How to Detox GMOs

Vatic Note:  As our regular readers know, we try to balance our offerings on this blog, between body health, mind expansion and political exposure of dangerous country threatening actions by those puppet masters, micromanaging our elected officials.   Many of who had to sign loyalty oaths to the foreign occupier of this nation. 

Give that GMO fits in with all three categories,  it usually gets its place at the front of the line.  Body wise, GMO's have proven to be a "organ killer" of mice and now we are finding that stands for people as well.   When you feed something foreign into a body, you change the body.  What happens when you do that, to the second category,  The Mind?   A changed body changes the functionality of the mind.  What happens then?   Your political landscape begins to resemble an insane asylum with inmates running the chicken coup.

Chemicals run the mind.  Our own natural chemicals produced from the fuel we put into our bodies are developed, once again, through the foods we eat.   When we pervert the source of our foods, then we begin the process of perverting our bodies and thus perverting our brains and its functioning.

Is or was this the way these owners of Monsanto, and other Genertically altering food companies, have chosen to create the zombies they need to serve the elite as slaves, without resistance or rebellion?  You know something is bad for you when even chickens won't eat GMO corn, and they have tiny bird brains, and have more sense then we do.

So detoxing those poisons from our system is a must if we are to overcome the effects of this dangerous, soul destroying food they are trying to get us to buy and eat.  Its simply part of their depopulation agenda and dumbing down of those remaining.  Lets not let that happen.  DETOX, NOW!

How to Detox GMOs
Published MonsantoVideoRevolt on Jun 24, 2013

Dr. Edward Group talks with Anthony Gucciardi on how to detox GMOs from your body naturally. #MonsantoVideoRevolt


Official Monsanto Video Revolt website: http://monsantovideorevolt.com/
Dr. Edward Group: http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/
Anthony Gucciardi: http://naturalsociety.com/, http://www.storyleak.com/

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