David Icke on George H.W. Bush and His Satanic Pedophilia

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David Icke on George H.W. Bush
by We Are Change, Interview

Vatic Note:  George H.W. Bush is as satanic as they come, and David Icke does an incredible job of exposing it all.  He even talks about the role of the bloodline breeding program they have gone through that has contributed to their absolute absence of "EMPATHY" that they have which is complete and a total lack like no other we have seen in any psychopath, not of the bloodline.  

He talks about the vast amount of horror, torture, and sexual depravity that George HW has visited upon children, including murdering "who knows how many".  Remember at the Bohemian Grove, they burn in effigy, "Care", so that when they do what they do, they will not "CARE", and so they seek after that lack of empathy, so they are never inhibited in their insanity.

I personally believe the two issues are heavily tied together.  In murdering these children and torturing them, releases an enormous amount of energy that they are able to absorb from these children and something in the drinking of the blood of those children contributes to the genetic changes in these people along with their long long lives.  He did not mention Kissinger, but he is another one who is well past 90.

Lets remember and notice most  of these discussed are of the "KHAZAR LINE", including the Bushs' as Mrs Bush Sr. disclosed one day on TV.   Is that why they were kicked out of Mongolia?  Remember, Mongolia was a safe haven for criminals, , where Ghenghis Kahn was allowed to hide after his criminal raids, so these khazars had to be doing something pretty damn bad and/or sick for the Mongols to kick them out of their country.

We have covered on here many examples of organ harvesting using teens from Palestinian Children, whose organs are taken after being murdered and then sold to aging western old people and I suspect we know who they are.  He goes through a detailed description of "Trauma based mind control" of these kids that the Bush and others of the bloodlines use in order to make these children into psychopaths that will do whatever they are told to do and will have absolutely no empathy for their victims.

He gives a series of acts these psychopaths would do when deprived of their empathy, that are horrible and he included George HW Bush in these acts.  We here have proven that the illums/bloodlines do these acts to their own children, and the results that we have seen with his own son George W. Bush who was investigated in Brownsville, Texas for the skinning and murder of a leader of a Satanic coven located in Brownsville.  George HW got that investigation of George W. squashed, and why?  Because he has no empathy, so the question is, "Was George HW Bush pedophiled?  Was he tortured?  Trauma based ritually satanically abused?" 

I remember when George HW was given the Medal of Freedom by Obama, and I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  He is the last person who should have been given that medal.  The irony of it, did not escape me at all.  But George HW was more concerned with being Baptized as Magog, than he was in being given the medal of freedom.  Now how perverse is that? 

Icke finally says that if we want to deal with all of this, we, who are empathetic and normal must get "STREETWISE" about these people and  understand what we are up against or we will never be able to be rid of them.  Watch this, its well worth the effort.   After this video, there will show up on the screen, another interview by David with respect to Tony Blair which would also be well worth the effort. 

Published on Aug 16, 2012
Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange talks to David Icke about how he would confront George H.W. Bush on his pedophilia.

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