his wives, Flora and Martha. Especially notice the absence of baby Robert.

The youngest son, Robert Bush, born 1896, if truly deceased from Scarlett fever at age 4, should have been memorized here. The Story goes that young Robert 'was cremated' and placed in a Milwaukee cemetery in 1900 when the Bushes lived in Milwaukee. Even today many consider cremation as a terrible evil equivalent to burning up a person but in 1900 it was unheard of. 

Cremation is commonly used by Nazi CIA writers to write characters out of the Story. The UNKNOWN PRESIDENT had a bunch of claimed relatives written out of his Story by that method. One researcher familiar with the Samuel Bush family letters said none of them mention any such death of young Robert. 

The death certificate of young Robert is a clear forgery by the Nazi CIA operatives. Circa 1900 all writing was done with primitive writing instuments. Although the fountain pen was invented in 1885 even in the 1960's it was a messy affair and writing clear copy was difficult. A cardboard 'blotter' had to be used often to keep the wet ink from blurring.

Wisconsin required the attending physician to certify the cause of death. MIA. NOT A SMUDGE on the entire page.

A Robert Samuel Bush is listed on the World War I draft list. Notice the inconsistent writing of the 1917 fountain pen as compared to the above 'Robert' death certificate. Commonly the first son is named after the father.

This circa 1933 Nazi Germany photo shows Bush I (George Scherf, Jr.) in a German Navy uniform next to Prescott Bush (George Scherf) and his mother (German name unknown). 

Photos and legal documents serve as irrefutible evidence in genealogy studies of families. However the Nazis and the Nazi CIA are past masters at forging documents and altering photos.

The 1900 United States Census shows how George Scherf aka Prescott Bush was made 'official' United States citizen but first view a normal looking 1920 Census 'schedule' with the Samuel Bush family listed:


The occupation and position of Samuel Bush is listed:

This 1900 United States Census schedule shows where 'Prescott S' (alias George Scherf) was substituted for youngest son Robert Bush:

Especially notice the finer line of the Prescott S signature as compared to heavy signatures and manuscript elsewhere.

In addition, the signature of the enumerator or census taker further tells the tale of FORGERY: The letters, r, e, c are different. The letter n in Son next to Prescott S differs. TEN other capital P letters from the same page don't match.

Normally in a genealogy study of a family each US Census serves as a snapshot every 10 years. Family members that leave home are counted elsewhere. The claimed 'Prescott S' would be age 15 in the 1910 Census.

The Samuel Bush family lived on Central Avenue (Roxbury Rd on this map) in Marble Cliff, Ohio. The 1910 United States Census has ONLY two schedules or pages for Marble Cliff. The very left column lists the street names that have been surveyed. Those streets have been highlighted in this map. 

ALL OF THE Central Avenue (Roxbury Rd.) FAMILIES ARE MISSING IN ACTION. Other streets similarly are missing. The Nazi CIA has literally removed WHOLE schedules from the Mable Cliff count INCLUDING THE SAMUEL BUSH FAMILY. 

These are the two existing schedules for Marble Cliff in the 1910 Census.

The Prescott Bush Story:

A collection of Scherf's papers HAS NOTHING BEFORE 1952! (source)

Prescott Bush bank papers released from the National Archives however prove his role in financing the Nazis during WWII:

To aid his sons in their shell game, August Thyssen had established three different banks during the 1920's -- The August Thyssen Bank in Berlin, the Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart in Rotterdam, and the Union Banking Corporation in New York City.
To protect their corporate holdings, all the brothers had to do was move the corporate paperwork from one bank to the other. This they did with some regularity. When Fritz Thyssen "sold" the Holland-American Trading Company for a tax loss, the Union Banking Corporation in New York bought the stock.
Similarly, the Bush family invested the disguised Nazi profits in American steel and manufacturing corporations that became part of the secret Thyssen empire.

Here Nazi Scherf III looks guilty as old Hell as he sets up his 'out-of-town' alibi and picks up BLACK VOTES in a Florida elementary school. This screen capture catches Scherf III as he is notified that 9/11 is coming down AS PLANNED!. 

A Boeing 737 drone not a Boeing 767 UA175 just hit the South Tower loaded with napalm bombs. WHAT A MONSTER! However, for the Nazis it is 'just' the continuation of WWII and the destruction of everything good about America for the benefit of America's No. 1 ENEMY, Germany. 

German SPY AND leader get it on IN GERMANY:

Support our research exposing the Nazis, 9/11, and The Unknown President
The former KNOWN BUT ILLEGAL ALIEN AND GERMAN SPY PRESIDENT elevated his coverup artist John Roberts to Supreme Court Chief Justice with only the coverup experience and two years on an appellate court. Roberts used his coverup experience to prevent exposing the ineligibility of the Unknown President.
Scherf III also appointed a lawyer with the name clay and land with ABSOLUTELY NO JUDGE EXPERIENCE to the Federal District Court in Nazi Georgia. That judge has sanctioned Heroic Attorney Orly Taitz $20,000 for exposing THE UNKNOWN PRESIDENT instead of providing the proper court proceedings to expose him. MUST BE TRYING FOR A SUPREME COURT APPOINTMENT! See the PDF statement the Nazi CIA wrote for him. Any high school kid from Chicago could do better. 
Make sure you read Orly Taitz's blog daily for the latest on The Unknown President Saga:

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